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Navn:Adas Tyla
Land: Litauen
Tilmeldt:maj 30, 2017
Seneste handling: Aug 23 2019, 20:46:59
Forum indlæg:5  (Se indlæg)
GPRO Trofæer: 0
Antal Grand Prix:0 (66)
Point vundet:0 (183)
Sejre:0 (9)
Podier:0 (15)
Pole positions:0 (16)
Hurtigste omgange:0 (12)
Gns point/løb: - (2.77)
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Hurtige facts

Første GP: Sæson 59, Løb 2
Antal gange logget på:991
Tid brugt på GPRO:199.1 timer
Fødselsdato: -
Civilstand:Har en kæreste

Game data overview

Gruppe:Amateur - 62
Penge: $??.???.???
Kører: Ingen
Tekn D: Ingen
Personale overall:1
Dæk: Pipirelli
Team navn: UAB Jauskis Gerai
Team position:2068
Team point:0


McDonaldDuck's (R90) - 2 løb
MST (R90) - 33 løb
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Manager-karrieren for Adas Tyla (Sidst opdateret: maj 3 2019, 00:13:44)
Ryder: "Hey, CJ, tell me why I didn't finish high school."
CJ: "Because you been dealing drugs, man, since the age of ten!"
Ryder: "No, that ain't it."
CJ: "(laughs) Because you went and put hands on that teacher for wearing Ballas colors!"
—CJ recalling why Ryder was kicked out of school.

Ryder was born in Los Santos, most likely in Ganton due to his close relationship with Sweet and Carl Johnson. Ryder was expelled from high school for assaulting a teacher who was wearing Ballas colors, although Ryder claims he was 'too intelligent' for school. It is also revealed that Ryder has been a drug dealer since the age of ten.

At an unknown point in time, Ryder joined the Grove Street Families street gang, eventually rising through the ranks of the gang until becoming one of Sweet's closest allies, being helped by the departure of Carl Johnson in 1987 following his brother's death. The Grove Street Families, however, began to lose influence, power and money to their arch rivals, the Ballas, due to their stance against the sale of drugs, which was fueling the Ballas rise to prominence.

Big Smoke attempted to convince Sweet about the benefits of selling drugs but failed, later meeting Ryder in his house where he convinces him to join his newly formed alliance with the Ballas. The alliance is later expanded to include the Los Santos Vagos and Russian Mafia, while another was established with the Loco Syndicate, who began supplying the new alliance with drugs from their base in San Fierro, although they do not realise that an undercover government agent is involved in the operation.

Ryder is depicted as loud, wild, and unpredictable. He is known to go into rampages and always attempt the impossible. Ryder has a peerless mean streak and an extremely short temper, making him the loose cannon of the Grove Street Families. He also has delusions of grandeur and a possible Napoleon Complex, stemming from his short stature.

Despite turning on his own gang and CJ, in the whole series of events, including the deadly hunt on him by CJ, Ryder never shows any attempt to kill or harm CJ, even when the latter finally kills him in the mission Pier 69.

He commonly says "jeah/geah", instead of "yeah".