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Nimi:Matt Kasar
Maa: Englanti
Viimeksi aktiivinen: 6.07.2019, 11:38:40
Forum viestit:2237  (Etsi viestit)
GPRO Mestaruudet: 0
GP-Kilpailut:0 (666)
Pisteet:0 (1171)
Voitot:0 (41)
Podiumit:0 (108)
Paalupaikat:0 (39)
Nop. kierr.:0 (33)
Pistettä/kilpailu: - (1.76)
Sertifiointi: Manageri on läpäissyt GPRO sertifiointi testin! (27.08.2012)

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Ensimmäinen GP: Kausi 31, Kilpailu 12
GPRO:ssa vietetty aika:4948.1 Tuntia
Syntymäaika: -


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Varallisuus: $?
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Henkilöstö Overall:0
Renk.: blank
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Managerin Matt Kasar merkinnät (Viimeksi päivitetty: 7.10.2013, 22:14:00)
S31 Found Gpro and thought 'WTF?!?!' How complicated can it get? Signed a driver to keep for S32 and just managed to keep her under 85. Joined a team

S32 Joined a more active team, looking for promotion to keep my driver

1st Race S31 R12 - Poznan
1st Pole S31 R17 - Hockenhiem
1st Points S32 R01 - Hungaroring
1st Podium S32 R05 - Laguna Seca
1st Win S32 R09 - Kaunas
1st Hat Trick and Fastest Lap S32 R15 - Singapore

Finished my first full season as champion of Rookie-44, pipping my closest rival to the top spot in the final race. I'm sure the extra cash will come in handy next season


1st Amateur FL and win S33 R07 New Delhi - Decided to push as my car is finally up to a decent level for amateur. Lapped the whole field and got the fastest lap in a very wet race. Awesome.
Retained in Ama-11 comfortably

Objective - Leave amateur for pro
R01 - Comfortable 2nd place - quite disappointed really as I was a long long way from 1st
R014 - First Amateur Hat trick

Unspectacular season marred by 3 randoms and 1 wrong tyre choice in Qualy. Probably could have won the group without that, going to be a big challenge to stay in Pro
High point of the season - winning the Dodos award for member of the season, cheers guys!

Got lucky with my group this time I think, expansion group and even have a team mate in it. Objective - retain in pro, manipulate driver OA and contract so I'll be awesome 2 in Season 37 and go to Master fully prepared.
Achieved comfortably.

Made a big mistake early in the season and wasted about 20 mill for no perceivable gain. Won't do that again in a hurry! Secured my place in pro for season 37 though due to wasted money I'll be a bit behind where I could have been next season.

Promo season it is - a few mistakes in the first half make it look a bit shaky but my first Pro win on my 100th race get things back on track. Looking to end the season with a string of podiums and take a happy confident driver into Master next season. A string of badly timed events messed up my plan. Still got promotion but the driver wasn't up to scratch for Master.

Ditched the driver i brought up from rookie and picked up a new (and better? I hope so!) one. Try to retain and hopefully keep my sponsors happy. If I can keep it together here it should see me back on track after S36 mistakes and the knock on effects