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Nimi:Sasha Lamounier
Riik: Brasiilia
Liitunud:21 Apr, 2012
Viimane tegevus: 23 Okt 2019, 01:12:03
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Esimene GP: Hooaeg 30, Sõit 12
Sisenemise korrad:10668
GPRO-s oldud aeg:1882.5 tundi
Sünnipäev: -
Suhte olukord:Üksik

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Sasha Lamounier karjäär (Viimati uuendatud: 7 Veeb 2019, 17:06:56)

A new chapter begins today, 02/07/2019, at 17:03:49

February 2019







I joined GPRO in 2012, while still living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And since then was 30 seasons, 513 GPs, a total of 934 points, 36 wins, 84 podiums, 28 Pole Positions and 22 fastest laps. Was also 10354 times logged on the site, 1834.1 hours played and 108 of 348 GPRO Achievements. Always looking to improve my performance and better understand the GPRO to one day be in the Elite.

I think it's time for me to take a break and finally retire. Since 2012 to here, 2017, I spent 5 years of my life in GPRO. And this game saw a lot of changes in my life also. On the whole, was a total of 6 promotions and 4 relegations (my last season was the fifth) and 4 Cup wins. I received an invitation from two great Brazilian teams this year to be part of them and I was very honored, but considering Brasukas and its members and also knowing that I would not be able to keep up the momentum, I refused both. I'm retiring as a member of Brasukas, a team that I help to create and where I was the leader for 14 seasons.

I'm happy with my numbers. And who knows, maybe one day I'll be back to action and improve these numbers!

For now, Sasha Out.



RACES WON (Until September 2017)

(1x) Bucharest Ring GP (Romania) - Rookie 168
(1x) Anderstorp GP (Sweden) - Rookie 168
(2x) Hungaroring GP (Hungary) - Rookie 168, Amateur 22
(4x) Laguna Seca GP (United States) - Rookie 168, Amateur 20, Rookie 112, Amateur 22
(2x) Hockenheim GP (Germany) - Amateur 5, Amateur 22
(2x) Indianapolis GP (United States) - Amateur 20, Amateur 22
(2x) Spa GP (Belgian) - Amateur 20, Amateur 22
(2x) Monza GP (Itália) - Amateur 20, Amateur 22
(1x) Shanghai GP (China) - Amateur 20
(2x) Suzuka GP (Japão) - Amateur 20, Rookie 112
(1x) Yeongam GP (Coréia do Sul) - Pro 25
(2x) Serres GP (Grécia) - Rookie 112, Amateur 27
(2x) Istanbul GP (Turquia) - Rookie 112, Amateur 22
(1x) Zandvoort GP (Holanda) - Rookie 112
(1x) Portimao GP (Portugal) - Rookie 112
(2x) Rafaela Oval GP (Argentina) - Rookie 112, Amateur 22
(1x) Brasilia GP (Brasil) - Rookie 112
(1x) Montreal GP (Canadá) - Rookie 112
(1x) New Delhi GP (Índia) - Amateur 22
(1x) Kyalami GP - Amateur 22
(1x) Sepang GP - Amateur 27
(1x) Irungattukottai GP - Amateur 27
(1x) Valencia GP - Amateur 27
(1x) Grobnik GP - Amateur 27



Start in GPRO: Season 30 (Rookie 168) - R12
1º Promotion: Season 34 (Rookie 168) - OBS: Champion of Promotion Championship and Champion of the Cup in Rookie 168 Group.
2º Promotion: Season 38 (Amateur 05) - OBS: First victory in Amateur (Hockenheim GP) - NK. - Third place in the championship promotion. Promoted to Pro.
1º. Relegatino: Season 39 (Pro 21)
3º. Promotion: Season 43 (Amateur 20) - OBS: Promoted to the Pro, Vice-champion of championship of promotion, four sponsors in season in the first time!
2º. Relegation: Season 48 (Pro 25)
3º. Relegation: Season 49 (Amateur 84)

Until here, 327 GPs, 480 points, 12 victory's, 43 podiums, 10 Pole Positions and 11 fast laps.

4º. Promotion: Season 51 (Rookie 112) - OBS: Nine race wins in the season (untouchable). Thirteen podiums, twelve pole positions and a fastest lap. Champion of Promotion Championship and Champion of the Cup in Rookie 112 Group.

5º. Promotion: Season 54 (Amateur 22) - OBS: Nine race wins in the season (untouchable). Thirteen podiums, four pole positions and five fastest lap. Champion of Promotion Championship and Champion of the Cup in Amateur 22 Group.

6º. Promotion: Season 59 (Amateur 27) - OBS: Five race wins in the season. Ten podiums, two pole positions and two fastest lap. Second in the Promotion Championship and Champion of the Cup in Amateur 27 Group.