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Emri:Manuel Sacco
Shteti: Itali
Anëtarësuar:11 Shkurt, 2020
Lidhja e fundit: Sot në 14:12:35
Postime ne forum:20  (Shiko postimet)
GPRO Trofetë: 0
Numri i garave:5 (131)
Pikë të shënuara:0 (198)
Fitore:0 (6)
Podiume:0 (18)
Pole pozicione:0 (3)
Xhiro të shpejta:0 (3)
Pikët mesatare / garë: 0 (1.51)
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Fakte te shpejta

Gara e parë: Sezoni 74 - Gara 11
Koha kycjeve:1435
Koha në GPRO:312.2 orë
Data e lindjes: -
Vendi i banimit:-
Statusi civil:I vetëm

Game data overview

Grupi:Amateur - 46
Pozicioni Sezonal:19
Para: $??.???.???
Piloti: Matteo Patrese (111)
Drejtori Teknik: Asnjë
Mesatarja stafit:23
Goma: Pipirelli
Emri Skuadres: Silver Bull Racing
Team position:30
Piket e ekipit:145.2168


Walt Dismey (A34) - 9 gara
Lancell (A34) - 6 gara
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Karriera menaxherike e Manuel Sacco (Përditësimi i fundit: 23 Maj 2021, 18:28:14)
S82: relegated in Ama - 46. Now I know what I need for promotion but need to find out how to retain a pro group.

S81: Promoted to Pro - 15! Started with not much money and struggled finding a good driver and TD at the beginning of the season. Almost got in the points but scored none, then made some big mistakes during the season. This made the decision for relegation and a better planning.

S80: TIME FOR PROMOTION! Also won some race for the first time! It was awesome because almost 1 year ago I thought it would be very difficult but spent too much money being greedy to reach this objective. It was also a great experience but there's still a lot to learn. Next season there will be many more things to manage. Money is never enough and to manage incomes and losses is key

S79: Finally managed to finish constantly in top20 and scored 2 points. Yes, to me this is a goal: I'm improving even if in my group competition is very fierce. Had more incomes thanks to better races results but lost some money due the lack of sponsors. Still improving, still learning...

S78: Enjoying the game even more in this this Ama season. Still growing but results are coming: finally scored the first point since promotion! Also managed to save some money without penalizing car performances. There's still a lot to learn and next season will tell if it was just a fluke or i'm actually improving.

S77: In this second Ama season I managed to score a bit better results than the previous season but didn't gain much money. Learning how to adapt my car to the various circuits is not that easy without spending extra money.

S76: Promoted to Ama - 34 and joined a new team (Silver Bull Racing). Unfortunately I was fighting in the backfield because I'm not competitive enough yet. Managed some top20 finishes, avoided relegation and gained some money.

S75: I really enjoy the game so it's time for my first full season. Managed to score many podium finishes and promotion. 3th overall behind 2 super rookies. Things are getting serious but there are still lot of things to learn.

S74: Started in the middle of the season, lot of things to learn. Managed to score few points nevertheless and hired new pilot.