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Toleman TG184
Name:Patrick Berthelot
Country: France
Joined:Mar 20th, 2008
Last interaction: Mar 1st 2015, 23:44:32
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First GP: Season 8, Race 10
Times logged on:2888
Time spent on GPRO:1291.2 hours
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Manager career of Patrick Berthelot (Last updated: Apr 15th 2011, 20:05:35)
Season 8 : Rookie 1 - Half season. Finished 24th with a best place in Adelaide : 10th. R. Moreno was really a bad driver.
Season 9 : Rookie 1 - First complete season. Finished 18th with 4 points scored in Zolder and Monaco. Very good improvments with strategy, a little bad luck, and another bad driver, R. Klien.
Season 10 : Rookie 1 - The major change was my signing with the HTS Team, that brought me a lot. My driver, D. Mansell, was a bit fast, but a bit fat ! Finished 12th with 20 pts and my first podium in Kyalami. Promoted to Amateur.
Season 11 : Amateur 9 - Alain Migault is really a brilliant driver. Kept improving with HTS's help and had 4 podiums more, and my ever first victory in Kyalami ! Finished in 4th place with 62 pts and promoted to Pro.
Season 12 : Pro 12 - Still with the same driver. Finished 13th with 8 pts. I reached my goal that was to maintain. Difficult season in a financial way.
Season 13 : Pro 12- Finished 10th, with 21 points and 2 podiums. Not bad. Alain Migault is still with me, keeping on improving. My staff also, with higher performings, and a TD. But still not satisfied with my financial results.
Season 14 : Pro 12- Classified 12th with 19 pts and a lonely podium. Alain is still here, and did a quite good season, given that I deliberately sacrified performance side to prepare next season.
Season 15 : Pro 12 - It was time for me to attack a bit to reach my goal : Promotion. It was a total success : I finished 3rd with 55 pts. Only 2 podiums, but very regular results in the top 8 all season long. Thank you, Alain Migault !
Season 16 : Master 4 - Ouch ! What a terrific level ! Really hard to survive there. Finished 26th and first relegated with 4 points scored. I am a bit disapointed, but very proud. G. Bertaggia was a good driver, and I've learned a lot. Next time in Masters will be the good one.
Season 17 : Pro 11 - The most disappointing seasons since I played. The non existent motivation of my driver and my too cautious strategy led me to relegation. It will be difficult to do worse ! I must pull myself together ...
Season 18 : Amateur 63 - Everything went wrong, that season. I scored a single point and never was a danger for other managers. I believe my driver, G. Westbury, was not the good one to make me perform. The last 2 seasons were really disappointing for me, after a really good beginning of career. I have to wake up, now !
Seasons 19 and 20 : Amateur 63 - During 2 seasons, I've been trying to promote, but it was each time a failure. I probably made a mistake with my choice of driver, and with my global strategy. I changed it all at the end of the season and it seems much better, now. I hope this try will be the the good one.
Season 21 : Amateur 63 - At least, I found the right driver. With 4 wins and a second place in the final ranking, I had a very successfull route, especially as I have saved a lot of money to prepare next level. The progress of my team were also remarkable. Of course, I promote and hope that the road to success is here again !
Season 22 : Pro 16 - I just can't understand what happened. I spent the whole season long trying to maintain, and couldn't even score one point, in spite of using rather high risks. I dropped my bank account down and never was able to improve my staff and facilities. This season is, with season 17, the worst of my career. The Pro level seems to be much too high for me, for the moment.
Season 23 : Amateur 41 - Ouch ! I nearly had another horrible season, due to another very bad choice of driver. Luckily, I fired him on time, and had a real good one to replace. Thanks to that, I reached easilly enough points to maintain, which was my goal. Unfortunately, my money did not raise as high as I expected, and I am obliged to let my driver go, because of his OA, too high....
Season 24 : Amateur 41 - I have a long term plan to succeed in GPRO. I have to earn enough money in the Amateur level to jump from Pro to Masters in a few times. So I will stay 1 ou 2 seasons more here. So, my bank account is growing up, my driver Marco Paletti was good enough for what he had to do, and the 6 points I scored were enough to make me stay calm.