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Navn:Robert Andersen
Land: USA
Tilmeldt:Feb 10, 2015
Seneste handling: Jan 24 2019, 18:20:04
Forum indlæg:93  (Se indlæg)
GPRO Trofæer: 0
Antal Grand Prix:0 (272)
Point vundet:0 (504)
Sejre:0 (6)
Podier:0 (35)
Pole positions:0 (9)
Hurtigste omgange:0 (8)
Gns point/løb: - (1.85)
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Første GP: Sæson 45, Løb 17
Antal gange logget på:4321
Tid brugt på GPRO:745 timer
Fødselsdato: -

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Kører: Ingen
Tekn D: Ingen
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Dæk: blank
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Manager-karrieren for Robert Andersen (Sidst opdateret: Jan 17 2017, 04:11:07)
Season 56 Finished 17th with 7 points in Amateur this season. Another building season that went as expected.

Season 55 Finished 24th with 2 points in Amateur this season. This season went about as expected, as it was a rebuilding season after my failed promo run in S54.

Season 54 Finished 5th with 50 in Amateur this season. My first attempt at pro promotion came up a bit short, but live and learn working on a new plan going forward.

Season 53 Finished 12th with 17 points in Amateur this season. A good building season for me, went about as I expected this season to go.

Season 52 Finished 27th with 2 points in Amateur this season. Didn't do quite as well as I was expected this season, due to a few bumps in the road in the early stages. That being said I still accomplished most of what I my current plan entailed.

Season 51 Finished 11th with 18 points in Amateur this season. This season went about as planned for me, with a few hiccups and brain farts along the way, all in all a successful season for my plans this time around.

Season 50 Finished 14th with 12 points in Amateur this season. It was an up and down season for me, but finished well and did most of what I was trying to accomplish. Also learned a bit more, as always, learning and learning and learning a bit more, its part of what makes the game fun!

Season 49 Finished 2nd with 101 points in Rookie this season. Joined the American Rejects main team and had a successful building and promotion run this season.

Season 48 Finished 5th with 48 points in Rookie this season. It was a good data collecting season for me, which was the plan

Season 47 Finished 32nd with zero points and realized I had a long way to go... joined American Rejects III midway in the season and found this team friendly and helpful... now with what I have learned myself and from them I have a plan on how to work towards the future and be more of a contributor to the team

Season 46 Finished with 81 Points and thought I had a handle on the game, and my ego was over inflated hahahaha promoted to amateur

Season 45 Just found this game before the last race this season and finished in the points in the only race I participated in