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Nom:William Cairns
Pays: Afrique du Sud
Date d'inscription:3 Juin , 2008
Dernière activité: Aujourd'hui à 07:25:53
Posts sur le forum:372  (Voir les posts)
Trophées GPRO: 0
Nombre de GPs:2 (1165)
Points marqués:0 (2892)
Victoires:0 (110)
Podiums:0 (250)
Pole positions:0 (95)
Meilleurs tours:0 (111)
Moy pts/GP: 0 (2.48)
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Premier GP: Saison 9, Course 12
Nombre de connexions:15923
Temps passé sur GPRO:3140.5 heures
Date de naissance: -
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Situation personnelle:Marié(e)

Aperçu des données du jeu

Groupe:Pro - 15
Place saison:37
Argent: $??.???.???
Pilote: Naoki Hasemi (123)
Directeur Technique: Gavin LeFleming (90)
Niveau global du staff:19
Pneus: Yokomama
Nom de l'équipe: The Travelling Elderberries
Position de l'équipe:179
Points de l'équipe:36.2667


Whirlpoles (A19) - 29 courses
Sister (A19) - 18 courses
Hemmessy (A19) - 7 courses
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Carrière de William Cairns (Dernière mise à jour: 29 Octobre 2014, 05:14:25)

S31 - 17 wins from 17 races
15 Pole positions
8 fastest laps
Completed all Rookie Achievements
S25 - Pro
1 Podium, 18 points
First points in Pro for me, should have won the podium race but overcooked my part wear on Indianapolis Oval and smoked the last 5 laps losing the lead. (Still happy with result)

Season 24
7 Wins, 1st in Group, $53M at tend of season
20th win in 259th GP (Hattrick)

Season 23 - Amateur Retain Season
Finished the season with a 2nd and a 3rd.
Final season standings 8th, starting new seaosn with over $50M
Season 22 - Rookie Promotion season

10th win in 217th GP - and pole
9th win in 216th SP and pole
- 11th Pole in 215th GP - finished 5th :(
8th win in 214th GP - and 10th Pole
- 9th Pole in 213th race
7th Win in 212th GP - and started on Pole (8th)
6th Win in my 206th GP
- 5th Pole in my 153rd GP
5th Win in my 151st GP
- 4th Pole in my 150th GP (finished 2nd - overtaken 2 laps from end)
- 3rd Pole in my 149th GP
4th win in my 143rd GP - also 2nd pole ever
Season 21 - Rookie Reset 2nd season
- Doing well again - it has been a while since I last did well. The bigger team is doign really nicely.
- Finally got another Win - and fastest lap in same race - after doing a wet Q2 on hard tires - doh!
Season 17 - Pro
What a horrible season. My best result was 21st in the first race of the seaosn. By the 8th race I had decided to go back to Amateur as I was having no fun at all!
Season 16:

No more wins in the season - but was quite happy to be the 58th fastest if it was one race:
58. William Cairns Amateur - 48 + 0:27:24.276s
Third win in my 108th GP - nice driver = nice results :)
Got my second win in my 107th GP - but it looks like I have a good driver and I have hopes of greater things.
Got my first Win in my 78th GP :)
Season 13:

Had a slow start to the season - no points. Jumped teams early in the season to a team that really shares information. Thanks to Robs stats, and Steve's strategy I ended up scoring a few points late in the season - giving me a great opportunity to do welkl in Season 14.

Had the same driver since race 2 of season 12 - his skills are really starting to work for me.
Season 9: Finish 16th - Money - $32Mil

Found the game and started Race 12. Quickly understood the goal is to finish races. Read quite a bit in forums etc, got a new driver (MUCH too expensive), For race 16, Upgraded everything, sent my driver out with an aggressive strategy so that I could finish the season with championship points - got a 2nd. Hired a new driver as the other would have cost me TOOO much, and his payoff put me down in the -$32Mil area.....

Next Season, going for promotion, maybe a bit ambitious, but what the heck :)