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Name:Robert Kearney
Country: England
Joined:Dec 3rd, 2008
Last interaction: Today at 03:02:43
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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs:10 (1179)
Points scored:16 (2054)
Wins:0 (66)
Podiums:1 (164)
Pole positions:0 (92)
Fastest laps:0 (56)
Avg pts/race: 1.6 (1.74)
Certification: The manager has passed the GPRO certification test successfully! (Sep 2nd, 2010)

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First GP: Season 21, Race 1
Times logged on:27459
Time spent on GPRO:6352.6 hours
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Relationship status:Single

Game data overview

Group:Amateur - 29
Season position:8th
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: Jac Magnussen (94)
Tech D: None
Staff overall:29
Tyres: Pipirelli
Team name: Force One
Team position:75
Team points:261.3831


Avom (P21) - 25 races
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Manager career of Robert Kearney (Last updated: Apr 26th 2014, 00:40:45)
Season 21 - Rookie 68
Race _1 - Finished 8th Had no clue what i was doing. Still pleased to score my first point against experienced guys.
Race _2 - Finished 18th Car blew up as my settings on risks in previous race obliterated the car. ( Lesson Learned !)
Race _3 - Finished 6th Another set of points
Race _4 - Finished 1st At Monte Carlo.... My first win, first podium and thought Gp was easy. I found out later I was wrong!
Race _5 - Finished 6th
Race _6 - Finished 15th and last..random puncture !!
Race _9 - Finished 2nd Good strategy in the rain gets another podium ( Joined Team Rainbow 2)
Race _10- Finished 4th
Race _11- Finished 15th Very unfotunate to crash into a wall on the first corner ! ;) No Money !!
Race _12- Finished 7th
Race _13- Finished 6th
Race _14- Finished 5th
Race _15- Finished 7th
Race _16- Finished 4th Decent fuel strategy..wrong tyres !
Race _17- Finished 2nd Decent fuel strategy..Decent tyres... Another Podium although lapped by Aaron.

Season 21 - Finished 5th Managed 12/17 Points finishes

Points: 54
Wins: 1
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 4
Team: Team Rainbow 2 although thats likely to change very shortly ! Kicked out due to refusal to follow team orders on picking my driver 23/9/10
Cup: W 1 L 1

1st = Monte Carlo
2nd= Fuji, Singapore
3rd = None

Season 22 - Rookie 68
Joined Hesketh Data Team..... Hopefully they can beat Team Rainbow 2 !!

Race 1 - Finished 11th First pole but car was outclassed and poor fuel/tyre strategy...Disappointing result
Race 2 - Finished 4th Another pole, did well in rain, slower on dries. Good finish on low risks.
Race 3 - Finished 5th I chose a one stop, should have been a 2 stop. Still, in the points again on low risks.
Race 4 - Finished 13th Poor result but had 2 random pitstops for...wait for it..... loose wheelnuts !?
Race 5 - Finished 12th Pole again. Fastest car by far for 17 laps but got a random technical when my cooling was only at
61% so put it down as another random.
Race 6 - Finished 3rd Started 2nd..finished 3rd. Podium but won by a guy on first race who smoked !!Finished on 1 litre of
fuel..pheww, Close !!
Race 7- Finished 5th Another good finish after a blown part while in third and was on zero risks too.
Race 8- Finished 1st Pole, 11th quickest in Rookie Qualifying. First win for Hesketh. Very close race, Won on pits and decent strategy..close though :)
Race 9- Finished 1st Pole, 4th quickest in Rookie. Post to post win in the wet, no randoms !! :)
Race 10- Finished 1st Pole, Well thought out race and took the win with few problems. A Threepeat !!
Race 11- Finished17th Pole, attempted crash which didnt work, High wear too.
Race 12- Finished 1st Pole, Easy win from start to finish
Race 13- Finished 2nd Pole, Greatest race to watch. Rain started and i was gaining on Jouko at 2 secs per lap. Rain stopped though.
Race 14-Finished 2nd Pole, Deja Vu from the previous race. Stuck with Jouko for 2/3 of the man won....Not Me !!
Race 15-Finished 1st Pole to Finish Victory, fastest lap-- Grand Slam !!
Race 16-Finished 1st Pole to Finish Victory, Ran Mediums so no fastest lap. 2nd win in two races at Monte Carlo.
Race 17-Finished 1st Pole, back to 7th on Whiting start, won the race easily as it stopped raining after 3 laps. Another threepeat.

Season 22 - Finished 2nd Managed 13/17 Points finishes

Points: 105 (159)
Wins: 7 (8)
Podiums: 10 (13)
Pole Positions: 13 (13)
Fastest Laps: 6 (10)
Team: Hesketh Data (Finished )
Cup: W 3 L 1

1st = A1, Barcelona, Zolder, Indianapolis, Imola, Monte Carlo (2), Melbourne
2nd= Yas Marinas, Silverstone
3rd = Irrungattakottai

Mission achieved : Beat Team Rainbow2 and got promotion.

Season 23 - Amateur 10
Hesketh Data Team

Race 1 - Finished 12th Debut Amateur race. Started 21st..No risk race, one stop, decent start and strategy. Gained 9 places.
Race 2 - Finished 11th, started 18th..... Very little risk on a one stop. Rain came later then expected.
Race 3 - Finished 31st thrown race to reduce motivation for driver resign.
Race 4 - Finished 39th Ditto, but mission accomplished....Back to racing again :)
Race 5 - Finished 4th. Started 3rd- great qualifying and driver was fast in the rain for first am Points. Safe. Mission accomplished.
Race 6 - Finished 8th Sneaked a point on low risk due to survival in amateur last season. Pleasing.
Race 7- Finished 10th Started 3rd zero risk race and promising result
Race 8- finished 10th started 2nd and although on high risk the car was not quick enough to cope with 3 (slow!) pitstops
Race 9- Started 12th, finished 11th, fairly standard strategy, top cars getting very fast now !
Race 10- Start 6th, finished 35th start line crash, unintentional but grateful for it as little car wear ensued.
Race 11- Start 27th ..finished 29th. Car got to the end but smoked and reduced motivation of the driver as hoped.
Race 12- Start 5th, finished 19th..atempted start line crash which failed. Got fastest lap, car finished like something in the "wacky races" with 99% wear everywhere !!
Race 13- Pole, finished wear almost all at 99% but also got the fastest lap ( 2 in a row )
Race 14- Start 8th finished 31st, another good race to reduce driver.
Race 15- Started 10th finished 6th.
Race 16- Another wet race for my demon rain driver. Started 4th but finished top, FIRST AMATEUR WIN :)
Race 17- Started 4th, finished 4th, possible chance of a win but the car smoked and blew the chance.

Season 23 - Finished 9th Managed 5/17 Points finishes

Points: 24 (183)
Wins: 1 (9)
Podiums: 1 (14)
Pole Positions: 1 (14)
Fastest Laps: 2 (12)
Team: Hesketh Data ( Finished 161st)
Cup: W 5 L 1

1st = Laguna Seca (USA)
2nd= None
3rd = None

Mission achieved : Stay up in Amateur

Season 24 - Amateur 10
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: To achieve promotion to Pro this season and have at least 60 million while doing it :)

Race 1 - Started Pole, finished 14th wrong tyre choice, slow car..wake up call to a new season.
Race 2 - Started 2nd, finished 1st. Hard tyres with highish risk won the race easily.
Race 3 - started Pole, finished 11th. Matt took over my car while I was away skiing. Going well a random while in first cost places.
Race 4 - Started 3rd, finished 1st. Matt turned things around, another win and excellent strategy for tyres and pitting.
Race 5 - Started Pole, finished 5th. Poor tyre choice, too many pits, risk of 30 CT only used.
Race 6 - Started Pole, finished 1st. soft tyres at low temp, held the lead for 13 laps.
Race 7- Started Pole, finished 3rd. podium so happy but wrong tyres hards on 1 stop better than my 2 on mediums.
Race 8- Started Pole, finihed 2nd. Wet race, fastest lap, disappointed not to win
Race 9- Started 2nd, finished 1st. Part dry/part wet driver is good in the rain so cleared up here.
Race 10- Started Pole, finished 5th. Came out 2nd after pitting then a random on the next lap, good recovery from 18th.
Race 11- Started 2nd, finished 22nd. High wear so just atte,pted to finish, car smoked for 35 laps.
Race 12- Started 2nd, finished 1st. Medium tyres with 2 stops was accurate strategy for this race.
Race 13- Started 8th, finished 3rd. Medium one stop, car slow and still secured a podium.
Race 14- Started Pole, finished 3rd. Soft tyres but medium/hard were better, another podium though undeserved.
Race 15- Started Pole, finished 1st. Faultless race, only not leading for 3 laps.
Race 16- Started Pole, finished 1st, fastest lap (Amateur Hat-trick) wet race 65 CT risk.
Race 17- Started Pole, finished 1st, Fairly easy win, other drivers in saving mode.

Season 24 - Finished 1st Managed 14/17 Points finishes

Points: 114 (297)
Wins: 8 (17)
Podiums: 12 (26)
Pole Positions: 11 (25)
Fastest Laps: 3 (15)
Team: Hesketh Data ( Finished 85th)
Cup: W 5 L 0 Won the season Cup

1st = Interlagos, Imola (2), Barcelona (2), Silverstone, Spa, Suzuka, Estoril, A1 Ring (2)
2nd= Magny Cours, Monza, Nurburgring.
3rd= Montreal.

Objective partly achieved.... Achieved promotion with $ 54 million.

Season 25 - Pro 4
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: To stay up and hopefully keep my driver for a further 17 races !!

Race 1 - Started 6th, finished 10th, wet race but poor pit stop cost many places. 5 Driver errors too :(
Race 2 - Started 10th, finished 7th. Dry race, poor qualifying as softs chosen. Good pit strategy, First pro points.
Race 3 - Started 4th finished 4th. Poor pit 2 cost me several places. Slow near the end. safe in pro in debut season.
Race 4 - Started 6th finished 36th. Attempted to reduce driver motivation, reduced by 71.... mission achieved.
Race 5 - Started 7th finished 37th, Attempted start line crash to save wear, successful. Driver resigned for a further 17 races :)
Race 6 - Started 12th, finished 21st. Disappointing race both in qually and race speed. Easily overtaken by slower guys.
Race 7- Started 7th, finished 3rd. First Pro podium, lucky with rain strategy but a very good race overall.
Race 8- Started 2nd, finished 33rd. Qualified quick on extras to secure low finish to resign driver.
Race 9- Started 3rd, finished 26th. Job done Driver signed for a further 32 races now.
Race 10- Started 9th, finished 8th. Softs and competitive. top guys are out of league now !!
Race 11- Started 17th, finished 19th. Going well, podium on the cards, random technical meant an extra pit stop.
Race 12- Started 17th, finished 20th. My worst ever race I feel. Fuel spot on but got blocked to hell on hard tyres.
Race 13- Started 14th,finished 10th. Acceptable but was blocked severely at the start, poor pit cost a point finish.
Race 14- Started 7th, finished 13th, Decent race, in the points until a Driver error and then smoked near the end.
Race 15- Started 7th, finished 9th. Risky extra soft strategy in a wet/dry race lottery. Good result but overfuellled at start
Race 16- Started 15th, finished 14th. tried one stopper, great fuel and tyre calcs. Mot dropped 20 which is disappointing.
Race 17- Started 7th, finished 19th. New engine blew up at 21%. At least it recharges over the break so I have it for 3 more races.

Season 25 - Achieved the aim of staying up with 14 points. Resigned my driver. Struggling with motivation and finances now too. You must finish top 10 to retain motivation but this takes a level 6 car which cannot be afforded unless you finish top 10.
Top 4 this year are streets ahead of the rest of the group.

Points: 14
Wins: 0
Podiums: 1
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 0
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 104th)
Cup:W0 L1

1st = None
2nd= None
3rd = Zandvoort.

Season 26 - Pro 4
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: I have my driver for this season and a decent car will try to retain my driver for a further 17 races after such a poor close season dropped his OA to near the 135 Maximum. I will try to retain for a further season. Hoping to finish top 10 in pro this season and push on to promotion next season. Hope is often determined by luck though and my hopes may change mid season !! :)

Race 1 - Started 5th, finished 14th, High risk so a poor start to the season.
Race 2 - Started 1st, finished 10th. Took a risk on dry tyres, rain started too soon :(
Race 3 - Started 2nd, finished 1st. Drivers favourite track, Fastest Lap, safe again this season :)
Race 4 - Started 4th, finished 25th. Poor race, risks not high enough, car problem cost a few places.
Race 5 - Started 6th, finished 7th. Points finish and decent race strategy on mediums. last race for a while.
Race 6 - Started 9th, finished 23rd. Reducing driver by race 7,needed to finish low, kept sponsor happy.
Race 7- Started 2nd, finished 38th. Mission achieved, Driver resigned for a further 17 races, nuff said !
Race 8- Started 20th, finished 20th. Double pit random cost another top 10 finish.
Race 9- Started 4th, finished 21st. Car problem a fair way out (not expected) cost a top 10 finish.
Race 10- Started 16th, finished 6th. Good race, hard tyres and one stop moved into points pretty easily on high wear track
Race 11- Started 5th, finished 14th. Car problem with engine cost points.
Race 12- Started 35th, finished 20th. On holiday, Wayne qualified on wrong tyres. Car smoked too.
Race 13- Started 30th, finished 10th. Poor set up but raced well on low risk on high engine wear track.
Race 14- Started 9th, finished 3rd. Another podium so happy but done on high risk :(
Race 15- Started 7th, finished 12th. Should have gone 2 stops instead of 3 as tyres were at only 49%
Race 16- Started 5th, finished 5th. Good race overall on only 69 CT and rain came too soon.
Race 17- Started 9th, finishied 11th. Disappointing race with too many stops again. My own fault though.

Season 26 - Achieved the aim of staying up with 24 points. Resigned my driver for a further season too. Happy with the season although I need to push for promo in Season 27 or I will lose my driver !

Season 26 - Points: 25
Wins: 1
Podiums: 2
Pole Positions: 1
Fastest Laps: 2
Team: Hesketh Data ( Finished 34th)
Cup:W1 L1

1st = Poznan (FAV)
2nd= None
3rd = Buenos Aires.

Season 27 - Pro 4
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Simple--- Promotion !! If this is unlikely I will first need to ensure retention and then start looking for a new driver to train up ready for a push to Master. Well thats the plan anyway :)

Race 1 - Started 5th, finished 2nd fairly high risk but podium finish and excellent fuel calcs.
Race 2 - Started 3rd, finished 2nd another highish risk race, played "tail" gunner to Will successfully, excellent fuel calcs.
Race 3 - Started 4th, finished 10th Car was too slow on high risk so disappointing.
Race 4 - Started 1st, finished 10th Great Qualifying but lost 4 positions on the start and got blocked
Race 5 - Started 9th, finished 6th Race in the rain so got some well earned points as my driver does not have flippers.
Race 6 - Started 8th, finished 2nd Great for driver motivation, nice one stop strategy
Race 7- Started 3rd, finished 10th got to 1st place with great pit stops, smoked 6 laps from the end, took some risk on parts.
Race 8- Started 1st, finished 9th Poor start dropping 4 places, got back to 3rd then hit a car problem (unexpected)
Race 9- Started 2nd, finished 4th 2 stop, driver error on last lap dropped 2 places and cost a podium.
Race 10- Started 1st, finished 1st. Pleasing win on low risk, Andrius smoked though and gave up his ten second lead.
Race 11- Started 1st, finished 3rd Lost the lead 3 laps from the finish due to unexpected gearbox failure (91%)
Race 12- Started 4th. finished 1st Gained a penultimate lap win in a weather lottery.
Race 13- Started 1st, finished 4th Grabbed a 4th in rain race on a gamble of not changing tyres to dry 3 laps from the end
Race 14- Started 2nd, finished 1st Wet start, if rain had stopped one lap earlier i would have needed an extra stop.
Race 15- Started 2nd, finished 2nd Followed Z man around and pit crew could not overturn the deficit, lost by 5 seconds.
Race 16- Started 1st, finished 2nd Went 3 stops and lost out on start line to Dragan on Fav track and a 2 stop strategy.
Race 17- Started 2nd, finished 14th Expected smoke on zero risk, still 8th quickest until engine blew up :)

Season 27 - Points: 89
Wins: 3
Podiums: 9
Pole Positions: 9
Fastest Laps: 6
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 32nd)
Cup:W0 L1

1st = Melbourne(2) Shanghai, Laguna Seca(2)
2nd= Bucharest Ring, Zolder, Brands Hatch, Mexico city, Interlagos.
3rd = Suzuka

Season 28 - Master 3
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Simple--- Retention !!

It will be very hard to achieve this at such a high level. Driver is decent but is now 31 so will be looking to get early points and look to get another driver ready for training at this level. A challenge this season to say the least !! But I am up for that challenge .. its what makes GPRO so addictive ;)

Race 1 - Started 8th finished 15th first Master race and wet.... Happy with 15th in the end.
Race 2 - Started 7th, finished 12th. Dry race and risks not high enough to get points, good strategy though.
Race 3 - Started 13th finished 10th. A further wet race and my Driver is not quick in the wet. Decent result.
Race 4 - Started 3rd, finished 4th. Pedal to the metal here in search of points to sign a new driver. Achieved 4th..mission accomplished.
Race 5 - Started 21st, finished 25th New Driver needs much training..went high risk to see what he could do.... Not much :(
Race 6 - Started 27th, finished 25th Went zero risk with the same result as previous race. Must build up stamina now
Race 7- Started 37 finished 29th. Intentional smoking at Indy... engine at 89 finished at 99%. Happy with that.
Race 8- Started 27th finished 27th. Random at the start cost matbe 15 places, much quicker though.
Race 9- Started 27th, finished 23rd. High CT and cooling went seven laps from the end... Not expected, cvost 3-4 places.
Race 10- Started 16th, finished 39th. Last. Start line crash on high CT but only 'overtake where possible'. Disappointing.
Race 11- Started 8th, finished 5th. Drivers FAV track.... pushed to the limits to remain safe, spot on fuel and tyres. Safe !!
Race 12- Started 23rd finished 27th. safe so foot off the pedal. ran LOW risk so acceptable in the end.
Race 13- Started 23rd finished 22nd. Miscalculated my fuel. needed an extra lap on each stint. Elementary error.
Race 14- Started 22nd, finished 23rd. Pitted one lap short again. Unforgiveable ! I hate the lack of overtaking at Monaco
Race 15- Started 11th, finished 22nd. Disappointing on high risk push. 2 DM's cost 9 places.
Race 16- Started 27th, finished 15th. 2 stop softs, just about made it on high risk. Last push race this season.
Race 17- Started 25th, finished 19th. 1 stop slow strategy on xero risk ... smoked as expected from lap 53/67. Happy

Season 28 -
Points: 9
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 1
Team: Hesketh Data (Finished 93rd)
Cup:W0 L1

1st = None
2nd= None
3rd = None
Not Unexpected to be fair ! LOL

Season 29 - Master 3
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Simple--- Retention again !! and resign my new driver (Hutchinson)!!
Race speed last season was not as high as I expected but I changed my driver to a younger version..youngest in my group. This will have obvious experience issues too. Have I bitten off more than I can chew..Lets see :)
Got Little Will in my group this season so will be very interesting comparing strategies etc.

Race 1 - Started 25th, finished 19th. Cruising around waiting to re-sign my Driver after race 4. A compound too low.
Race 2 - Started 25th, finished 8th. First retention point. Unexpected. 3 great pits moved me up into points.
Race 3 - Started 36th, finished 32nd. Still awaiting driver re-sign. Expected engine smoke on lap 55, gained 5 Mot LOL
Race 4 - Started 22nd, finished 20th. Ran extras low risk. Driver motivation low enough for resign.
Race 5 - Started 17th, finished 16th. Rain affected, poor strategy, lost motivation after resign too.
Race 6 - Started 7th, finished 8th. Used the extra motivation well, scruising around in 4th. Loose wheel nut saw me drop to 8th. Looking difficult to get retention now. Annoying. more dropped motivation too.
Race 7- Started 9th, finished 15th. Good qually but poor finish. Motivation falling quickly :(
Race 8- Started 11th, finished 24th. Random and season looks over now on a race I was pushing.
Race 9- Started 25th, finished 25th. Gained mnotivation gone. Season over. Relegation accepted.
Race 10- Started 33rd, finished 21st. Good race but too late !
Race 11- Started 22nd, finished 19th. Acceptable as parts are reducing, no money left either.
Race 12- Started 27th, finished 26th. Cruising around trying to finish at 90%
Race 13- Started 32nd, finished 28th. Ditto.
Race 14- Started 33rd, finished 20th. Good rain strategy as I did not change to wets for the last 2 laps.
Race 15- Started 26th, finished 26th. Final race with this driver. New one bought for pro and beyond LOL :)
Race 16- Started 38th, finished 38th. appalled by the performance... not got the patience for a season of this..asked for reset..granted !!
Race 17- Started 38th, finished 38th. Terrible race, brand new parts... 2 randoms, then engine blew up too. Doesnt matter this race.

Got my driver resigned as hoped but he was not up to it. Unlucky in race 6 as I might have scored enough for retention. Only pushed for about half a dozen races this season. Unlucky if I am fair. Could have been a different picture altogether. At leaast I know I can cope with Master level. First blip in my GPRO careeer. Lets see if I can rebuild and come back stronger :)
Got a rebuild on my hands as I decided to reset and start afresh. Terrible season.

Season 29 -
Points: 2
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 0
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 113th)
Cup:W0 L1

1st = None
2nd= None
3rd = None

Season 30 - Rookie 81
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Get driver train up and stay low enough to keep driver for rookie promotion next season.

Race 1 - Started 21st, finished 19th. Zero risk cruise, many drivers already smoking after one race LOL
Race 2 - Started 12th, finished 15th. Still a zero risk cruise, tried 2 stop extras... one lap short ;)
Race 3 - Started 17th, finished 11th. Zero risk drive around, lots of testing, money management is still very decent.
Race 4 - Started 18th, finished 7th. First points this season, first of many more for this driver ;) Easy no risk race again.
Race 5 - Started 15th, finished 4th. More points but pushed a bitmore to see what the driver could do... not much ;)
Race 6 - Started 15th, finished 5th. Easy strategy,overfuelled in case of rain. It worked, three stopped where others did 4 or 5.
Race 7- Started 13th, finished 5th. Wet weather gamble, running 0CT, car not quick, strategy fine.
Race 8- Started 4th, finished 18th. Zero Ct again, got a test account a random !
Race 9- Started 6th, finished 12th. Driver still not cutting it but using very Low risks. Pitted one lap short or probably 7th.
Race 10- Started 8th, finished 4th. Driver motivatioon has improved, so too start position..
Race 11- Started 4th, finished 3rd. Driver motivation still reaping dividends. Highish CT for Rookie though.
Race 12- Started 1st, finished 1st. First race win since pro, so a long time coming.
Race 13- Started 1st, finished 3rd. Reduced CT risk substantially to reduce driver motivation.
Race 14- Started 3rd, finished 12th. Driver is quick enough now, keeping motivation low enough to re-sign him. 5 pit stops !
Race 15- Started 14th, finished 4th. Cruised around on a one stop with zero risks.
Race 16- Started 3rd, finished 14th. Smoked a large portion of the race so acceptable.
Race 17- Started 1st, finished 1st. Didnt expect this, I smoked 24 laps and still won :)

Very easy season... just cruised around and trained my driver up ready for promotion push in season 31.

Season 30 -
Points: 54
Wins: 2
Podiums: 4
Pole Positions: 3
Fastest Laps: 0
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 79th)

Cup:W1 L1

1st = Laguna Seca (3), Kyalami.
2nd= None
3rd = Mexico City, Buenos Aires.

Season 31 - Rookie 81
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Train, train, train. Promotion pure and simple with 60 million in the bank.

Race 1 - Started 2nd, finished 2nd. Raised risks a little as I knew lots of guys would be using higher risk. Tested too.
Race 2 - Started 17th, finished 24th. Smoked race, multiple pit stops...reducing motivation.
Race 3 - Started 3rd, finished 23rd. Another driver demotivation race, finished 23/23, dropped 7 motivation.
Race 4 - Started 5th, finished 26th. Attempted and completed start line crash. Driver re-signed, racing again ;)
Race 5 - Started 2nd, finished 2nd. Decent race given we ran on oly 9CT.
Race 6 - Statted 2nd, finished 1st. In the lead lap 1 to 79... finished on 9 litres so overfuelled slightly.
Race 7- Started 1st, finished 11th. Gearbox started 84%, expected to smoke but not on lap 8 ;)
Race 8- Started 1st, finished 1st. Wet race, right up my drivers street, easy win after dropping to 8th before the rain arrived.
Race 9- Started 1st, finished 5th. 3 stop extra softs but too many wobbly laps.
Race 10- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Well beaten today by Joao, low risk strategy gets decent points.
Race 11- Started 3rd, finished 1st. Dropped to 7th on lap 1, worked way through the field.
Race 12- Started 1st, finished 5th. Poor fuel and tyres ran short on extra soft. Blocked to hell this race.
Race 13- Started 9th, finished 1st. Forgot to run wet tyres in Q2, Driver still quick enough in the wet though.
Race 14- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Decent race and good strategy but seriously slower on 19Ct than guys on 49CT.
Race 15- Started 1st, finished 1st. Got lucky as I risked changing onto hards in the rain after stint 1. Finished 0% fuel too !
Race 16- Started 1st, finished 1st. Joao smoked to give me the race, was second quickest in this race.
Race 17- Started 1st, finished 15th. Decided not to replace gearbox so expected smoke lost the race and the title.

Season 31 -
Points: 100
Wins: 6
Podiums: 10
Pole Positions: 9
Fastest Laps: 5
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 100th)

Very easy season... poor start as i tried to be clever and ended up getting OA above that needed for a re-sign.Took a while to get the OA back under 85 so was 36 points behind the leader. Did plenty of testing and have a decent driver for retention in amateur. Achieved promotion as expected but failed to achieve £60 million more like £49 million.

Cup:W0 L1

1st = Adelaide, Yas Marina, Imola (3), Silverstone (2), Brno, Ahvenisto.
2nd= Zolder, Montreal, Suzuka, Paul Ricard.
3rd = None.

Season 32 - Amateur 59
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Stay up in amateur and build up some decent money keeping driver under 110 OA for re-sign.

Race 1 - Started 18th, finished 4th. Great start. Correct strategy and pushed for points on only a level 3/4 car.
Race 2 - Started 25th, finished 21st. Throttling back now in order to re-sign my driver. Slow though on medium risk.
Race 3 - Started 9th, finished 11th. Surprisingly high finish as I went softs instead of extras on medium risk again.
Race 4 - Started 22nd, finished 18th. Low risk slow motivation reduction.
Race 5 - Started 6th, finished 7th. Attempted push to make the season safe in rain race.
Race 6 - Started 21st, finished 17th. 0CT rained all race. Driver looks decent in the wet.
Race 7- Started 16th, finished 28th. Good motivation drop on 0CT.
Race 8- Started 16th, finished 17th. 0CT on softs again.
Race 9- Started 12th, finished 8th. WTF ! Running zero CT and I end up with a point.... huh ?
Race 10- Started 14th, finished 21st. Another zero CT race but sponsors not happy !
Race 11- Started 17th, finished 13th. Ran 29Ct to try to keep sponsors happy. Small mot gain too.
Race 12- Started 19th, finished 26th. Zero risk again and after training managed to get driver to 110 and resigned.
Race 13- Started 8th, finished 15th. Driver resign boosted Quallies. Not enough risk here to get points. ALL !!
Race 14- Started 6th, finished 5th. Pushed a bit more here to see what we can do..... Pretty Good tbh.
Race 15- Started 9th, finished 8th. Low risk medium tyre cruise, easy points really.
Race 16- Started 4th, finished 8th. Low risk extra soft race.
Race 17- Started 14th, finished 22nd. Expected smoke on zero risk race to end the season.

Season 32 -
Points: 14
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 0
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 44th)
1st = None
2nd= None
3rd = None

Achieved retention after race one, or so I thought. 10 points were needed to stay up in this group. So I needed to re push later on in the season. Driver is better now so should be competitive in season 33.

Cup:W2 L1

Season 33 - Amateur 59
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Push for top 8 finish but keeping driver under 110 OA again and sign up for first season in pro hopefully in season 35.

Race 1 - Started 4th,finished 7th. First points of the season but ran highish risks here too.
Race 2 - Started 4th, finished 10th. First mistake, underfuelled while in 7th place so finished out of the points.
Race 3 - Started 4th, finished 15th. Zero risk gradual motivation reduction. Expected lower than 15th on this strategy.
Race 4 - Started 3rd, finished 30th. Expected smoking engine at zero risk but got a warning from sponsors.
Race 5 - Started 9th, finished 12th. How on earth did I get 12th place on zero risk strategy ??
Race 6 - Started 4th, finished 18th. Small motivation drop but not much for zero risk. More drastic measures needed :)
Race 7- Started 26th, finished 28th. Mucked up Q1 on the wrong wingsplit. Not too costly, good mot drop and no sponsor warning.
Race 8- Started 8th, finished 29th. Another zero risk race with expected electronics part failure. Finish between 25th to 29th, target achieved :)
Race 9- Started 3rd, finished 28th. Zero Risk. Bad tyre blister random.
Race 10- Started 6th, finished 33rd. Expected part failure (Rear wing) Warning from sponsors. Driver re-signed.
Race 11- Started 3rd, finished 2nd. Push for points needed as not enough were earned at season start. safe for another season
Race 12- Started 3rd, finished 14th. Zero risk again to reduce Driver OA for new season extension to 34 races.
Race 13- Started 4th, finished 14th. Cruising at zero risk with no driver mot drop at all :(
Race 14- Started 4th, finished 24th. Sidepod part failure expected. Zero risk again.
Race 15- Started 7th, finished 24th. Cruise again, still keeping sponsors happy too for some reason.
Race 16- Started 6th, finished 34th. Pushed for a fastest lap as parts at 99%. Not achieved lol ;)
Race 17- Started 8th, finished 31st. Expected smoke and crash and burn achieved. OA at for the season reset.

Season 33 -
Points: 10
Wins: 0
Podiums: 1
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 1
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 215th)

1st = None
2nd = Magny Cours
3rd = None

Retention achieved after driver was re-signed. Season reset dropped driver to 109 close..but close enough to re-sign.
Now for a push to pro although David will be stiff competition. Finished 14th... Not sure of some promotion drivers tactics as some were negative balance so might have promoted "accidentally". Decided to play it safe.
Cup:W1 L1

Season 34 - Amateur 59
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Going for promotion this season pure and simple ! Aiming for $90 million too.

Race 1 - Started 7th, finished 9th. Lottery race, gamble failed. Guys above did Whiting start... I didnt. :(
Race 2 - Started 4th, finished 1st. Pushed risks up here. Fastest Lap and was fastest around the track too..Deserved Win.
Race 3 - Started 3rd, finished 5th. Random while in the lead, then car part failure onder 90% - still got fifth. Happy .
Race 4 - Started 2nd, finished 2nd. Pushed all the way, couldnt do any overtaking on an easy overtake Silverstone ! Huh ?
Race 5 - Started 4th, finished 3rd. Another podium here but a little disappointed in the result.
Race 6 - Started 1st, finished 5th. Random puncture dropped us from 2nd to 22nd got back to 5th, Certain podium otherwise.
Race 7- Started 1st, finished 1st. Pole to win race, hat-trick achieved here too but on high risk/
Race 8- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Quick race but on reducing risk, Ron was quicker on pits, that was the difference .
Race 9- Started 1st, finished 1st. Won this race easily but lucky with weather change. Four poles in a row :)
Race 10- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Dropped risks a bit. Well beaten by Miko who was much quicker and high risk? Achieved amateur executor.
Race 11- Started 2nd, finished 2nd. Lost to Miko today, absolutely obliterated but he was on higher risks !
Race 12- Started 3rd finished 3rd. Weather lottery race, lots of weather changes, lost to much higher risk.
Race 13- Started 1st, finished 3rd. Still reducing risks to save wear but still gaining podiums.
Race 14- Started 2nd, finished 1st. Miko not racing here so a bit of a cake walk. Wasted CT risk really.
Race 15- Started 2nd, finished 4th. Reduced risk in order to see out the season.
Race 16- Started 5th, finished 21st. Expected engine smoke which happened 2/3 of the race, zero risk cruise.
Race 17- Started 2nd, finished 25th. Nearly got to 90% race but missed by a few laps.

Season 34 -
Points: 103 (won the group)
Wins: 4
Podiums: 11
Pole Positions: 6
Fastest Laps: 5
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 74th)
Cup : W 4 L 0 won amateur cup this season 14-1

1st = Paul Ricard, Anderstorp, Slovakiaring, Kaunas,
2nd= Silverstone, Valencia, Fuji, Ahvenisto,
3rd = Irrungottukottai, Fiorano, Yas Marina,

Achieved aim of promotion, not retained driver yet, I have a couple of races to do that in pro. Achieved 90 million with point money and team money to come. Should end up about 90 million too. Lets see if its enough :) Had 91 million after reset, got to resign my driver after reset as OA dropped to 135...Perfect !!

Season 35 - Pro 10
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Easy... Retain my pro spot keeping money at 90 million or so hopefully.

Race 1 - Started 4th,finished 2nd. Season aim already accomplished- Safety ! Had to push hard but used high Motivation from Amateur.
Race 2 - Started 15th, finished 13th. Dropped risks after race one. Decent finish but got sponsor warning lol
Race 3 - Started 14th, finished 11th. Further CT risk drop so another fine race. Strategy is decent this season. Motivation still falling though.
Race 4 - Started 19th, finished 20th. Risks dropped again, cruising around.
Race 5 - Started 24th, finished 30th. Very poor race, medium risks. One random made a further pit stop necessary.
Race 6 - Started 8th, finished 32nd. Daft mistake here, thought I had downgraded sidepods.... I hadn't so inevitable smoke for half the race.
Race 7- Started 17th, finished 14th. Worst race of the season, higher risks used but hard overtake track meant very little progress.
Race 8- Started 12th, finished 11th. Pushed more here but hard overtaking here made progress problematic.
Race 9- Started 13th, finished 20th. Difficult overtaking, part failure 4 laps from end and wet. Not ideal for Dunlops.
Race 10- Started 12th, finished 10th. Too much tyre wobble here. Got up to 5th on stint one. Lost ground to Yokos when it went wet though.
Race 11- Started 7th, finished 5th. Pushed risks on a bit here to ensure safety. Good motivation so decent qualifying.
Race 12- Started 11th, finished 15th. Reduced parts so had to push a little bit to ensure sponsors are kept happy. Setting. Up for next season.
Race 13- Started 8th, finished 16th. Massively reduced risks. Reduced engine/ gearbox levels. Gearbox finished 99 % so useful planning.
Race 14- Started 19th, finished 24th. Low risk lottery race. 4 driver errors which is worrying.
Race 15- Started 22nd, finished 13th. Good improvement but went on a one stop slow strategy.
Race 16- Started 19th, finished 13th. Another one stop strategy hard tyres on low risk again.
Race 17- started 20th finished 8th. Got a point on 19 ct in a smokers race.

Season 35 -
Points: 13
Wins: 0
Podiums: 1
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 0
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 66th)
Cup : W 0 L 1 first round exit

achieved retention in my first season back in pro. Money dropped though as it is only $ 67million and I wanted 90 million. Not cheap in pro to say the least and still be competitive.

1st = None
2nd= A1 Ring,
3rd = None

Season 36 - Pro 10
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Retain my pro spot keeping money at 70 million or so hopefully.

Race 1 - Started 13th, finished 9th. All dry race after wet qualifying. Medium risk so pretty promising.
Race 2 - Started 9th, finished 13th. Medium risk, 2 stopper on softs, went to plan
Race 3 - Started 5th, finished 16th. Driver OA at 136 ready for resign. 3 driver mistakes in the wet on medium risks.
Race 4 - Started 1st, finished 4th. Driver mot at 147, resigned a further 17 races. First points of the year.
Race 5 - Started 6th, finished 15th. Wet race, another disappointment on a 190 talent driver.
Race 6 - Started 10th, finished 3rd. First podium of the season at Ahvenisto, ran high risk to ensure safety. Objective achieved.
Race 7- Started 9 th, finished 2nd. High risk to see what we are capable of. It looks promising.
Race 8- Started 4th, finished 1st. Wow, managed a win at Monte Carlo on a one stop soft strategy at only 44CT, difficult overtaking.
Race 9- Started 2nd, finished 10th. Low to medium risk again, poor race though.
Race 10- Started 6th, finished 25th. Indy Oval, so ran engine into ground but electronics failed first.
Race 11- Started 22nd, finished 12th, wet race and 7 driver errors on 49CT, not promising for wet races.
Race 12- Started 14th, finished 9th. On that driver mot drop again which spoils gpro. Could not afford points either.
Race 13- Started 12 th, finished 9 th. trying for money but no points....perfect !
Race 14- Started 2nd, finished 4th. Extra softs on 39 Ct does the business against less durable Yokos.
Race 15- Started 4th, finished 13th. Extra softs on zero ct, trying to lower Driver OA again, did better than hoped.
Race 16- Started 10th, finished 14th. A further zero CT cruise but lots of smokers so doing far too well. Mot needs to drop more quickly.
Race 17- Started 9th, finished 21st. Smoked out last race and dropped motivation without losing the sponsor lol

Season 36 -
Points: 32
Wins: 1
Podiums: 3
Pole Positions: 1
Fastest Laps: 0
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 93rd)
Cup : W 2 L 1 Podiums

1st = Monte Carlo (3)
2nd= Anderstorp
3rd = Ahvenisto

Aim achieved with 87million in the bank before the reset. Should be about that after tax and team money etc. Decent season just need to retain my driver for my push to Master next season.

Season 37 - Pro 10
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Driver is ready for promotion this season, Am I ?? Lets see ;)

Race 1 - Started 12th, finished 14th. Easy street, ran around on medium tyres one stop. Still in holding pattern to re-sign driver.
Race 2 - Started 17th, finished 18th. Cruising around and hoping to drop motivation to zero. Lost sponsor though.
Race 3 - Started 10th, finished 19th. Last race here, couldn't finish higher as I needed to retain my driver, CT of only 9.Mission achieved.
Race 4 - Started 4th, finished 10th. First race back after re-sign. Not as competitive as hoped. Poor strategy though, did 3 stop.
Race 5 - Started 2nd, finished 6 th. Still not competitive, car was only 26 th best level in group, building driver motivation though.
Race 6 - Started 3rd, finished 2nd. Pushed car hard and took a risk with strategy. Jose beat me on last lap at his fav track.
Race 7- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Medium high risks, two second places running, happy with that.
Race 8- Started 2nd, finished 2nd. Soft tyres chosen, two laps wobbling, another decent result.
Race 9- Started 3rd, finished 1st. Blitz risks here run by Mikey while I was away. After proving the car will withdraw risks now.
Race 10- Started 2nd, finished 15th, first random this year, wings broke lap 16. Risks reduced to avoid gaining more points.
Race 11- Started 5th, finished 18 th. very low risk here (29CT) and still got reasonable race finish.
Race 12- Started 2nd, finished 4th. Ran medium risks here to maximise tyre choice. Decent result on those risks.
Race 13- Started 2nd, finished 15th. Low risk and hard tyres but over fuelled for some reason.
Race 14- Started 3rd, finished 6th. Rain stopped sooner than expected and I had to change tyres, dropped from 3rd to 11th. My Weather predictions are terrible.
Race 15- Started 2nd, finished 6th. Medium risks again. Went extras but should have gone softs. Another rookie error.
Race 16- Started 13th, finished 13th. Medium risks on hards but rain came 2 laps after I had pitted. Not expected really.
Race 17- Started 2 nd, finished 12th. Medium risk smoke out, came on lap 52.

Season 37 -
Points: 46
Wins: 0
Podiums: 4
Pole Positions: 1
Fastest Laps: 0
Team: Hesketh Data (finished 78th)
Cup : W 3 L 1

1st = Melbourne (3)
2nd= Estoril, Hungaroring, Indianapolis.
3rd = None.

Aim : Original aim not achieved but simply because I could retain my driver for a further season. Got
plenty of points when I pushed but put the brakes on when I was safe and decided to follow a different route.
Confident I can push on this next season S38 and certainly get promotion, but that will depend on
who else wants to promote

Season 38 - Pro 10
Hesketh Data Team
Aim: Driver is ready for promotion this season. I Have to promote this season or its get another driver :)

Race 1 - Started 1st, finished 2nd. Pushed very hard in race 1. Lots of quick guys but Jose wil be serious competition as expected this season.
Race 2 - Started 6th, finished 4th. Reduced risks slightly, guys I am racing on explosive risks, hoping for podium though. Wrong tyre choice- mistake.
Race 3 - Started 1st, finished 1st. Extra ccp from testing paid dividends here. Went high risk, a little wobbling but decent strategy on extras.
Race 4 - Started 4th, finished 1st. Went hard tyres here, slower but more durable. Only 6th at lap 15, got to first lap 21, nice pit, never relinquished the lead.
Race 5 - Started 1st, finished 1st. Pole to pole, sounds like a Michael Palin tv title ! Got ahead of traffic and stole the win ahead of Jose.
Race 6 - Started 1st, finished 3rd. Pole to third, not the same ring to it. Wet race though and stuck on mediums against others on softer compounds. Well beaten here.
Race 7- Started 1st, finished 1st. Ran long stints on hard tyres and held onto first place the whole race. Satisfying win on reduced CT risk too. Nice strategy.
Race 8- Started 1st, finished 3rd. Outpaced here by Erwin, pure and simple. Overfuelled a bit but no excuses.
Race 9- Started 1st, finished 5th. Put in the wrong fuel, thought it was a 55 lap was a 56 lap one. Rookie mistake cost me a 2nd place.
Race 10- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Beaten by Jose, so no pride hurt there ! Slow pit but was generaly slower the whole race so didnt deserve the win. Highish risks.
Race 11- Started 4th, finished 2nd. Gambled on all wet strategy on medium ish risk (79CT) as it was raining. For once weather played into my hands.
Race 12- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Gambled a bit and fuelled long in the wet and for the dry. Managed a one stop on medium risk and got 2nd after being as low as ninth.
Race 13- Started 1st, finished 3rd. Quickest car in the field, got fastest lap. Not sure I could do 3 stop and went 4 stop. A bad mistake in strategy cost 2 places. 3 stop was possible.
Race 14- Started 1st, finished 2nd. Thought I would win this, car tuned on track but Erwin went a different strategy. 3 slow pit stops cost the win in the end.
Race 15- Started 5th, finished 25th. Long slow attempt to drop motivation. Zero risk here.
Race 16- Started pole, finished 18th. Smoking gearbox but was expected.
Race 17- Started 2nd, finished 22nd. Miracle gearbox recovery but failed again on lap 33/72

Season 39 - Gave up with this race by race commentary.