JButton Racing 2

Damian MaryniokAndrey FoxMartin FabryFraser Mckenzie

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Team lakering:
Team navn: JButton Racing 2
Teamets webside: https://www.tapatalk.com...
Etableret: Sæson 11, Løb 7
Mesterskaber: 0
Knockout cup sejre: 0
Point i alt: 25,434.68
Gen.snitlig point/løb: 17.10
Gennemsnitlig point/sæson: 290.78
Gennemsnitlige team placering: 224.93
Flest point vundet i ét løb: 38.73 (Sæson 30, Løb 11)
Sæsonplacering: 484
Sæsonpoint: 59.7997

14% låst op

Flest medlemmer i Elite: 0
Medlemmer der er nået til Elite: 0
Antal løb med teamets deltagelse:
Akkumulerede resultater:
Resultater i denne sæson:
Antal supporters: 0
Frie pladser: 6


Plads Nat Managernavn Gruppe Bidrag
01. Damian Maryniok Rookie - 112 33.4% (1%)
02. Andrey Fox Rookie - 142 34.9% (0.6%)
03. Martin Fabry Rookie - 29 21% (0.6%)
04. Fraser Mckenzie Rookie - 109 10.7% (0%)

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The JB Racing family are two teams of international managers forming JButton Racing and JButton Racing 2.

JButton Racing's profile can be found here:

If your interested in joining us the first step is to PM the Team Leader as an application without a PM will be automatically rejected!

Our team recruitment thread can be found here:
/gb/forum /ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=5816#scroll

We expect you to:
- have experience playing GPRO.
- be able to communicate fluently in English.
- be active in both races & data posting in our private forum.
- be with us for the long term (your team record will count as we dislike team jumping)

Things we want to hear from you in your application:

What can you offer the team?
What are your long term plans?
How much time do you spend on GPRO?
How seriously do you take this game?