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Name:Bartlomiej Kozak
Land: Polen
Beigetreten:Sep 7, 2008
Letzte Interaktion: gestern um 23:28:53
Forum Einträge:242  (Einträge aufrufen)
GPRO Meisterschaften: 0
Anzahl GPs:3 (415)
Erzielte Punkte:0 (982)
Siege:0 (23)
Podien:0 (87)
Pole Positions:0 (30)
Schnellste Rennrunden:0 (11)
Ø Pkt/GP: 0 (2.37)
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Erster GP: Saison 11, Rennen 1
Anzahl Logins:5707
Zeit auf GPRO verbracht:1090.5 Stunden
Geburtsdatum: -

Game data overview

Gruppe:Pro - 11
Geld: $??.???.???
Fahrer: Augusto Bianco (140)
Tech D: Eric Crooks (86)
Reifen: Dunnolop
Teamname: Brabham BT46
Team position:209


Schonax (A56) - 27 Rennen
Dassault Systems (R80) - 15 Rennen
Sun Microthings (A56) - 14 Rennen
Kodack (R80) - 13 Rennen
F-Secure (A56) - 13 Rennen
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Karriere von Bartlomiej Kozak (Letzte Aktualisierung: Mai 13 2011, 13:58:27)
My achivements:

Best result so far - 2nd place in PRO (Season 19/1 - Sakhir GP (Bahrain))

First race - Season 11 / Race 1 - Buenos Aires GP
First podium - Season 11 / Race 1 - Buenos Aires GP (position 3)
First win - Season 11 / Race 6 - Nurburgring GP (Germany)
First pole position - Season 11 / Race 13 - Adelaide GP (Australia)
First hattric - Season 15 / Race 5 - Zolder GP (Belgium)

First points in Rookie - Season 11 / Race 1 - Buenos Aires GP (Argentina) (3th place)
First points in Amateur - Season 13 / Race 4 - Montreal GP (Canada) (8th place)
First points in Pro - Season 14 / Race 16 - Indianapolis GP (United States) (5th place)

First podium in Rookie - Season 11 / Race 1 - Buenos Aires GP (Argentina) (3th place)
First podium in Amateur - Season 13 / Race 8 - Barcelona GP (Spain) (2nd place)

Wins (10): S11/6 Nurburgring GP (Germany), S11/9 Monte Carlo GP (Monaco), S11/10 Brands Hatch GP (UK), S11/13 Adelaide GP (Australia), S13/17 Melbourne GP (Australia), S15/3 Valencia GP (Spain), S15/4 Monza GP (Italy), S15/5 Zolder GP (Belgium), S15/8 Nurburgring GP (Germany), S15/10 Estoril GP (Portugal)

Second places (12): S11/3 (A1-Ring), S11/8 Barcelona GP (Spain), S1/15 Montreal GP (Canada), S2/8 Hungaroring GP (Hungary), S12/9 Hockenheim GP (Germany), S2/11 Silverstone GP (United Kingdom), S2/15 Sepang GP (Malaysia), S12/17 Mexico City GP (Mexico), S13/8 Barcelona GP (Spain), S13/15 Fuji GP (Japan), S15/2 Silverstone GP (United Kingdom), S15/13 Brasilia GP (Brazil)

Third places (8): S11/1 Buenos Aires GP (Argentina), S12/4 Zandvoort GP (Netherlands), S12/16 Shanghai GP (China), S13/14 Istanbul GP (Turkey), S13/16 Sakhir GP (Bahrain), S15/1 Kyalami GP (South Africa), S15/6 Paul Ricard GP (France), S15/7 Anderstorp GP (Sweden)

Pole Positions (9): S11/13 Adelaide GP (Australia), S15/2 Silverstone GP (United Kingdom), S15/3 Valencia GP (Spain), S15/4 Monza GP (Italy), S15/5 Zolder GP (Belgium), S15/6 Paul Ricard GP (France), S15/11 Zandvoort GP (Netherlands)
Fastest Laps (2): S13/17 Melbourne GP (Australia), S15/5 Zolder GP (Belgium), S15/8 Nurburgring GP (Germany)
Hattricks (3): S15/5 Zolder GP (Belgium), S15/8 Nurburgring GP (Germany), S15/12 Hungaroring GP (Hungary)

Most wins in a row: 3 (Seson 15/ 3-5)
Most podiums in a row: 8 (Season 15/ 1-8)
Most point finishes in a row: 19 (Season 14/ 15-17, Season 15/ 1-17)
Win from the lowest position: +6 (Season 11/ 9 Monte Carlo GP (Monaco))
Podium from the lowes posiotion: +15 (Finish place 3) (Season 12/ 4 Zandvoort GP (Netherlands))

SEASON 11 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Learn the basics of GPRO, score first points, first podium, overall position < 20.

Race 1 - Buenos Aires GP (Argentina) [Place 3 / 6 points] - My first GP ever, so I've read all manuals and newbe help I could find. I must say it was quite usfull :). Made some mistakes before race (like losing a lot of money singing a contract with new driver [Ralph Westbury] and driving Q1 and Q2 with the old one), but taking into account that I have almost no data about fuel and tyres, I must say I was very lucky in my predictions. Ralph Westbury did superb job and I've finished on the lowest step of podium. Looking forward to next GP in Mexico City.

Race 2 - Mexico City GP (Mexico) [Place 5 / 10 points] - Quite successfull Q1 and great Q2, so I've started from second row. My strategy was to go on three pit stops and it was quite OK. I've finished fifth, but Ralph was getting strained behind some slower drivers after each pit and I was loosing value time. For some final laps I had best times per lap and attack from position 10 to 5 in a matter of 6 laps. Great GP that leared me a lot.

Race 3 - A1-Ring GP (Austria) [Place 2 / 18 points] - 4th after Q1 and Q2, but terrible start by Ralph and at the 11th lap I was 10. Thanks to late pit I've menaged to advance as the race progressed. I've take the lead at 22 lap for 5 laps. One driver mistake and good drive for the whole race gave me second place (after second pit I was less than 0.2s behind leader). My best GP so far, not only counting finishing place, but car setup, fuel and tyres usage prediction.

Race 4 - Spa GP (Belgium) [Place 10 / 18 points] - 8th position in Q. Weather in Q2 - dry, predictions for race - wet :) so I've decided to start on rain tyres and pray for fast rain :). Sadly I've to wait too long for it. Race times were quite OK, but Ralph was not quick enough to score even a single point. Anyway, I've collected very precious data about rain.

Race 5 - Fiorano GP (Italy) [Place 9 / 18 points] - My car's wear was quite high so I've decided to go on one pit hoping to score some points. 11th position in Q was quite ok in my opinion and after 71 laps evertything looked very good (i was 8th with two drivers ahead who must pit), when my electronics failed :/ and I had to pit to. Shame... but I've taken such situation into account.

Race 6 - Nurburgring GP (Germany) [Place 1 / 28 points] - Made some upgrades in my car before this GP that paid off! Very good fuel consumption and tyre wear predictions, fantastic drive by Ralph with only one mistake. Mechanics play their part as well. Great GP :) It was fantastic feeling to hear my national anthem. Hope to repeat this success soon :). I can say that I've already acomplished all my goals for this season. So I've another one - keep the money balance positive at the end of the season.

Race 7 - Istanbul GP (Turkey) [Place 8 / 29 points] Great Q! I've started from second position (my best so far in Q) and gained leadership at first lap! But when rain fall on lap 20, my strategy fell in ruin (first pit was at 13). Steady drive by Ralph could give me 6th place (quite ok, taking into account all what happened), but 12 laps to go my brakes broke and I was unable to defend my position.

Race 8 - Barcelona GP (Spain) [Place 2 / 37 points] Again good Q and race predictions :). Fantastic drive by Ralph with no errors and only 6 seconds behind winner (I was leading for few laps during the race). Team spirit is high so we go for next good GP!

Race 9 - Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) [Place 1 / 47 points] After steady Q Ralph was 7th. Poor start and I've lost 2 positions. Ralph drive was steady and thanks to late pit I was able to regain some positions. Perfect work by pit crew gave mi third place after refueling and great chance of good position. Even rain in the last few laps couldn't stop Ralph who drive first! Second victory after Nurburgring, much more precious and hope not last this season :)

Race 10 - Brands Hatch GP (UK) [Place 1 / 57 points] Very good Q gave me start from second line (3rd position), which Ralph was able to hold during first few laps. Great steady drive with no errors and late pit ensured me that this will be a good race. Some of my main competitors in this race have technical problems, and so 30 laps to go, Ralph take the lead. Third podium in a row, and second victory in a row!

Race 11 - Anderstorp GP (Sweden) [Place 10 / 57 points] Another great Q (4th position). But poor start by Ralph, loosing 3 positions. Steady drive with one mistake could give me 4th place (I was 5th on 62/70 laps with no more pit sheluded with one driver ahead who must stop once more). But then one of the tyres got a very bad blister and had to be changed. Poor pit took over 37 seconds... leaving me with no chances for points. Good race ruined by bad luck.

Race 12 - Magny Cours GP (France) [Place 6 / 60 points] Nothing special to say about this race... +1 position between Q and Finish, with average race speed. Two driver errors, but that would make no difference I think. I'm quite happy I've earned 3 points :)

Race 13 - Adelaide GP (Australia) [Place 1 / 70 points] My first Pole Position - so no comment here :). Good tactic and predictions combined with steady drive from Ralph gave mi 4th victory this season and a big chance of winning in Rookie - 8 group - my new goal.

Race 14 - Sepang GP (Malaysia) [Place 4 / 75 points] Third place in Q and a track quite similar to Adelaide, where I have won few days ago. No errors by Ralph, poor pit crew performance and my mistake in fuel calculation (resulting third pit at 53/55 lap) cost me that win. I've lost 3 positions after that pit and finally finished 4. My mistake only.

Race 15 - Montreal GP (Canada) [Place 2 / 83 points] Second in Q and on finish. But I'm not quite convinced about my skills never the less. So I've decided to stay in Rookies. I've started to search for new driver that will replace Ralph in my team. I'vedecided that it is better for me to fight for win in next season rather than fight for survival in Amateur. With all that experience I've gathered I think I can make to Amateur next season. I've accomplished all my goals for this season - but it comes much too easy. Next two races will be fully data collections.
My new driver is: Jean Mazet.

Race 16 - Indianapolis GP (United States) [Place 6 / 86 points] Small mistake in fuel calculations, but it didn't change my finishing place. Nothing special to say about this race. I've noticed that many drivers have problems finishing race in the end of a season, but I think I know why ;)

Race 17 - Kyalami GP (South Africa) [Place 8 / 87 points] Poor Q (11) but quite good race speed by Jean could give me very good finishing position (maybe even a podium), but my car broke... and I was very lucky to finish 8th.

Season 11 summary:
Goals: Learn the basics of GPRO (YES), score first points (YES), first podium (YES), overall position < 20 (YES).
As I mentioned after race 15... I stay in rookies and will fight for win next season.

SEASON 12 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Advance to Amateur (position 1-4), 70+ points. Save as much cash as possible.

Race 1 - Interlagos GP (Brazil) [Place 9 / 0 points] Seem that my driver is not the best for Q :) (13th), but with quite good race I could finish in 5th place. Fuel miscalculation cost me 4 places, and finish without points. Breaking my 6 race with point finishes in a row.

Race 2 - Sakhir GP (Bahrain) [Place 12 / 0 points] Another race where my wrong fuel consumption calculations ended with no points... Not the best season start, but I'm still optimistic :) since all problems so far were caused by my own mistakes (driver could be faster but he is getting better from race to race).

Race 3 - Paul Ricard GP (France) [Place 11 / 0 points] This is getting really annoying. After very poor Q my starting position was 19th. But it was first race this season where Jean could drive really fast. On my first pit I was 5th advancing 14 places, but poor pit crew job (over 30 seconds) make me loose all those positions :( (could been 10th if this stop last 6 seconds less). Still plan was good, but on 46 lap my hydraulic got damaged and I had another pit (38s). Fuel Calculations were very good this time... and 7th place was in my arm reach...

Race 4 - Zandvoort GP (Netherlands) [Place 3 / 6 points] Another poor Q (18), but this was more or less result of my strategy (1 pit planned) - very good strategy I must add :). I've advanded 15 places and achived my 9th podium in career and first points this season! I'm very happy and I've regain some faith in Jean ability to drive fast.

Race 5 - Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) [Place 9 / 6 points] After another poor Q (17) Jean must struggle behind slower drivers... Fuel calculations were good and when I had my pit (first and only) on lap 41 I was 9th. I've returned to track on 14 position and started to regain positions. On lap 68 I finally managed to overtake Ernestas Satas who was 8th at that moment, but 3 laps later my engine started to loose power. Jean was able to defend 8th position only for 4 laps. Very exciting race to watch for me, sadly no points.

Race 6 - Imola GP (San Marino) [Place 6 / 9 points] 15. in qualifying and with two pit strategy I was quite pesimistic about this race, but with good drive, good fuel calculations and some errors made by other managers - I've menaged to score 3 points. Maybe I will not score 70 points this season, but other goals reamains! :)

Race 7 - Spa GP (Belgium) [Place 12 / 9 points] Poor qualifying and poor race. Good strategy but with no effect since other managers did no errors. With Jean as my driver I will propably not advance to Amateur... So I've decided to hire new one. My choise was: Toranosuke Hattori - experienced driver from Japan. I hope to start scoring points more regular now.

Race 8 - Hungaroring GP (Hungary) [Place 2 / 17 points] Best qualifying this season (7th position) - with good strategy and finally good driver :) Taranosuke did great job driving steady during the race. Second podium this season - that gives me chance to fight for better places during rest of the season.

Race 9 - Hockenheim GP (Germany) [Place 2 / 25 points] Another good Race for Hattori. Second place with good strategy.

Race 10 - Jerez GP (Spain) [Place 4 / 30 points] 7. in Q with little too much fuel in first stint. Race in rain so I've expected some problems for my driver. Good race thought.

Race 11 - Silverstone GP (United Kingdom) [Place 2 / 38 points] Good Q and good race. Great pit crew work and Hattori makeing no mistakes. Second place and 4. podium this season. Can't wait to win a race ;)

Race 12 - Istanbul GP (Turkey) [Place 7 / 40 points] Wet Q1 and dry race. Having almost no data about this track Q2 / race setup was quite a lottery. 6ht in Q, but miscallculate fuel and one additional pit two laps before finish line costed me -1 place. Including two broke managers ahead I'm the last to advance to amateur ;)

Race 13 - Melbourne GP (Australia) [Place 6 / 43 points] 5th in qualifications, but I've made tyre selection error, loosing some time on every lap. Succesfully losing positions (11th on lap 6), Hattori began to stabilize his lap times. I've started to regain positions and on lap 20 (before pit) I was 4th. Very poor pit crew performance (both pits) and Hattori returned to race on 15th position. An average drive gave me 6th position on finish, but I think two more laps and finish could be 5.

Race 14 - Fuji GP (Japan) [Place 19 / 43 points] 4th in Q with very good drive... hoped for much needed points, but tyre puncture on lap 12 killed all my dreams. 3 races to go in this season and I have to count every point if I still wish to advance.

Race 15 - Sepang GP (Malaysia) [Place 2 / 51 points] Second in Q with huge chances for podium. Great drive by Hattori (only one mistake) with average pits (30s and 21s). Never took lead in this race, since Steven was jus too quick. Good race anyway.

Race 16 - Shanghai GP (China) [Place 3 / 57 points] With very small chances for green position I've decided to push the car and driver to the limit... well only 3rd place, I hoped for more. Now I need a miracle if I wish to finish 4th in this season.

Race 17 - Mexico City GP (Mexico) [Place 2 / 65 points] Poor Q, but my strategy was to go on one pit. I was the only manager who choose that tactic, but I was desperate for points. This strategy was very good! Second place and I've advanced to 4th position in general classification!

Season 12 summary:
Goals: Advance to Amateur (position 1-4) (OK, position 4), 70+ points (BAD - 65 points, but only 9 in first 7 races). Save as much cash as possible (QUITE OK - changing driver after 7 races costed me about 11mln, but in the other hand gave mi advance).
Very good season overall :)

SEASON 13 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Stay in Amateur, score some points. Update car in order to fight for advance in next season.

Race 1 - Kyalami GP (South Africa) [Place 13 / 0 points] - very random race... after being 7ht in Q I really hoped to score at least one point in my first race in Amateur. 6 pits and I ended on 13 position. In previous season that was enought to stay in Amateur - 6.

Race 2 - Brasilia GP (Brazil) [Place 12 / 0 points] - another race with weather ruining my strategy and Hattori's good drive. 11th in Q - average pit stops, and at the beggining of third stint I was 8th. First point I thought... sadly few laps before finish line it began to rain. After very poor pit (46s) i've lost many positions.

Race 3 - Laguna Seca GP (United States) [Place 14 / 0 points] - What can I say... 13 in Q and 14 on finish. This could be my luckiest race ever (there was a chance to score 3-5 points!) but I've made stupid error in race setup - I used dry tyres for second wet part of the race (this was an error... not a part of my strategy). I was so frustrated seeing Hattori loosing positions. Few laps before finish it stopped raining and only to this I've finished 14 and not 20+. Hope to never make such error again.

Race 4 - Montreal GP (Canada) [Place 8 / 1 point] - Good Q (7th position) with very good drive by Hattori gave me first point this season and first point in Amateur. I think I could finish 7th or 6th but rain stopped few laps too late :) and I overfueled in next stint. I'm very happy anyway :) I was waiting for this point!

Race 5 - Zolder GP (Belgium) [Place 9 / 1 point] - after setting strategy to one pit I was 12th in Q with very heavy car in Q2. Everything was going according to plan (was 7th on lap 26/70 with perspective of advancing three more) but on the 26th lap my electronics failed... that one additional pit destroyed all my hopes to score points in this race (lost 6s to 8th manager). I must say that this is quite ok Season so far (always fighting for points).

Race 6 - Mugello GP (Italy) [Place 10 / 1 point] - something tells me that positions 9-10 is my curse this season ;). Nothing special to say about this race (average Q (11)), with average drive, average pits... one error... 10th on finish.

Race 7 - Estoril GP (Portugal) [Place 9 / 1 point] - Yeap :) another 9th position. Good fuel consumption predictions (0l of fuel on finish), steady drive by Hattori and yet no points scored...

Race 8 - Barcelona GP (Spain) [Place 2 / 9 points] - After Q (second position!) I was very optimistic about this race. Especially that in season 11, I was second in Barcelona. I hoped to score some points but podium finish was only a dream! When rain stoped to rain on lap 6 I thought the race is over for me (strong wet setup)... but it started to rain again in almost perfect moment! Perfect drive by Taranosuke Hattori (no errors!) with good pit crew work (first pit was under 23s! - very important). First podium in Amateur! And I look optimistic toward rest of the season.

Race 9 - Anderstorp GP (Sweden) [Place 11 / 9 points] - Good drive by Taranosuke was destroyed by three things... wrong fuel and tyres calculations, random event on 13th lap (brakes) and poor pit crew work.

Race 10 - Singapore GP (Singapore) [Place 4 / 14 points] - Excellent drive by Taranosuke Hattori combined with good strategy, great pit crew work and some luck resulted in +10 positions advance from Q to finish. Till the end of the race I was fighting for second amateur podium - was very close in the end.

Race 11 - Brands Hatch GP (United Kingdom) [Place 6 / 17 points] - very riski strategy that paid off! Starting from 13th place - finishing 6th. My plan to be one of the managers who will fight for advance next season seemed to start working. Next race: Monaco! Will be very interesting race due to weather.

Race 12 - Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) [Place 6 / 20 points] - one of my favorite tracks :). Strange weather during the race made it very random. I was 3th in Q starting on rain tyres, but it stopped to rain to soon... Only to great drive of Taranosuke I was able to score those 3 points (I was 0.2s from having my first Fastest Lap ever). Finished 6th - but I was very happy in the end.

Race 13 - Nurburgring GP (Germany) [Place 6 / 23 points] - another 6th place on finish line... 3 points that makes me very happy because they give me high hopes for making my plans for next season coming true.

Race 14 Istanbul GP (Turkey) [Place 3 / 29 points] - with quite ok Q (7th) and outstanding drive by Hattori (no errors) my second podium in Amateur has become true! Again huge chance to have my first fastest lap ever, but I've lost it to the race winner 2 laps before finish line.

Race 15 Fuji GP (Japan) [Place 2 / 37 points] - Once more Hattori stands on the podium! This was his 30 podium in career. With 125 GP, 353 points scored, 8 wins, 2 pole positions, 4 fastest laps and 2,82 points / race Taranosuke became my top driver so far. I'm very satisfied and happy to see my plan working just fine. Great drive with good pit crew work made second podium in a row true.

Race 16 Sakhir GP (Bahrain) [Place 3 / 43 points] - Third podium in a row - end of season 13 is the best serie of my GPRO carrer (no wins though). 4th in Q but race without errors (little overfuel in each stint - damm it was hot ;)) and +1 on finish.

Race 17 Melbourne GP (Australia) [Place 1 / 53 points] - First win in Amateur combined with first Fastest Lap in my whole career!! What can I say? If only I started from pole not from 4th that would also be my first hat-trick. Looking forward into next season!

Season 13 summary:
Goals: Stay in Amateur (FAIL - I've advanced to PRO), score some points (OK - scored 53 enought to advance (due to account reset of one of managers in front of me). Update car in order to fight for advance in next season (my goal is rather to stay in PRO now) - good season, I hope I can stay in PRO

SEASON 14 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Retain in PRO, score at least 1 point. Look for a new driver (Hattori is geting old, and he is not good enough to fight in PRO next season). Save as much money as possible for next season.

Race 1 Sepang GP (Malaysia) [Place 34 / 0 points] - worst race in my career. Retaining in PRO will be very very hard. Hattori is just to slow... could finish on 25th, but I had one additional pit on last lap.

Race 2 Suzuka GP (Japan) [Place 28 / 0 points] - 28th on finish... seems that I need to just to it ;). After Suzuka GP I've fired Hattori and hired Gianfranco Modena, young driver (OA 72) - so my plan to retain in PRO is gone. I will save cash and perform test till the end of season, to better understand GPRO, trying to finish in 30 to give my team some points ;)

Race 3 Shanghai GP (China) [Place 37 / 0 points] comments after race will be shorter this season ;) started from 36th place, with not enough fuel in each sting and 3 pit stops. Not even close to being 30 :/

Race 4 Adelaide GP (Australia) [Place 36 / 0 points] while Q1 was dry and Q2 wet I've decided to take the risk of heavy dry->wet setup conversion. Fantastic result of that action gave me best starting position in PRO ever so far :) (that is 23). Sadly the race was dry, so my car and driver gave me no chance to remain on that position. Highly worn parts failed on lap 48 (brakes), and I was able to drive only for another 22 laps (Dropped out on 72/79). I'm not sure if I will finish many races this season due to high cost of testing and driver training.

Race 5 Interlagos GP (Brazil) [Place 38 / 0 points] this race was set for me not to finish it. My part's wear was so high that I only wanted to start in this race. Gianfranco Modena is still training, and I'm performing multipe test in Singapore, so I slowly start to run short on money. Change of goals: I will relegate to amateur.

Race 6 - Sakhir GP (Bahrain) [Place 38 / 0 points] race very similar to Adelaide GP (race 4) with wet Q2. My strategy was alo very similar, but this time I've made it to the finish line (car problem from 39th lap). This is my place this season in PRO (38) - two managers are not playing to be honest ;)

Race 7 - Magny Cours GP (France) [Place 34 / 0 points] another race I didn't finished... Dropped out at 85% or race distance makes my founds run short (50mln at the moment). I plan to do better in next race, since there will be rain for most of the time ;) - the more randomness the bigger my chances are.

Race 8 - Imola GP (San Marino) [Place 29 / 0 points] Yeah :) I've hoped to score some points for my team in this race and I did. In next race I will propably drop in few first laps ;)

Race 9 - Spa GP (Belgium) [Place 34 / 0 points] 28th in Q (with 10L of fuel in Q2), and -7 positions on start. I've finished this race having a car problem for 25/44 laps. I really can't wait this season to end ;). And I will fight once more in Amateur.

Race 10 - Barcelona GP (Spain) [Place 36 / 0 points] Another poor performance. Lasted only for ~70% of the race. Great work by mechanics during both pits was worthless. I plan to make some progress in last few races and retain group or relegate with greater chances to fight in Ama.

Race 11 - Silverstone GP (United Kingdom) [Place 22 / 0 points] After wet Q2 and dry Q1 I really hoped to start race from quite good position, and I did :) (20). But to start on wet tyres was not so good Idea since it only rained for three laps. Nontheless this was my best result in Pro so far.

Race 12 - Hockenheim GP (Germany) [Place 27 / 0 points] In few last races this season I really hope to score some points for GPRO PL :). Smoke for few laps and one unexpected pit on last lap and I've lost position 25. Sadly my budget is getting low (9.4mln$) with 5 races left - so this may be challanging.

Race 13 - Hungaroring GP (Hungary) [Place 20 / 0 points] With problems that other managers had I could quite eaisely advance to 20 position from 32 I gained in Q. Gianfranco is getting better with every race so I really hope to be one of the strongest managers after relegating to amateur.

Race 14 - Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) [Place 15 / 0 points] After dry Q1 and wet Q2 and race I was very optimistic about my chances. Being 15th on starting line was also a good prediction fo the upcoming event. As I mentioned before I really like Monaco track and it was my best result so far in Pro. If only I have'nt broken front wing 12 laps before finish line I could finish on 12th place. Very good race overall.

Race 15 - Oesterreichring GP (Austria) [Place 20 / 0 points] Quite average race. Having no data about Oesterreichring track, the race seem to be preaty random. That was also one of the last races this season making it very unpredictable. I've advanced 7 positions between start and finish line - quite good result. As I've expected at the begining of the season my results are getting better as the end of season 14 is getting closer.

Race 16 - Indianapolis GP (United States) [Place 5 / 4 points] What a race that was!! It was the most exciting race to watch for me EVER!! Starting from 18th place and with one pit strategy I was hoping to end at 10th position. Perfect fuel consumption / tyre wear calculations, great pit crew work and some small errors made by my opponents worked out. Being fifth was just my dream :). Scoring those points made me to relegate through negative balance, so my start in amateur may be hard. But I'm optimistic before last race of the season - many smoking cars... and I will try to finish in top 15.

Race 17 - Mexico City GP (Mexico) [Place 4 / 9 points] Another great race in PRO... next 17 races will take place in Amateur. I was leading in this race for 2 laps (for the first time in PRO ;)), and I had a great chance to podium finish (was 2nd two laps before finish line), sadly Giandranco made a mistake (first and only in this race) - and I've lost 2 positions. Great race through.

Season 14 Summary:
Goals: Retain in PRO (this was changed in mid-season - I relegate / throgh if I wanted I could stay in PRO), score at least 1 point (OK - scored 9). Look for a new driver (Hattori is geting old, and he is not good enough to fight in PRO next season) (OK - Gianfranco Modena - still training, but I hope he will give me some victories in Ama). Save as much money as possible for next season (BAD - I had to go negative in order to relegate).
As you can see... there are things you simply can't plan ;)

SEASON 15 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Advance to PRO, save some cash, train Gianfranco after each race, score many points for my team (51+) and for myself (85+)

Race 1 - Kyalami GP (South Africa) [Place 3 / 6 points], great season start. After poor Q2, one pit strategy and hard overtakeing on Kyalami track I was quite unsure about what this race will bring. I think that second place was quite achivable but in the first part of the race Giangranco was blocked by some slower drivers and those managers who decided to go on one pit strategy and were ahead made too big gap. First Gianfranco podium though :).

Race 2 - Silverstone GP (United Kingdom) [Place 2 / 14 points]. After great Q the second in my career pole position was mine! But just on the first lap Gianfranco was left for the dust by future race winner and fastest lap holder M.Grabicoski from Brasil. For the second time I was second on Silverstone. I've regain lead just for two laps when Mauri Roberto pitted for the first time.

Race 3 - Valencia GP (Spain) [Place 1 / 24 points]. Second Pole Position in a row! I was leading in this race from start to finish with great drive by Gianfranco and job well done by Pit Crew. Only Mauri Roberto was able to keep my speed - and so he took fastest lap from me. It was great to hear my national anhem once more after 19 races :).

Race 4 - Monza GP (Italy) [Place 1 / 34 points]. Great season so far :) Another Pole Position and another win! Perfect drive by Gainfranco with 2 pit strategy and fantastic pit crew performance. Again only 0.1s from hattrick...

Race 5 - Zolder GP (Belgium) [Place 1 / 44 points] - what else can I say except... HATTRICK!! For the first time in my carieer, perfect drive in new Team Livery, once blocked but hey :) who cares. Perfect fuel consuption and tyres wear prediction. Perfect race for me :) My plan was to score 81+ points, and I have over half of them after 5 races, so I think I will be OK with this point ;)

Race 6 - Paul Ricard GP (France) [Place 3 / 50 points] fifth pole position in a row, and another podium this season. After very unaccurate weather predictions, when rain stopped to rain to early my strategy (and many managers I think) lied in ruin. One additional pit was required and only due to good Gianfranco drive I was able to be third in France. In minus I must say that pit crew was very clumsy in this race ;)

Race 7 - Anderstorp GP (Sweden) [Place 3 / 56 points] once more I've lost one position on start. My strategy was to go on 1 pit stop and it worked quite well. I've finished third, but my pit crew once more did afull job. Weather forecast sux ;) it was damm hotter than they said and so my tyres blinked for many laps.

Race 8 - Nurburgring GP (Germany) [Place 1 / 66 points] UP THE IRONS!! All I need to say is that was my second hattrick! This season is my reward for 14th... 4 wins (from 9 so far), 6/7 pole positions in my career, 2/3 fastest laps and 8.25 pts / race... dream... :)

Race 9 - Istanbul GP (Turkey) [Place 4 / 71 points] Being 4th at the finish line sound like a disaster this season ;). There were 3 things that "ruined" my race. First - pit stops (42s 42s 34s) - tragedy :/ I've lost podium here. Second - first rain started too early, so does second one. And three - Gianfranco is not a great fan of rain - with dry setup he was unable to drive fast on wet track. Istanbul breaks my 8 race on podium finishes stack and suggest that victory in Ama 64 is still an open case (right Darius? ;))

Race 10 - Estoril GP (Portugal) [Place 1 / 81 points] Rain rain rain... I was'nt very optimistic before this race, but after being second in Q i've regain some faith in good final result. Everything goes as planned and I think that Mauri Roberto was a little to optimistic about fuel - he grabbed Fastest Lap, but had one additional pit - that gave me victory :) - fifth this season. I'm getting close to complete my goals for this season Goals: Advance to PRO (I think there should be no problems here), save some cash (some ;)), train Gianfranco after each race (job well done), score many points for my team (51+) (38 so far) and for myself (85+) (81 so far ;)) - not bad :) - time to train my staff.

Race 11 - Zandvoort GP (Netherlands) [Place 5 / 85 points] It was quite good race with poor pit crew work and chassis problem for 13/71 laps. I quite hoped not to smoke ;) but I'm happy I've finished in points not breaking my 13 point finishes in a row. 85 points scored = another goal completed!

Race 12 - Hungaroring GP (Hungary) [Place 4 / 90 points] I've should have won this race :/ but I've taken too less fuel and I had to pit on the last lap... I could still be third, but my pit crew must have been suprised by that pit and it took them 31 seconds to add 30L of fuel and change tyres... Damm... I think I will be able to push to the limit for three more races, so last two will be SMOKING ;) (pole position btw)

Race 13 - Brasilia GP (Brazil) [Place 2 / 98 points] Starting from second place, and finish also on the second place. Pit crew was very important and I can say that I could even win if first pit was shorter ;). Good defensive drive by Gianfranco gave me 30 podium in my career 10th this season :). Looking forward to race in PRO :)

Race 14 - Laguna Seca GP (United States) [Place 5 / 102 points] All goals for this season have been met, so rest of the season will be money saving trying to hold my win.

Race 15 - Montreal GP (Canada) [Place 4 / 107 points] for the last time this season I started from second place ;) other managers, who decided to make strong punch at the end of season are now faster than me.

Race 16 - Singapore GP (Singapore) [Place 5 / 111 points] with 7 points ahead of Darius (second manager right now) before last race I must finish in points in order to be sure to win. Darius is my favorite to win in Fuji thought. I will probably smoke most of the race. Either way - my advance to PRO is now a fact.

Race 17 - Fuji GP (Japan) [Place 8 / 112 points] Steady drive, car with heavy part wear and broken wing and bad pit stops gave me 8th place. All races this season in points :)

Season 15 Summary:
Goals: Advance to PRO (OK - win Ama 64 group), save some cash (OK - 37 mln$), train Gianfranco after each race (OK), score many points for my team (51+) (OK 63) and for myself (85+) (OK 112)
Bonus: 3rd place in Max top 10 :) with 1414 points and 15th in Elites betting game :) (played for the first time in both!) :)

SEASON 16 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Retain in PRO and score some points, perform test, train staff and Gianfranco! - Plan is to be in Master by season 19 ;)

Race 1 - Valencia GP (Spain) [Place 12 / 0 points]
Race 2 - Brands Hatch GP (United Kingdom) [Place 32 / 0 points]
Race 3 - Spa GP (Belgium) [Place 10 / 0 points]
Race 4 - Magny Cours GP (France) [Place 14 / 0 points]
Race 5 - Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) [Place 14 / 0 points]

Due to my twisted anckle my teammate was managing my account for past 3 weeks. So no comment except for one - I'm very dissapointed about my driver's performance. Hope to do better soon.

Race 6 - Oesterreichring GP (Austria) [Place 26 / 0 points] - this season is very much alike season 14 with the difference that in season 14 I was prepared to such results and now I'm quite suprised by them. Very poor performance and nothing more to say.

Race 7 - Monza GP (Italy) [Place 10 / 0 points] - best race this season so far. Starting from 26th position and finishing 10th. As you can see fast tracks like Spa and Monza are the ones I'm hoping to make good race. I really hope to score my first season points in Singapore or Malaysia in order to retain in Pro :)

Race 8 - Hockenheim GP (Germany) [place 31 / 0 points] - did you noticed that driver is getting more aggressive if he is finishing on position 30+? ;) Gear box malfunction and over 40 laps smoking... My cash situation is getting very hard and I must score some points fast in order to save some money during the last few races in this season. Since I've fracked Q2 to Imola GP I won't fight for my retain points there...

Race 9 - Imola GP (San Marino) [place 16 / 0 points] - due to wrong tyres in dry Q2, I was 29th on the start... with very little to lose and with rain probability 0-1% I've decided to start on rain tyres (my tank was full) and set risks to 0 to save parts. I was very suprised since it rained for over 10 laps :O and when weather changed I was 11th, coming from pits on 13th place. I've started to loose positions as other managers were much quicker than me on dry compound. Finishing 16th was quite good race end I think. Looking forward toward next GP.

Race 10 - Shanghai GP (China) [place 5 / 4 points] - at last I might say :). After Monza GP I've said that I will try to score some points in Singapore or Malaysia, but I was able to be fast in China already. This 4 points should give me steady finish of the season and that is I was hoping for. Great drive by Gianfranco (he is getting very comfortable in my car ;) ), great pit crew performance (pits regularly under 23 seconds) and good tactic are paying off!

Race 11 - Singapore GP (Singapore) [place 9 / 4 points] - I really was hoping to score at least one point here. Starting from 17th place and with one pit strategy. All goes right untill my tyres started to blink, and I've pitted from 9th position. Later on due to good Gianfranco drive I was able to regain positions and I was 7th looking forward to score two points. Sadly Modena made a mistake and lost two positions that I couldn't regain for the last 14 laps.

Race 12 - Sepang GP (Malaysia) [place 7 / 6 points] - quite a race to wach :) few overtaking maneuvers and good overall drive. Good strategy combined with few managers trying not to score a single point :) gave me those two. It's time to save some money... since one sponsor canceled our contract :/ and the other one canceled negotiations - huge bugdet loss.

Race 13 - Suzuka GP (Japan) [place 5 / 10 points] - another good race by Gainfranco Modena. Poor pit is the only thing I can say was wrong. Nevertheless, race without history - one pit climbing from 13th to 3th before pitting, 6th after pit and 5th after crossing finish line :) Sadly, not even a single overtaking during race (car was quite heavy). That was my 98th GP :) so anniversary soon. BTW this was Gianfranco's 50th race in F1 so I'm glad he made point finish.

Race 14 - Melbourne GP (Australia) [place 4 / 15 points] - this could be my best position in GPRO career ever! But two laps before finish I've lost two places (one on each lap) due to complete exhaustion of tyres. It is my best position anyway :) since it's right behind podium. After great quali I started the race from 7th place but I've never took a lead in this race. Great drive with one mistake just after pit (cool tyres?) and fantastic pit crew work on second pit (<20s). Great fuel prediction and well deserved points. Next GP will be my GP number 100! So I will try to push as hard as I can to make a good race.

Race 15 - Indianapolis GP (United States) [place 9 / 15 points] after rainy Q1 and dry Q2 I was 8th at the start line with full fuel load and hard tyres in order to make one and only pit this race. All was going well and though I've lost some positions at the start at lap 27/73 I was 4th and I thought I will be second or third this race! But then at lap 31 my car's fuel pump malfunctioned and I had to pit... It took 28s to my suprised pit crew to change tyres and check that damm pump. After planned pit on lap 39 I resumed race at position 16th and race for me was over. Even great drive by Gianfranco was not enough to score a single point. I'm simply sad that I've lost podium chances due to simple random and the shame is even greater since this was my 100th GP in GPRO.

Race 16 - Buenos Aires GP (Argentina) [place 25 / 15 points] after good Q and almost no chances to finish this race I've setup all risk to 100 hoping to score fastest lap, but I failed and that is all I wanted to say after this race.

Race 17 - Interlagos GP (Brazil) [place 14 / 15 points] race with smoke all time long. But somehow my driver managed to cross the finish line :)

Season 16 summary:
Goals: Retain in PRO and score some points (job well done, with 15 points and 17th place), perform test (I did less than expected, but I will make more next season), train staff and Gianfranco (Done) - Plan is to be in Master by season 19 (small step towards Master has been done)

SEASON 17 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Other: New feature... tyre suppliers. I've choosen the cheapest because I think I will be able to retain group and I need money to acomplish my plans.
Goals: Finish in top 15 would be nice but I'm afraid it will be around 20 since some very strong S17 Ama joined my group. Gianfranco training is still in progress but I think I will se results in about 10th race of the season.
Retain Pro 14 with 15 or more points. Make 1300+ testing laps. Train driver and staff.

Race 1 - Adelaide GP (Australia) [place 8 / 1 point] - 17th in Q was not the top of my dreams. But I've managed to score one point thanks to some data collected in season 15. when Adelaide was testing track. One driver mistake - witch is strange, since my risk were quite small. Generally good drive and my best pit ever so far (17.4s). One point in first race this season is quite ok I think. Hope to score some soon again.

Race 2 - Yas Marina GP (Abu Dhabi) [place 21 / 1 point] After taking huge risk with tactic for this race I was fifth on starting line. Sadly tyres didn't handle such temperature and I had one additional pit on last lap (dropping from 11th place). Two driver mistakes and race was over for me. Good thing I didn't watched it ;)

Race 3 - Sakhir GP (Bahrain) [place 29 / 1 point] No history race. Low temperature combined with my season 17 nightmare (pipirelli) and this is result. No comment.

Race 4 - Jerez GP (Spain) [place 28 / 1 point] Same as above. Smoke for most of the race. This is going to be my worst season ever :/

Race 5 - Zolder GP (Belgium) [place 10 / 1 point] Still 1 point on my account. Still this was a good race with some luck. Rain from lap 5 to 30 and if it stopped one earlyer, I would be out of fuel and tyres. Was the only manager with two pits and still score no points. For me season cup is over also. I've lost to my countrymate Michał Augustynek 2:1 (crossing finger for him to go to the filans ;))

Race 6 - Istanbul GP (Turkey) [place 15 / 1 point] Strategy was quite good calculated. Two pits were perfect, and I've finished race (=), with good pit crew and 3!! drivers mistakes :/ - too high risk used maybe.

Race 7 - Nurburgring GP (Germany) [place 29 / 1 point] I wish I could forget this race as quick as possible... smoke in the end, average drive and pit crew work... and most of all second race in a row when Dunnolps tyres are so much faster. I can't wait for a race with temperature above 34C

Race 8 - Mugello GP (Italy) [place 9 / 1 point]
Race 9 - Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) [place 29 / 1 point]
Race 10 - Anderstorp GP (Sweden) [place 17 / 1 point]

Race 11 - Brno GP (Czech Republic) [place 17 / 1 point] - Since my motivation is close to 0, I simply say that this season is one big disapointment (that's the reason for no entry for races 8-10). I'm running low on cash, stooped testing, driver training and fighting for group retain was not my plan at all. First of all - NEVER AGAIN TAKE PIPPIRELLI ! I can only hope to make one strong push during last few races. Current season position 22 - so red zone is very very close.

Race 12 - Silverstone GP (United Kingdom) [place 11 / 1 point] - Good race takin into account risk taken, and Dunnolp temperature. One point I have might be enough to retain pro but I really need at least 3 more ;)

Race 13 - 17 - Blah blah blah... boring boring boring... overtake... random... boring... bleh... Some points...
I'VE MADE IT! I've retain in PRO :)

Season 17 summary:
Other: New feature... tyre suppliers. I've choosen the cheapest because I think I will be able to retain group and I need money to acomplish my plans. BULLSHIT! Pippi were the main reason I had to fight to the last race! NEVER AGAIN!

Goals: Finish in top 15 would be nice but I'm afraid it will be around 20 since some very strong S17 Ama joined my group. [And I've finished...]
Gianfranco training is still in progress but I think I will se results in about 10th race of the season. [Tyres rulez]
Retain Pro 14 with 15 or more points. Make 1300+ testing laps. Train driver and staff. [I've retain... 800 test laps... only driver training]

SEASON 18 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Try to advance... no other plans since it is better not to plan now ;)

SEASON 25 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Goals: Train young driver after restart. Will try (and sucedd I hope) in next season.