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Name:Muhamed Hussein
Country: Singapore
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Manager career of Muhamed Hussein (Last updated: Jun 7th 2016, 06:40:06)

Mid S53

Ayy im back in the game lads

S45-Mid S53


S44 and S45
I was not motivated for the running of the whole season and as a result i decided to retire for the rest of the season. However, i will join back in a new rookie group as soon as the next season starts. It started with me inexplicably missing out 2 races in a row and i decided to call it quits for the season and retire from the season.

EDIT: Due to the workload i had in real life, i had to stop playing this temporarily and i do not think i will be able to play the next season. If i can i will back as strong as ever :D


It could have been a wonderful season ,however, for some reasons, i managed to forget about doing 2 races and the repercussions will be quite heavy. i missed out on getting a podium season finish (or whatever). i lost an estimated amount of 13 million just from missing 2 races assumiing that im finishing 8th and this is not including the 5 mill bonus for S44. my balance really tumbled and affected my performance for my races that were following after those 2 races that i missed. Nonetheless, im in amateur and i just expect to just be able to be close to relegation but still managing to hold my foot on amateur. i do not want a repeat of relegation in my record ever again.


No comments actually. Horrible season. Leaving this aside, i am looking forward for the new prospects of the next season where i conquer this string of horrendous failures in amatuer by doing well in the rookie season next season.... again.

Driver: Damon Calado (
Total points: 0
Highest position attained: 15th
It was a comfortable season where i actually got 1st in my group for the first time in my GPRO career. Well, it couldnt have been possible if not for the ''ayrton senna'' manager that deleted his account after 4 races. he scored a win in every single race for the first 4 races including setting the fastest lap and pole position for all 4 races he participated before he mysteriously deleted his account at his prime. without this turn of fortunes, i wouldnt have become first in my group. all my targets were met except for the target of having a first fastest lap in this game which i am still struggling to get even after 4 seasons of GPRO has passed. Next season WILL be a challenge as i am anticipating after my blunder the last season and i have managed to save my financial resources and an apt car for the next season. i really hope i dont relegated next season.

Driver: Alberto Biondetti
Total points: 80
Highest position attained: 1st


This season was remarkably disappointing with no points scored throughout the whole season and i was battling to not be in last position for every race this season. i even considered getting a position above 15 this season a miracle. well, due to this, i will be relegated back to rookie but at least i now know the expectations of amateur when i am in rookie next season and work towards it. several mistakes made last season also played a part in this season with more dire consequences. i wasn't able to do so well this season was due to financial difficulties and an unsuitable car for the whole season. Anyways, this season has changed the perspective of my thoughts about this game but hopefully things will change to the better :) and i am looking forward to the next season in rookie

Driver: michael davidson (
points: (0)
highest position attained : 12th
Position in Nation: 13th (it looks good but like alot of local players retired so....)


this season was a remarkable turn of fortunes when i have scored a massive total of 82 points, nearly 3 times more than the points i scored in S38 and S39 combined and several schoolboy mistakes has kept me form reaching further. such mistakes include not renewing the contract of my good driver b4 his overall 0A reached the Rookie limit and i spent way to much on the car parts.I have broke a few personal records in this season including my first win, my first podium, my first starting from pole and i nearly had scored points for every single race until a random mistake made me not score a point for 1 race, ruining my streak. Just hoping that next season will be a good challenge for me without getting relegated.

Driver: Mirca torcacello (
Total points: 82
Highest position attained: 1st
position in nation: 1st

Targets for next season:

-No relegation
-able to get at least a decent amount of money for the next next season
-at least one fastest lap
- try to get a decent amount of points



was a low-season where i did not score any consistent points. did not manage to have an average of 1 point in every race like how i achieved in my previous season and i hope that the next season will be more better for me.

Driver: Chris galica (
points: (12)
highest position attained : 5th (twice)
Position in Nation: 15th



off to a good start to this new game im playing but realised that the group i was in was not competetive (S37 R292) with more than half of the group not competing in Any race. hoping to be in a more competetive group in the next season

highest position attained :5TH (once)
highest position in nation: 12th
total points 17
average: (1)
Driver: jon jelley (