THE 10

Ermir MollaDaniel López FanjulFrancesco RossiIlari KorkaloOscar MichelanSam CleesDaniel Antonio Guerrero PorrasJože Šeligo

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Emri i Ekipit: THE 10
Websiti i skuadrës: Asnjë
Themeluar: Sezoni 1 - Gara 1
Titujt: 3
Fitove kupen nukaut: 3
Gjithsej pikët: 32,362.95
Mesatarja pikëve/garë: 25.28
Mesatarja pikëve/sezon: 429.82
Renditja mesatare e pozicionit: 138.31
Me së shumti pikë të fituara në një garë: 63.07 (Sezoni 23 - Gara 16)
Pozicioni Sezonal: 349
Piket sezonale: 60.4668
Arritjet e ekipit:

52% hapur

Shumica e anëtarëve në Elite: 8 (Sezoni 13, Gara 1)
Anëtarët sjellë në Elite: 15
Numri i garave të përfaqësuara në:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Numri i përkrahësve: 0
Vënde te lira: 0 (Nuk pranohen aplikimet)

Anëtarët e Ekipit

Vend Sht. Menagjeri Grupi Kontributi
01. Ermir Molla Amateur - 86 25.8% (0.4%)
02. Daniel López Fanjul Amateur - 83 24.5% (0.3%)
03. Francesco Rossi Amateur - 74 9.5% (0.2%)
04. Ilari Korkalo Rookie - 74 6.8% (0.2%)
05. Oscar Michelan Amateur - 35 6.2% (0.1%)
06. Sam Clees Rookie - 8 11.4% (0%)
07. Daniel Antonio Guerrero Porras Rookie - 114 1.5% (0%)
08. Jože Šeligo Rookie - 18 14.3% (0.1%)

Logoja e Ekipit

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We are "The 10" - Ten managers united by the same goal of excellence and perfection, we always put the team first and seek to improve other members of our team as well as ourselves. If you are with us, you know why, you do not have to ask or be told - you stand with us, and The 10 will stand with you!

As great as our predecessor "Fastline Racing Team" might have been in the past, declining team spirit hit us hard and it became apparent that we need new energy, new blood and new challenges. We thank every single person who contributed to team success in the past, but now we have chosen our path and it leads us to "The 10" - Ten who are committed to the team as much as they are committed to the game itself.

We enjoy difficulties of the game, question common knowledge and venture to the deepest, the most intricate areas of the game. We take pride is finding solutions to questions that not many dare to ask. We are "The 10" and we are proud of it.

For us victories are not important - we are important to victories!

*Name will be changed next season.