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Name:Davi Queiroz
Country: Brazil
Joined:May 21st, 2012
Last interaction: Today at 14:42:41
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Number of GPs:0 (93)
Points scored:0 (200)
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First GP: Season 31, Race 1
Times logged on:7066
Time spent on GPRO:5971.9 hours
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Relationship status:In a relationship

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Group:Rookie - 110
Season position:17th
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: None
Tech D: None
Staff overall:3
Tyres: Pipirelli
Team name: Silly Gamers
Team position:1753
Team points:0


Deutsche Telecomms (R110) - 7 races
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Manager career of Davi Queiroz (Last updated: Jun 17th 2022, 22:44:55)
Hi. I'm Davi A.K.A. The Brazilian Petr Cech (thanks for that Sam) :D

Oh well, here I am. In a new world.

S31 (Rookie - 336): First season here. Trying to do my best, learn about the game and at least get some points, even a podium.
Achieviments: Newbie (Finish one race in points), Rookie newbie (Finish one Rookie group race in points).

ACOMPLISHED: 14th place with 8 points, but no podiums :(

S32 (R-366): Trying to get better and better in this game, let's see how it goes in my second season here (doesn't even finish half of the
season = facepalm).


S40 (Rookie - 351): After one and a half year absent from the game, I'M BACK SCUMS!!
Well, I had some personal problems, and after I've got into these, I've decided to come back to GPRO, since I met a lot of good fellas here and I love this game so much.

ACOMPLISHED: 3 Pole Positions, 1 Podium (2nd place) and 41 points (8th overall). Nice!

S41 (R-351): Second season back, going for my 50th GP and maybe my first victory on the game.

ACOMPLISHED: Nothing, pretty much :P. I hope I do better next season.

S42 (R-351): Going for my first win (for real, this time), and also trying to get better in some silly games (lost the F1FG title in a N00B mistake).

ACOMPLISHED: Five wins and a promotion. Pretty good :)

S43 (Amateur - 61): Since it's my first time in amateur, I'm trying NOT to fail and retain.

FAILED, back to Rookie :(

S44 (Rookie - 299): Well, back to square one, and it's going to take a loooooong time for me to promote again. Better get used to stay here :P


Forum Games Championship

FGC VII (Winter 2020) - 6th place
[FGC VIII (Summer 2021) - 1st place
FGC VII (Winter 2022) - 8th place

Hosted Games

GPROguessr - S1 is just starting: /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=30774#scroll - Join now!
Survivor GPRO
F1 Forum Game - S111, S123, S133, S138, S147, S154, S200, S208, S226, S228
Closer is Better - S8
Who is the Killer? - S19 (The FIFA Scandal)
NBA Elimination Challenge - Beta Season
NBA Playoffs Challenge - 2021, 2022

GPRO Oscars Wins

Best Silly Game: S49 (Who is the Killer?), S78 (F1 Forum Game S200)

Silly Games Wins (not counting F1 Forum Game)

Guess the Fastest Lap - S13
Single Resource Strategy - S2
NHL Losers Prediction Pool - S1
Month of Football - S4
International Strategy League (ISL) - S4
GPRO Stock Exchange - S2
Premier League Fives - S4 League Cup
Closer is Better - S7 Team Title w/ Kyle at Jun's Love Handles
Football Forum Game - S1, S3 and S5 League 1 Title w/ Leeds United
F1 Power Racing - 2025 (Individual and Team Title w/ Ricardo at BMW )

F1 Forum Game Stats (up to the end of S146):

Seasons played: 41
Championships won: 8 - S110 , S122 , S132 , S137 , S146 , S153 , S199 , S227
Team Titles: 12 - Williams (S132, S153, S155 w/ Kyle, S137 w/ Michał), Alfa Romeo (S110 and S146 w/ Marty, S112 w/ Doru), Ferrari (S114 w/ Doru), Toyota (S122 w/ Dominik), Maserati (S171 w/ Joseph), Lancia (S172 w/ Cristian), Token (S227 w/ Ivelin)
Total Wins: 106
Total Podiums: 223
Total Points: 3219

Most wins in a Season: 12 (S144)
Most podiums in a Season: 18 (S137, S146)
Most points in a Season: 199 (S137, Former F1FG record)
Most points by a Team in a Season: 377, w/ Michał (S137, Former F1FG record)