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Nimi:Daniel Rosa
Riik: Brasiilia
Liitunud:3 Apr, 2017
Viimane tegevus: Eile 15:18:12
Foorumi postitusi:40  (Vaata postitusi)
GPRO Tiitlid: 0
GP-de arv:4 (306)
Punkte kogutud:12 (524)
Võidud:0 (16)
Poodiumid:1 (50)
Parim stardikoht:0 (22)
Kiireim ring:2 (22)
Keskm pts/sõit: 3 (1.71)
Sertifikaat: Mängija on edukalt sooritanud GPRO sertifikaadi testi! (7 Apr, 2017)

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Esimene GP: Hooaeg 58, Sõit 4
Sisenemise korrad:4156
GPRO-s oldud aeg:526.2 tundi
Sünnipäev: -
Suhte olukord:Abielus

Game data overview

Grupp:Master - 1
Hooaja koht:6
Raha: $??.???.???
Sõitja: Perry Sutcliffe (168)
Teh D: Patrick Fry (106)
Personali üldnäitaja:11
Rehvid: Contimental
Tiimi nimi: Fuel Baptized Brazil
Team position:114
Tiimi punktid:86.0666


Mono (P3) - 2 sõitu
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Daniel Rosa karjäär (Viimati uuendatud: 15 Mai 2020, 21:51:48)
S58 - learning the ropes.
S59 - Promoted in 3rd after a pretty smooth season.
S60 - Survived amateur - had a rough time getting the right driver.
S61 - relaxed season objective was to learn about wear, financing, improve staff and train driver.
S62 - should probably have saved a bit more, successful effort preparing for promotion.
S63 - won my amateur group! Now have to concentrate on surviving PRO next season.
S64 - survived PRO but spent too much money. saving mode ON
S65 - still struggling with money - how can one survive PRO without becoming bankrupt?
S66 - got a win, but limped for most of it. next season is relegation with cash unfortunately
S67 - relegated with cash. New driver, OK car - now is build up the cash for a return to PRO better prepared
S68 - had a smooth and lucrative maintenance season
S69 - had to unexpectly push for promotion due to issues with driver renewal and did it!
S70 and S71 - learning how to stay in PRO without losing money. so far so good
S72 - surviving with comti and even making money! now it is about learning to change drivers
S73 - took advantage of an unexpected chance on driver change and PROMOTED TO MASTER! :)
S74 - driver change and maintenance with expensive car. master is not so straightforward
S75 - driver training and extreme saving mode. not so entertaining but thinking more long term planning