Sesame Racing

Haakon LindmoSteven DeathPedro BatistaPetrus TaskilaKevin FitzgeraldJumbo StevensRyan BelangerRobert DeethCharles HillJoão Pedro Diogo

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Team lakering:
Team navn: Sesame Racing
Teamets webside: Ingen
Etableret: Sæson 28, Løb 1
Mesterskaber: 0
Knockout cup sejre: 0
Point i alt: 2,459.17
Gen.snitlig point/løb: 2.04
Gennemsnitlig point/sæson: 34.75
Gennemsnitlige team placering: 1,507.76
Flest point vundet i ét løb: 27.33 (Sæson 96, Løb 9)
Sæsonplacering: 206
Sæsonpoint: 208.0666

10% låst op

Flest medlemmer i Elite: 0
Medlemmer der er nået til Elite: 0
Antal løb med teamets deltagelse:
Akkumulerede resultater:
Resultater i denne sæson:
Antal supporters: 4
Frie pladser: 0


Plads Nat Managernavn Gruppe Bidrag
01. Haakon Lindmo Pro - 12 5% (10.5%)
02. Steven Death Amateur - 26 8.5% (9.1%)
03. Pedro Batista Amateur - 73 7.9% (8.5%)
04. Petrus Taskila Amateur - 80 15.9% (7%)
05. Kevin Fitzgerald Amateur - 25 12.7% (6.7%)
06. Jumbo Stevens Pro - 7 3.9% (5.8%)
07. Ryan Belanger Pro - 16 11.9% (6.8%)
08. Robert Deeth Amateur - 35 12.8% (6.5%)
09. Charles Hill Amateur - 8 10.4% (3.3%)
10. João Pedro Diogo Rookie - 33 10.9% (0.9%)

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At Sesame Racing, we believe that racing is all about passion, teamwork, and pushing yourself to be your best. Our team is made up of drivers who share these values and work together to achieve our goals.

We're not just here to win races, but to support each other and create a positive and welcoming environment for all racers. We offer mentorship to help new drivers improve their skills, and we're always looking for ways to give back to the online racing community.

But don't let our focus on teamwork fool you. When it's time to hit the track, Sesame Racing is a force to be reckoned with. Our drivers are highly skilled and experienced, and we're always ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.

Join us at Sesame Racing and experience the thrill of online racing in a supportive and inclusive community. Together, we'll reach new heights and achieve our dreams on the track.