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Name:Craig Freeman
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Manager career of Craig Freeman (Last updated: Aug 26th 2014, 15:54:41)
Season 43's aims:

. Promote to amateur

Personal Comments:

Really liking the new team. Still learning lots with the hawks and realising that I have been taking the wrong approach to the game this whole time. With what Im learning from my team I hope to make Pro and retain safely in 4 seasons or so.

Just finished race 1, didnt expect much competition at rookie but its harder than expected. Before race 5, first in season standings and wouldnt be surprised to win the cup this season. Looks like my group is easier than others and some early contenders are starting to slide down the grid. Presumably due to mot levelling out between managers. Got the chance to design a new team livery and banner which is in use now. Ill update again at the end of the season.

Season 42's aims:

. Sign a driver with potential *Done*

. Train my driver for a promotion next season *Done - sort of*

Personal Comments:

Been a while since I last played but Ive been thinking about the game lately and decided to play again now that I have a bit more time on my hands. Everyone I used to play with has retired, it has been 17 seasons. Im starting on race 14 so I have no ambitions other than to relearn everything, maybe join a team and start training a good driver I can run with into amateur.

Just signed a driver. It was pretty dry out there. Ideally would like a fair bit longer to train him for next season but I think he should do.
Looks like I will be able to retain him.

Joined The Race Hawks - should lead to some fun seasons.

Season 25's aims:

. To promote to Pro *failed*

. To promote with over 25 mill *kept 26 mill*

Personal Comments:

Im hoping to promote this season, 4th so far in Q for race 1 but that doesnt mean much. If I dont promote ill have lost 2 seasons work which will be annoying. This new slip streaming stuff just came in so that should be fun. Race 11 tomorrow; the new oval track. the wear is a bit of a question mark but it should be fine, atm im 6th in the group and 12 points behind 4th;its not too good. Need some high finishes to promote.

Disappointing 7th. I think Im going to take a break for a while so I can concentrate on some new ventures in real life.
Season 24's aims:

. To retain *Done - but I cant exactly boast on that one :p*

. To sign a good driver to promote with next season early *Done*

. To finish the season on over 20 million *Failed by 1 million*

Personal Comments:

Well im back on schedule :). Now just to try and hit my aims.
Season 23's aims:

. To promote *Done - came 1st*

. To have a good driver ready for race 1 *Done(signed from last season)*

. To finish with over 20 mill *Done - just*

. To enter amateur next season with at least 1 sponsor *Done - 2*

Personal Comment:

Last season was a cock up. This season I want to get back to amateur and do things right. At least my detour to here has provided me with what looks to be a fun season racing against my fellow team mate Alain Day. Looks like a group with stiff competition, well let’s see what happens in race one.

I was correct to an extent. Stiff competition from Alain and one or two others. As rookies go about average probably. Looks like ill be promoting with Alain from this group. A Clutch success. Also have found this fun racing againt Alain. good stuff. ( up to here written post race 8)

Yep - promoted, bit too easy but then its rookie. Amateur now, again, better not cock it up this time :)
Season 22's aims:

. To not relegate *failed*

. To sign a good driver early *failed*

. To come top 10 *failed*

. To gain some decent sponsors *failed*

^ feels good to write

Personal Comment:

After a a team change to Van Popta (which is a really good team) myself and a friend of mine decided to create a team together. Cant believe that I left a top 30 team with such great people in it but Im really looking forward to the team, should be a great laugh!

I ended up relegating back to rookie. The driver I signed at the start needed stamina training and for various reasons I wont go into for FOBY reasons it did not go well...after loosing all my money and signing a new driver to keep for next season I focused on sorting my money out which went fairly well, getitng me back into positive for the end of the season but I did terrible on season standings and back to rookie I went :(
Season 21's aims:

. Get at least 3 podiums *Done*

. Get my first win *Done (lots)*

. Come top 4 overall (done) (could have come 1st but I wanted good money for amateur
so crashed out for a while. I did have a 32 point lead at one point)

(got a good driver for once)

I wanted to finish with 20+ mill and finished with 50+ mill instead :D

Personal Comment:
I became the Leader of WarbiTech academy for the last half of season 20 and a bit of season 21 due to Dan's retirement ( I think I did a good job in my opinion as I helped everyone with drivers etc and personally helped every member (most of whom then promoted to amateur at the same time as myself, although after I moved to the first team a new leader took over from me and also helped out as much as I had done I think)

I was promoted to the WarbiTech 1st team in which there is not a lot to say, however they were also top blokes.
Season 20's aims (my debut season):

. Come top 10 in 5 races *Done*

. End on more than 20 points *Done*

. Learn all the little details about the game and its strategies -no-

. Get a podium *Done*

Personal Comment:
For a debut season I don’t think I did too badly. I had a lot of help in the basics from Toby Hazle ( and I learnt a lot from some of the other members of WarbiTech as well (

I joined WarbiTech academy which I enjoyed being in a lot. All the guys there are nice blokes.