NITROUS Classics

Brian SayleRudolf MusilAlfred MusilŠarūnas ValinevičiusSam HardwickRay MurrayLuka RusaMatthijs VreemanLucas Holmes

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Team lakering:
Team navn: NITROUS Classics
Teamets webside:
Etableret: Sæson 89, Løb 1
Mesterskaber: 0
Knockout cup sejre: 0
Point i alt: 2,011.98
Gen.snitlig point/løb: 12.19
Gennemsnitlig point/sæson: 207.30
Gennemsnitlige team placering: 311.33
Flest point vundet i ét løb: 24.33 (Sæson 95, Løb 4)
Sæsonplacering: 250
Sæsonpoint: 170.7998

5% låst op

Flest medlemmer i Elite: 0
Medlemmer der er nået til Elite: 0
Antal løb med teamets deltagelse:
Akkumulerede resultater:
Resultater i denne sæson:
Antal supporters: 0
Frie pladser: 1


Plads Nat Managernavn Gruppe Bidrag
01. Brian Sayle Amateur - 3 4% (12.1%)
02. Rudolf Musil Amateur - 8 13.9% (16.6%)
03. Alfred Musil Amateur - 6 6.7% (13.9%)
04. Šarūnas Valinevičius Amateur - 20 15.6% (6%)
05. Sam Hardwick Pro - 7 18.1% (7.9%)
06. Ray Murray Amateur - 47 17% (5.9%)
07. Luka Rusa Amateur - 33 10.1% (5%)
08. Matthijs Vreeman Rookie - 147 13.5% (1.9%)
09. Lucas Holmes Amateur - 44 1.1% (3.5%)

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From the ashes of Red Hawk Racing comes NITROUS Racing, a Family of friendly active managers looking to share ideas, knowledge, data and more with the goal to help everyone achieve as much as they want/can in the world of GPRO

The NITROUS Racing Family believes in enjoying the game and ensuring good fun between its members. We have an active external forum shared with all within The NITROUS Family!
- NITROUS F1 Racing (est. S32)
- NITROUS F2 Racing (est. S46)
- NITROUS F3 Racing (est. S59/liq. S62 & revived S80)
- NITROUS Academy (est. S56)
- NITROUS Classics (est. S89)
We have our own in Forum games and plenty of discussion with regards to upcoming race strategies as well as improving our overall knowledge. Our Online Tool also is shaping up really nicely and it will become a true force in this game, you’ll see!

Since our revamp in S80, our sights were set on a return into the Top 100! We believe we have made that by now, so we will now be setting our targets to get our F-teams inside the Top 50! We have a strong culture of helping and supporting each other, so each individual manager can grow in their own right. Besides our joined experience in the game, we can also several NITROUS goodies to support you're fighting at your best each season.

Easy! Life has its way to overcomplicate itself to such an extend where it starts to interfere with the time spent/wasted*
(per POV) on this game of games! In order to be able to keep accounts alive a not to easily loose those carefully accumulated untrainables, NITROUS safe haven Classics was established only as recently as S89!

This team is only open to join for any manager that at one time or another was in one of our NITROUS teams! From golden oldies to even recently retired players, this is the place to either bottom out, phase out or even to phase back into the game!
> If you ever passed through NITROUS before, do drop us a line when contemplating your come-back!
> If you never passed through NITROUS before, don’t bother …

In only a short life span so far, Classics already has proven its merit. Though our S89 reshuffling of our seats, our less active, less invested members changed to Classics, opening up F-seats for the more eager and ambitious players. This ensured an overall improved team score, and thus better standings on the GPRO ladder! In short, by creating Classics, our F-teams are now better utilized to follow our dreams!

NITROUS F1 Racing | Since S80 > Niels van Heijster
NITROUS F2 Racing | Since S95 > Malcolm Christiansen
NITROUS F3 Racing | Since S95 > Andrew Carter
NITROUS Academy | Since S56 > Alf Wiklund
NITROUS Classics | Since S89 > Brian Sayle

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