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Emri:Simon Forth
Shteti: Angli
Anëtarësuar:2 Dhjetor, 2010
Lidhja e fundit: Dje në 20:44:46
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Pikët mesatare / garë: - (2.36)
Vërtetim: Menaxheri ka kaluar testin me sukses ne GPRO! (5 Dhjetor, 2010)

46% hapur

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Gara e parë: Sezoni 23 - Gara 1
Koha kycjeve:9770
Koha në GPRO:2408 orë
Data e lindjes: -
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Game data overview

Grupi:Amateur - 28
Pozicioni Sezonal:30
Para: $??.???.???
Piloti: Katherine Lyons (100)
Drejtori Teknik: Asnjë
Mesatarja stafit:23
Goma: Pipirelli
Emri Skuadres: The Race Hawks
Team position:156
Piket e ekipit:0


Second Data (A16) - 14 gara
Any-SMS (A16) - 12 gara
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Karriera menaxherike e Simon Forth (Përditësimi i fundit: 20 Prill 2012, 15:13:51)
First season In Gpro started season 23
Race 1 had the luckiest race of my life finishing 5th with just 2 litres of fuel left in my tank.
have wasted a lot of money finding the right driver and finally settled on the one i have now
Joined Spitfire Racing before the second race, but left not long after, due to no one really communincating with each other, wish them all the best though.
Now with The Trolls, who are a great set of guys, who talk to each other share data ideas etc and feel really at home with them.

Finished a respectable 7th in my first season my driver scoring points in all 8 races he started.

Season 23 promoted in 3rd place after only 1 win, scored points in every race apart from one when i had 3 randoms and my brand new front wing finished with 90% wear.

Season 24
Promoted to amateur 64, this will be an interesting season and i will get to pit my wits against Fernando Rees again.
Moved to Androb racers V2, really well run team everyone get on great hoping to survive in Amateur

Season 25

Managed to survive in Amateur due to a couple of podium late on in the season, now hoping to build on that success and become a more regular points scorer in my group.
Still with Androb racers V2, hoping for a better season than last,


Had a very ropey start to the season, then my driver passed his driving test, took the L plates off the car and started driving properly, and some how managed to accumulate 60 points for season, which was good enough for 4th place and a trip to Pro.
Androb Racers V2 working very well as a team, a good mix of enthusiastic rookies and experienced players who help one another out, culminating in a 99th postition spot for a team in only its 2nd year, which was more than anyone could ever ask for i think.

Season 27

My aim is to get myself a half decent Tech Director (Done), pick some half decent tyres (oh decisions, decisions) and to retain my Pro status
I am going to be racing against another former opponent from Rookie120 Diana Klavina, she soundly used to kick my butt every race in Rookie, so im hoping for a bit of pay back in pro lol


First race S23 R1
First Points S23 R1
First Podium S23 R11
First Pole Position S26 R3
First Win S24 R6