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Makina e Ekipit:

Emri i Ekipit: Connaught
Websiti i skuadrës: Asnjë
Themeluar: Sezoni 7 - Gara 1
Titujt: 0
Fitove kupen nukaut: 0
Gjithsej pikët: 14,439.96
Mesatarja pikëve/garë: 12.26
Mesatarja pikëve/sezon: 208.39
Renditja mesatare e pozicionit: 392.53
Me së shumti pikë të fituara në një garë: 36.60 (Sezoni 24 - Gara 11)
Pozicioni Sezonal: 526
Piket sezonale: 26.4667
Arritjet e ekipit:

19% hapur

Shumica e anëtarëve në Elite: 1 (Sezoni 24, Gara 1)
Anëtarët sjellë në Elite: 1
Numri i garave të përfaqësuara në:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Numri i përkrahësve: 1
Vënde te lira: 6

Anëtarët e Ekipit

Vend Sht. Menagjeri Grupi Kontributi
01. Kevin Warren Amateur - 35 54.9% (2.4%)
02. Jaco Rademeyer Rookie - 122 27.5% (0.5%)
03. Dave Greer Amateur - 88 14.6% (11.4%)
04. Alan Lane Amateur - 89 3% (0.2%)

Logoja e Ekipit

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The F1 team

Connaught Engineering, often referred to simply as Connaught, was a Formula One and sports car constructor from Britain. Their cars participated in 18 grands Prix, entering a total of 52 races with their A, B, and C Type Grand Prix Cars. They achieved 1 podium and scored 17 championship points and some non-championship victories.


The Gpro team

Established at the start of Season 7 by Mat Cochinos, we had a promising start along with our former sister team, The Twilight Zone (now Versant). After Mat's retirement from Gpro, Peter Cochinos took over and the team still retained a strong Australian flavour. With a mix of youth and experience, as well as several long standing team members, our small but friendly team is growing stronger all the time.


If you're interested please PM Graham Morecroft ( /gb/NewMail.asp?IDM=6611 ) or Dave Greer ( /NewMail.asp?IDM=24187 ) telling us about yourself and why you'd like to join the team.

*Note - applications without a PM will be automatically rejected.*


We are looking a member who:

- Is active and willing to contribute to the team regularly.
- Has a reasonable level of experience within the game (ideally with some of which at Pro or above)
- Possesses reasonable English skills.
- Is a team player and with ambition and a desire to understand the game in order to help our team move further forward.

- Potential managers can be from any league, so long as you meet the above criteria.
- Supporter status is welcomed, but not essential.
- Any special knowledge or skills would be also be welcomed.