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Navn:Thomas Mckeown
Land: USA
Tilmeldt:Feb 4, 2014
Seneste handling: I dag kl. 18:11:24
Forum indlæg:37  (Se indlæg)
GPRO Trofæer: 0
Antal Grand Prix:5 (602)
Point vundet:11 (1391)
Sejre:0 (61)
Podier:0 (119)
Pole positions:0 (81)
Hurtigste omgange:0 (74)
Gns point/løb: 2.2 (2.31)
Certifikat: Denne manager har endnu ikke bestået GPROs certificeringstest! Ikke endnu

51% låst op

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Hurtige facts

Første GP: Sæson 40, Løb 5
Antal gange logget på:7462
Tid brugt på GPRO:2908.3 timer
Fødselsdato: -

Game data overview

Gruppe:Rookie - 24
Penge: $??.???.???
Kører: Johnny Dalmas (88)
Tekn D: Ingen
Personale overall:4
Dæk: Pipirelli
Team navn: Martini Racing
Team position:654
Team point:8.1333


HSCB (R24) - 5 løb
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Manager-karrieren for Thomas Mckeown (Sidst opdateret: Jun 10 2014, 15:41:49)
I was introduced to GPro by a friend. Unforutnatly, i missed the first 4 races of my first season and was playing catch up for awhile.

Season 40: Just Starting Out

Race 5 was my first GP. I had Jaques DeBrakeleer as my driver. Unfortunately for him, he was a bit expensive and we parted ways after 1 race. Signed Jarno Baldi for race 6 and beyond. He was a serviceable driver and slowly started to move up the standings. Scored my first points in my 5th GP (season 40, race 9) and continued to score points for the rest of the season. I had to part with Jarno when he got above the skill limit and signed Tom Powell at race 13. Tom was immediately successful scoring my best finish and first podium with a 2nd in his debut. My first win came with Tom Powell at race 16. He had continued success in his first season with a total of 3 ppodiums and 1 win in only 5 races. I finished the championship in 5th place with 43 points, but went negative so I remain in rookie for Season 41. Things are looking up though.

Also, I was fortunate to be accepted into Resurrection Racing team at season 40, race 10 after only 5 races.

Season 41: Opportunity Knocks

I switched rookie groups to directly compete against my friend (he referred me to GPro). This would also be my first opportunity at a full season. Tom Powell was returning, however his contract was up at race 12 and he was near the skill limit. The first half of the season had some ups and downs. I started solid with a couple 4th & 5th finishes then progressed into podiums. Race 7 * 8 were a mighty step backwards. A random tire puncture early on race 7 saw me finish 23 and a gearbox issue on race 8 pushed me back to a 10th place. Unfortunately, Tom Poweel exceeded the skill limit before I remembered to extend his contract and I was bound to lose him at race 12. I signed Erik Treluyer at race 7. He also started with immediate success. Erik went on to rack up 1 win, 4 podiums, and 4 points finishes. I made it all the way to finals in the cup only to be swept by the points champion. I finished Season 41 in 2nd place overall with 91 points securing my promotion into Amateur.

Season 42: Don't Panic

My first season in Amateur. Hoping for the best, planning for the worst.