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Nom:Rick Queary
Pays: États-Unis
Date d'inscription:10 Juillet , 2011
Dernière activité: Hier à 22:18:48
Posts sur le forum:352  (Voir les posts)
Trophées GPRO: 0
Nombre de GPs:0 (1066)
Points marqués:0 (2087)
Victoires:0 (65)
Podiums:0 (172)
Pole positions:0 (50)
Meilleurs tours:0 (74)
Moy pts/GP: - (1.96)
Certificat: Le manager a réussi le test de certification GPRO ! (20 Juin , 2022)

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Premier GP: Saison 26, Course 6
Nombre de connexions:7625
Temps passé sur GPRO:14766.8 heures
Date de naissance: -
Lieu de naissance:-
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Situation personnelle:Marié(e)

Aperçu des données du jeu

Groupe:Pro - 9
Place saison:15
Argent: $??.???.???
Pilote: Jacky Herck (136)
Directeur Technique: Eric Collins (77)
Niveau global du staff:28
Pneus: Yokomama
Nom de l'équipe: Greenwood Racing GP
Position de l'équipe:138
Points de l'équipe:0


Herts (A62) - 30 courses
Ivory Seal (A62) - 22 courses
German Post (A62) - 20 courses
Heikenen (A62) - 5 courses
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Carrière de Rick Queary (Dernière mise à jour: 18 Février 2022, 04:09:38)
making it to Masters seems so long ago, but so far that's the highlight of my GPRO career. i'd like to repeat it and make it to Elite. it's good to have goals. i lasted in Pro for a number of seasons, but it's SO incredibly hard to make money there and BOOM, before you knew it i was back in AM. so the plan is to stay here a good while, seriously build up some finances and NOT get impatient. find the right driver, do lots of testing. and if i can time it right, promote from AM to Pro to Masters in consecutive seasons. lingering in Pro i don't think is beneficial.
i'm curious to know the % of those who have played this game compared to those who have made it to Elite (let alone those who have won the championship). i once saw a person who stayed in Master for over ten consecutive seasons - to me that may be more miraculous then someone who made it to Elite just one time.

biggest achievements for me are having never missed a race, never needing to "Holiday Mode" my account, and have been with the same grouping of teams for over 900 races (first team became a sister team to Greenwood Racing when i dusted off the green/white livery in season 39).

been a mentor to quite a few managers who also became friends. some of them went on to be with our teams.