Andromeda Racing Antares

Elina PähraAdam CorlettJules TaverneCorné De KreekDale SchipperLaura HernándezEva BoonenMichael MilneOsama AbuelyousrSergio Navarro

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Team navn: Andromeda Racing Antares
Teamets webside:
Etableret: Sæson 93, Løb 1
Mesterskaber: 0
Knockout cup sejre: 0
Point i alt: 2,100.43
Gen.snitlig point/løb: 21.43
Gennemsnitlig point/sæson: 364.36
Gennemsnitlige team placering: 144.52
Flest point vundet i ét løb: 32.53 (Sæson 96, Løb 11)
Sæsonplacering: 77
Sæsonpoint: 303.8

10% låst op

Flest medlemmer i Elite: 0
Medlemmer der er nået til Elite: 0
Antal løb med teamets deltagelse:
Akkumulerede resultater:
Resultater i denne sæson:
Antal supporters: 3
Frie pladser: 0


Plads Nat Managernavn Gruppe Bidrag
01. Elina Pähra Pro - 10 20.9% (12.8%)
02. Adam Corlett Amateur - 55 6.7% (10.6%)
03. Jules Taverne Amateur - 10 15.3% (11.8%)
04. Corné De Kreek Pro - 12 10.5% (13.6%)
05. Dale Schipper Amateur - 17 14.5% (10.4%)
06. Laura Hernández Pro - 17 7.8% (9.8%)
07. Eva Boonen Amateur - 55 8.7% (4.9%)
08. Michael Milne Amateur - 55 3.5% (2.1%)
09. Osama Abuelyousr Rookie - 57 5.8% (0.8%)
10. Sergio Navarro Rookie - 137 6.3% (0.9%)

Team logo

Information  |   Medlems-stats  |   Bedrifter  |   Historie  |   Hændelser  |   Besøgende
Welcome to [size=-1][color=orange]Andromeda Racing Antares[/color][/size]!

We are a branch of the [size=-1][color=white]Andromeda Racing Family[/color][/size].

[size=-1][color=white]What we offer to our team members:[/color][/size]
- A lot of past data
- Active and motivated teammates across five teams
- A friendly team atmosphere with good communication
- Help and advice with any planning and decision making
- Help and advice with car setup, strategy, drivers and technical directors
- External communication (team forum and Discord)

[size=-1][color=white]What we ask of you:[/color][/size]
- To be an active and loyal team member
- To compete in all races throughout the season (or ask a teammate to holiday cover your account if away)
- That you can communicate well in English
- To get involved in discussions on the team forums
- To share data within the team after qualifying and races
- To be a team player, although you have complete freedom to pursue your own goals

If you're interested in joining our family, send a message to Elina via PM. Don't worry too much about the message; we would just like to know a little bit about you to ensure that you are the right fit for our team. We would like to know:
- Who you are
- Your interests
- Why you would like to join our team
- What your goals are in GPRO

Applications to join the team without prior communication will be rejected.

[size=-1][color=white]Our sister teams:[/color][/size]
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