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Alfa generic - 1984 / 85
Navn:Darren Brown
Land: England
Tilmeldt:Jan 20, 2016
Seneste handling: I går kl. 23:42:01
Forum indlæg:161  (Se indlæg)
GPRO Trofæer: 0
Antal Grand Prix:5 (175)
Point vundet:2 (263)
Sejre:0 (2)
Podier:0 (21)
Pole positions:0 (1)
Hurtigste omgange:0 (8)
Gns point/løb: 0.4 (1.5)
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9% låst op

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Hurtige facts

Første GP: Sæson 64, Løb 1
Antal gange logget på:5350
Tid brugt på GPRO:1117.2 timer
Fødselsdato: -
Civilstand:I et forhold

Game data overview

Gruppe:Amateur - 5
Penge: $??.???.???
Kører: Ukyo Kunimoto (120)
Tekn D: Ingen
Personale overall:10
Dæk: Pipirelli
Team navn: British Racing Partnership
Team position:405
Team point:47.6667


POWER (A5) - 17 løb
Bricksoft (R114) - 29 løb
Vuarnets (R114) - 4 løb
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Manager-karrieren for Darren Brown (Sidst opdateret: Dec 14 2019, 19:44:34)
S72 I promoted back to amature, stuck to my plan kept me driver although I didn’t win outright I was more than happy with the end result

S71 Got me a new driver and used this season to train up him up a bit, i actually put in to practice my wear plan until i had to drop motivation to keep my driver, next season a push for promotion

S70 Lost the plot and relegated back to Rookie

S69 Disaster lol, busy concentrating on finance and wear, didnt really keep an eye on my driver, so off he went my choice, got a crappy one for end of season and beggining of new season, but was running top 3 before i realised my mistake happy with that. so next season carry on with the planning but add he driver into the equation lol

S68 Retained amature again, seem to be doing a bit better so far, learning how to plan and seems to be working ok 👌 So finished Better than expected and if my calcilations are correct i will start S69 with at least twice as much money as i started S68. A little dissapointed i didnt make top 10 although i had same points as 10th so not too dissapointed .

S67 so I have retained as planned but not as high up as I wanted but that was down to the fact that my plan on planning didn't go to plan!! also I changed jobs and lost a bit of interest.
this season I have a new driver which I intend to keep on the long term, I do have a plan regarding parts etc. I aim to retain again in any position this season.

S66 This season I actually want to retain maybe a bit further up the standings this time. Also this will be my first season of implementing some sort of planning, I have winged it through the past 2 seasons. Hopefully end the season with a bit more money for S67.

So I retained in amature for my second full season I am well pleased with that outcome, Britpack Racers also achieved our goals for season 65.

S65 and I have promoted to Amature my plan is to retain, but if I don't I won't be disappointed.

S64 my first season no expectations. Research & Devlopment. Learn the ropes
Won my first 2 points at Shanghai, if I had not forgotten to replace a part I may have scored more, Rookie Mistake 😂

First podium today in Sepang 3rd spot after qualifying 7th or 8th cant remember?

Have been very consitant 2nd and 3rds past few races, im just going with the flow, will i promote or not, im not fussed, if i do i will learn a lot more if not i will continue learning my craft in rookie.

Won my first race at Monaco. Very happy seeing I was plum last in my first race. Second in championship at the moment. Going forward I still need to learn a lot more.

No real plans, no expectations for next season, I prefer it this way then I’m not disappointed when I don’t achieve what the initial goal was