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Name:Steven Gray
Land: England
Beigetreten:Jul 5, 2008
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Forum Einträge:2020  (Einträge aufrufen)
GPRO Meisterschaften: 0
Anzahl GPs:11 (1316)
Erzielte Punkte:0 (1872)
Siege:0 (40)
Podien:0 (153)
Pole Positions:0 (50)
Schnellste Rennrunden:0 (11)
Ø Pkt/GP: 0 (1.42)
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Erster GP: Saison 10, Rennen 2
Anzahl Logins:7065
Zeit auf GPRO verbracht:4372.4 Stunden
Geburtsdatum: -
Beziehungsstatus:Fiktiv verheiratet

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Gruppe:Amateur - 36
Geld: $??.???.???
Fahrer: Arturo Gabbiani (99)
Tech D: Keine
Reifen: Pipirelli
Teamname: Quantum Force
Team position:441


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Karriere von Steven Gray (Letzte Aktualisierung: Okt 28 2009, 01:19:31)
My 1st Season, Season 10 - Rookie 62 (from race 2)
This was a learning curve and i didn't do very well, finishing negative after racing 15/17. Was quite pleased with some of my results before that though, finishing 5th once for my first ever and only points score of the season!
Lessons Learned - Don't upgrade too early and it's essential to keep your money positive, as you could even win promotion without finishing in the top 4 due to the many managers that go negative.

My 2nd Season, Season 11 - Rookie 62
08/09/08 Goals - To hire a good, experienced driver and to keep my finances positive.
09/09/08 Hired a good experienced Fin driver but have spent half my cash on him and paying my old driver off, hope this doesnt come back to bite me in the arse! 31yo but with a pretty decent record, he already impresses me by qualifying 3rd despite running heavy with fuel for a one stopper. Leo Hakkinen's (85) record - Trophies: 0, Number of GPs: 68, Wins: 10, Podiums: 30, Points Scored: 292, Pole Positions: 12, Fastest Laps: 4, Av pts/race: 4.29.
12/09/08 Race 1 - Buenos Aires GP (Argentina) Finished 2ND! My first podium. (Almost) Perfect start!
16/09/08 Race 2 - Mexico City GP (Mexico) Finished 1ST! My first win. Extremely happy! Nothing more i can say except bring on the next race.
19/09/08 Race 3 - A1-Ring GP (Austria) A rookie mistake in Q1 (dry tires, wet track) meant starting 17th on the grid but finished a respectable 5th.
23/09/08 Race 4 - Spa GP (Belgium) Joined GB MOTORSPORTS. Got my tactics slightly wrong, also a bit unlucky (having to pit with 1 lap to go) but finished 8th.
26/09/08 Race 5 - Fiorano GP (Italy) Finished a dissapointing 10th, the first time this season finishing outside the points.
30/09/08 Race 6 - Nurburgring GP (Germany) Another dissapointing finish - 9th, meaning only 1 point scored in the last 3 races. Things can only get better?
03/10/08 Race 7 - Istanbul GP (Turkey) My 1st random in GPRO meant a finish of 11th. No complaints though, only 1 random in 22 GP's!
07/10/08 Race 8 - Barcelona GP (Spain) Another random, whilst running comfortably in 3rd, this time meaning i DNF.
10/10/08 Race 9 - Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) 1st and a much needed 10 points and win money!
14/10/08 Race 10 - Brands Hatch GP (United Kingdom) A decent 4th. Happy with that.
17/10/08 Race 11 - Anderstorp GP (Sweden) 3rd but dissapointed at being overtook on the last lap when running in 2nd!
21/10/08 Race 12 - Magny Cours GP (France) Dissapointing 9th finish after another random which cost me a certain points score.
24/10/08 Race 13 - Adelaide GP (Australia) 4th and more needed points and money!
28/10/08 Race 14 - Sepang GP (Malaysia) 4th again! Can i get a podium?
31/10/08 Race 15 - Montreal GP (Canada) 3rd, so that answers the question above! Very happy giving that i had to downgrade my engine before the race.
04/11/08 Race 16 - Indianapolis GP (United States) Smoking car and DNF as expected!
07/11/08 Race 17 - Kyalami GP (South Africa) Smoking again, held on to finish the race 7th. Wasn't expecting to so bonus!
07/11/08 Summary - Finished the season 4th in the group and in positive, so Amateur here i come! Will worry about a new driver at a later date!

Since i've gone into so much detail in my two Rookie seasons, covering all my 'firsts' (1st points, podium, win, mistake, random) i'll keep it simple from now on.

My 3rd Season, Season 12 - Amateur 22
17/11/08 Got a driver but not too sure about him. With training could be ok. Car isn't good enough yet but hoping i can pick up a few points when i upgrade.

Season Finishes (Races 1-17) |26th-22nd-24th-20th-18th-21st-26th-16th-24th-12th-26th-14th-20th-16th-25th-22nd-23rd|

21/01/09 Summary - Bad season would be an understatement - Highest finish 12th! Since i was nowhere near the front i decided to give up as it became obvious my driver wasn't good enough, so i payed him off mid-season and got a driver in preparation for going back to Rookie next season.

My 4th Season, Season 13 - Rookie 15
28/01/09 New season, new driver, with an extended contract and 28 races left, so for once i'll be in a decent financial position.

Season Finishes (Races 1-17) |4th-15th-15th-9th-2nd-7th-4th-15th-3rd-8th-3rd-6th-12th-6th-6th-6th-22nd|

31/03/09 Summary - A strange, wet, season but managed to gain promotion back to Amateur, and in a better postion than last time.

My 5th Season, Season 14 - Amateur 53
01/04/09 Back to Amateur and in a slightly better position than last time regarding driver and staff, although not expecting to be very competative.

Season Finishes (Races 1-17) |14th-11th-11th-9th-10th-17th-11th-19th-15th-25th-17th-26th-25th-25th-22nd-26th-20th|

05/06/09 Summary - Pretty much what i expected of the season and have retained my group.

My 6th Season, Season 15 - Amateur 53
15/06/09 Not much has changed from last season, i'm still going to be a midfield runner so making money and experimenting is this seasons goal.

Season Finishes (Races 1-17) |12th-19th-20th-18th-22nd-17th-18th-25th-29th-22nd-27th-27th-30th-27th-29th-30th-24th|

11/08/09 Summary - This season ended the same as last, smoking out of races with a broken car. One positive is i got rid of my expensive driver so i should be able to manage ok from now on. Oh, and i won the Elite Betting Game. Superb!

My 7th Season, Season 16 - Amateur 53
20/08/09 Got rid of my expensive driver for a much cheaper one. It would be nice to have a season without smoking!

Season Finishes (Races 1-17) |18th-17th-19th-32nd-29th-16th-15th-14th-23rd-14th-12th-21st-11th-13th-22th-23rd-27th|

20/10/09 Summary - Back to rookie! Not actually a bad season for the most part but outside influences made me lose interest half way through the season. Now those are out of the way i'm sort of looking forward to starting from scratch.


Well, i've decided to stop updating my manager career so i hope this has been at least a little bit helpful to any new players or at least a little bit interesting to anyone else daft enough to read it ;)

Enjoy GPRO and peace to you all.