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Nimi:George Slater
Riik: Kanada
Liitunud:25 Okt, 2017
Viimane tegevus: Täna 20:19:31
Foorumi postitusi:495  (Vaata postitusi)
GPRO Tiitlid: 0
GP-de arv:4 (285)
Punkte kogutud:9 (795)
Võidud:0 (27)
Poodiumid:0 (76)
Parim stardikoht:0 (44)
Kiireim ring:0 (30)
Keskm pts/sõit: 2.25 (2.79)
Sertifikaat: Mängija on edukalt sooritanud GPRO sertifikaadi testi! (4 Jaan, 2018)

43% avatud

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Esimene GP: Hooaeg 61, Sõit 9
Sisenemise korrad:11744
GPRO-s oldud aeg:3221.6 tundi
Sünnipäev: -
Suhte olukord:-

Mängu andmete ülevaade

Hooaja koht:7
Raha: $??.???.???
Sõitja: Allan Edwards (230)
Teh D: Arturo Merzario (165)
Personali üldnäitaja:52
Rehvid: Michelini
Tiimi nimi: Cuccioli Malati
Tiimi positsioon:9
Tiimi punktid:148.0666


Lucrent Technologies (M1) - 26 sõitu
Mike (E) - 14 sõitu
McDonaldDuck's (E) - 8 sõitu
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George Slater karjäär (Viimati uuendatud: 4 Sept 2020, 21:59:30)
Qualifying Records:

Mexico City 1:10.208s
Portimao 1:23.516s

Track Records:

Adelaide 1:09.196s
Barcelona 1:16.564s
Kaunas 1:02.814s
Mexico City 1:08.780s
Monza 1:18.199s
Zandvoort 1:03.781s

A brief history of my career in GPRO:

S61: I started playing GPRO midway through the season, instantly getting hooked. Got two podiums in the last two races of the season.
S62: After a poor start to the season, I was able to come back to dominate my Rookie group towards the end, claiming 7 wins, of which 6 were hattricks.
S63: First Ama season. I Joined the Malati family and found myself a young driver to train. I Managed to retain although I couldn't build up my resources as much as I would have liked to.
S64: Placed into a new Ama group. I improved over the course of the season from the back of the midfield to being a consistent top-10 finisher at the end of the season, Scoring my first Ama podium and FL at Rafaela. While I managed 1600 laps of testing over the course of the season, unfortunately this meant I lost money over the season as a whole.
S65: Achieved 2 podiums and a pole on route to 6th in the standings, focusing on resigning and training my driver as well as improving my car level for next season. Over the course of the season I managed a nearly $40 million gain.
S66: Finished 2nd in group on a tiebreak with 2 wins, promoting to pro while I worked on continuing to train my driver and improve my staff to be prepared for pro. Again I managed a solid financial gain of over $40 million.
S67: First season in Pro. Went with Dunnos to help with my average results, although that didn't allow me to meet my driver motivation goals. Worked on improving Staff and Facilities, unfortunately this contributed to my significant net loss over the course of the season. Highlight of the season was in R15 in which I nearly won, only being overtaken on the last lap and finishing 2nd.
S68: On Dunnos and going for promotion to master