Manager profil: Michael Galler

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Navn:Michael Galler
Land: USA
Tilmeldt:Aug 25, 2020
Seneste handling: I dag kl. 19:14:12
Forum indlæg:44  (Se indlæg)
GPRO Trofæer: 0
Antal Grand Prix:6 (78)
Point vundet:7 (81)
Sejre:0 (2)
Podier:0 (4)
Pole positions:0 (2)
Hurtigste omgange:0 (1)
Gns point/løb: 1.17 (1.04)
Certifikat: Denne manager har endnu ikke bestået GPROs certificeringstest! Ikke endnu

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Hurtige facts

Første GP: Sæson 77, Løb 13
Antal gange logget på:1043
Tid brugt på GPRO:250.6 timer
Fødselsdato: -

Game data overview

Gruppe:Amateur - 76
Penge: $??.???.???
Kører: Jacques Pescarolo (126)
Tekn D: Ingen
Personale overall:3
Dæk: Pipirelli
Team navn: American Rejects II
Team position:242
Team point:105.7335


Wintrillions (A76) - 2 løb
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Manager-karrieren for Michael Galler (Sidst opdateret: Jun 1 2021, 06:48:34)
Starting Group: Rookie 76

S77 - Just getting started. Fun game!
Race 13 - First race ever, and I got 2 points!
Race 17 - Another 7th place, excited for next season.

19th Place with 4 points

S78 - Hoping to go up to amateur this year.
Race 3 - 6th place for first points, I don't think I'll promote.
Race 6 - First podium, and I got second. Maybe I can promote.
Race 10 - Another podium, and I think I'm on my way to Amateur.
Race 15 - My first pole, and i converted it to my first win. It was at Anderstorp, Sweden. I need one more point to clinch promotion to Amateur.
Race 16 - Back to back wins, this time around Grobnik, Croatia (again from pole), and I am on my way to Amateur.

4th Place with 68 points/ QF Cup
Wins at: Anderstorp (Sweden), Grobnik (Croatia)
Podiums at: Oesterreichring (Austria), Interlagos (Brazil)

PROMOTION to Amateur 76

I decided to stick with my driver from rookie, and I'm hoping he can do some good stuff in Amateur.

S79 - Just hoping to retain. Race 14 is Portimao, my driver's favorite track, and I'm hoping I can do well enough there to stay in Amateur.
Race 4 - This season has poorly so far, and I'm hoping it can get better. I also resigned my driver for next season.
Race 8 - I joined American Rejects II, my team.
Race 11 - This season has gone horribly wrong. I made a huge mistake resigning my driver, I'm hoping that he can do well at Portimao
Race 13 - Forget everything about Portimao, this race I scored points! A dry stint of 7 laps led to all but three of the cars pitting, and I was in 2nd! Naturally, I fell back down the field, but this saves me from relegation.

22nd place with 1 point

S80 - Same as last season, but trying to retain on Brasilla
Race 11 - Oops, I forgot to qualify
Race 12 - I was in P11, but a fuel mistake meant that I lost 5 positions pitting late. It should still be enough to retain though.
Race 16 - Red alert, it is not enough to retain! I need to gain one position in the championship this last race or I am being relegated. Here we go...
Race 17 - Big fail. I'm being relegated. Except me and my team didn't notice there was I guy ahead of me retiring, so I am still in Amateur. So long, Nick Müller, hello driver that can actually race.

34th (Promoted to 32nd) 0 Points

I found a driver with really nice stamina, but terrible talent. I'm going to throw a lot of money at him and hope I sign him.
I did!

NEW DRIVER: Matthew Warwick

S81 - I think I can do well this year. I'm hoping for a good enough season to secure some sponsors up for the future.
Race 1 - Rainy race, and I expected it to go poorly. But not P34 poorly! I hope this is just the rain.
Race 2 - Yes, It was just the rain. I pushed quite hard this race, and learned that having 100/100 overtake defend risk causes lots of mistakes. He made 4 mistakes, and I missed out on points by 1.175 seconds.
Race 9 - After a lot of bland races where nothing really happened, I decided to try a one-stop. I qualified 22nd, and decided to push at 40 CT. It worked, and I finish 8th for my first point of the year.
Race 12 - I finally got another sponsor, worth a decent amount of cash.
Race 16 - My parts are worn, but I'm not going to replace them to save cash.
Race 17 - I forgot to resign my driver, so I'll need a new one for this next year.

18th (Promoted to 17nd) 1 Point/Cup R1

I'm going to try and sign a driver with decent talent this time.
I didn't get the guy I wanted, so hopefully I'll get this next one.
I did!

NEW DRIVER: Jacques Pescarolo

S82 - I'm going to be good this year, so I'm going to try and promote next season.
Race 1 - Starting off the year, I get two points after a solid race.