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Name:Tianhao Chen
Country: China
Joined:Dec 10th, 2008
Last interaction: Today at 11:51:47
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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs:14 (1272)
Points scored:28 (3041)
Wins:0 (110)
Podiums:2 (250)
Pole positions:0 (95)
Fastest laps:0 (103)
Avg pts/race: 2 (2.39)
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Fast facts

First GP: Season 12, Race 7
Times logged on:18341
Time spent on GPRO:4719.6 hours
Birth date: -
Place of residence:-
Relationship status:In a relationship

Game data overview

Group:Pro - 7
Season position:7th
Money: $-?.???.???
Driver: Fabrizio Capello (151)
Tech D: Robert Fouche (97)
Staff overall:43
Tyres: Yokomama
Team name: Phantom Racing ™
Team position:46
Team points:368.0002


Wilsux (P7) - 15 races
SLG (P7) - 12 races
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Manager career of Tianhao Chen (Last updated: Apr 16th 2021, 09:12:40)
First Race: Spa GP (Season 12 Race 7)
First Pole Position: Hungaroring GP (Season 12 Race 8, My 2nd Race)
First Point: Hungaroring GP (Season 12 Race 8, My 2nd Race)
First Podium: Hockenheim GP (Season 12 Race 9, My 3rd Race)
First Win: Sepang GP (Season 12 Race 15, My 9th Race)
First Fastest Lap: Interlagos (Season 14 Race 5, My 33rd Race)

First Amateur Race: Kyalami GP (Season 13 Race 1, My 12th Race)
First Amateur Pole Position: Laguna Seca GP (Season 13 Race 3, My 14th Race)
First Amateur Point: Laguna Seca GP (Season 13 Race 3, My 14th Race)
First Amateur Podium: Fuji GP (Season 13 Race 15, My 26th Race)
First Amateur Win: Interlagos GP(Season 14 Race 5, My 33rd Race)
First Amateur Fastest Lap: Interlagos GP(Season 14 Race 5, My 33rd Race)

First Pro Race: Kyalami GP (Season 15 Race 1, My 46th Race)
First Pro Pole Position: Spa GP (Season 18, Race 6, My 100th Race)
First Pro Point: Kyalami GP (Season 15 Race 1, My 46th Race)
First Pro Podium: Istanbul GP (Season 15 Race 9, My 54th Race)
First Pro Win: Imola GP (Season 16, Race 9, My 71th Race)
First Pro Fastest Lap: Interlagos GP(Season 18 Race 17, My 111st Race)

First Master Race: Monaco GP (Season 20 Race 1, My 129th Race)
First Master Pole Position:
First Master Point:
First Master Podium:
First Master Win:
First Master Fastest Lap:


Season 12--------Rookie - 19
First Race: Spa (Q7/R10)
First Pole Position--------My 2nd Race (Season 12 Race 8, Hungaroring)
First Points---------------My 2nd Race (Season 12 Race 8, Hungaroring)
First Podium-------------My 3rd Race (Season 12 Race 9, Hockenheim)
First Win-----------------My 9th Race (Season 12 Race 15, Sepang)

Final Result: Races: 11, Points: 56. Pole Positions:9, Podiums:6, Wins:1, Fastest Lap:0, Average pts/race:5.09(1st), Final Position:3rd (Promote to an Amateur Group)
Summary: 3 times bad strategy of tyres, lost about 10 points. Tyre puncture in home race(Shanghai), lost my second win, very bad luck. Not bad as a Rookie Player.


Season 13--------Amateur - 22

First Pole Position--------My 14th Race (Season 13 Race 3, Laguna Seca)
First Points---------------My 14th Race (Season 13 Race 3, Laguna Seca)
First Podium-------------My 26th Race (Season 13 Race 15, Fuji)

Final Result: Races:17, Points:34. Pole Positions:2, Podiums:1, Wins:0, Fastest Lap:0, Average pts/race:2(8th), Final Position:8th
Summary: I was surprised to see that I'm in one of the most difficult group in Amateur group. Competition is very hard and we have lots of excellent players. It's difficult to promote in A22, but easier to retain group. Glad to have 2 poles and 1 podium in this group. Saved lots of money this season and it's okay for me to try to promote in Season 14!


Season 14--------Amateur - 22

First Pole Position--------Season 14 Race 3, Shanghai
First Points---------------Season 14 Race 1, Sepang
First Podium-------------Season 14 Race 1, Sepang
First Win-----------------My 33rd Race (Season 14 Race 5, Interlagos)
First Fastest Lap--------My 33rd Race (Season 14 Race 5, Interlagos)

Final Result: Races:17, Points:121. Pole Positions:10, Podiums:13, Wins:6, Fastest Lap:5, Average pts/race:7.12(1st), Final Position:1st(Promote to a Pro Group)
Summary: Find a great driver and sign him. He is also enough for Pro. This season for me is to promote. Don't care expenditures. Hope I can stay in Pro next season. Training drivers, updating facilities and also training staff. I was facing a financial problem during the season due to a wrong thinking of testing and facilities, but it seems not so bad after the season finished. The competition for the season champion is very hard and I got it at last. I'm very happy to be the champion of Amateur - 22 in Season 14. Upgrade car to Level 7 so that make it easier for me to stay in Pro.


Season 15--------Pro - 13

First Points---------------My 46th Race (Season 15 Race 1,Kyalami)
First Podium-------------My 54th Race (Season 15 Race 9,Istanbul)

Final Result: Races:17, Points:25. Pole Positions:0, Podiums:1, Wins:0, Fastest Lap:0, Average pts/race:1.47(10th), Final Position:10th
Summary: Once more, I'm in one of the hardest group again! Earn points cannot ensure my position in this group. Lost many points in Race 6 due to a wrong strategy of pit, I had once more than others. Should finish in 2nd. Change my strategy for this season to a long term one in Race 11. Hope I'm good luck in this season. Try to retain group. Also testing TD. 25 pts in the first Pro season. It's good.


Season 16--------Pro - 13

First Points---------------Season 16 Race 6, Oesterreichring GP
First Podium-------------Season 16 Race 9, Imola GP
First Win-----------------My 71th Race (Season 16 Race 9, Imola)

Final Result: Races:15, Points:17. Pole Positions:0, Podiums:1, Wins:1, Fastest Lap:0, Average pts/race:1.13(10th), Final Position:12th
Summary: When the new season starts, I'm shaked by the managers' list in Pro -13. I'm the 2nd not experienced manager in this group, and we have 2 GPRO crew in this group, and many other BIG NAME that I don't know! We also have managers from S.E.X Driver, Eli1st, and Martini, three of best teams in GPRO. This season in Pro - 13 must be very very hard. I'll just wait and see that's going on then. At least, for this season, I don't want to relegate. Season plan was getting a promotion, but after several races, I found that it is impossible and many of my races were ruined due to strategy problems and car problems. First scoring at Race 6 (should be at race 3 if no car problem). And the most strange thing is, I got a totally unexpected win from Race 9! First Win in Pro! The weather really helped a lot. Because I'm very busy for China Open and my study then, I didn't spend a lot time on it. Worst season ever for me in GPRO. Have to change season plan to maintain for next season and save money. Still facing the balance problem since season 15.


Season 17--------Pro - 13

First Points---------------Season 17 Race 2, Yas Marina GP
First Podium-------------Season 17 Race 8, Mugello GP

Final Result: Races:17, Points:12. Pole Positions:0, Podiums:1, Wins:0, Fastest Lap:0, Average pts/race:0.71(11th, tie), Final Position:12th
Summary: This season we have the tyre suppliers, which increased the cost of the season. The old tyres data are almost useless and we started to do testing and collect new data now. I faced very bad financial problem again and I don't have a good car. Season plan is maintaining in this group and saving money. Get a 4th place finished in Race 2, where I had 28th start grip, unexpectable one and that means I finish the goal to maintain. Financial condition seems much better after 8 races and I can use a level 5 car to get very good race result. Still collecting money for next season. Season plan achieved.


Season 18--------Pro - 13

First Points---------------Season 18 Race 1, Melbourne GP
First Podium-------------Season 18 Race 6, Mugello GP
First Pole Position--------My 100th Race (Season 18 Race 6, Spa)
First Fastest Lap--------My 111st Race (Season 18 Race 17, Interlagos)

Final Result: Races:17, Points:64. Pole Positions:1, Podiums:5, Wins:2, Fastest Lap:1, Average pts/race: .3.76(6th), Final Position:6th
Summary: This season is for promotion. Financial is the biggest problem for me. Other things are good. If achieved, I will be the FIRST CHINESE MASTER MANAGER. This is the most tough season ever, 6 people are fighting for 4 positions. We are always on the additional promotion list. Everyone is on very very high risk, so not that easy to score some points. I encountered money problem since Race 12, not sure whether I will promote or not. Didn’t achieve season plan, but have enough to promote next season.


Season 19-------Pro - 13

First Points---------------Season 19 Race 1, Sakhir GP
First Podium------------- Season 19 Race 1, Sakhir GP
First Fastest Lap-------- Season 19 Race 1, Sakhir GP
First Pole Position------ Season 19 Race 5, Melbourne GP

Final Result: Races:17, Points:97. Pole Positions:4, Podiums:10, Wins:4, Fastest Lap:8, Average pts/race: .5.71(3rd), Final Position:3rd(Promote to a Master Group)
Summary: This season is last chance for me to promote Master. Financial is still the biggest problem for me. I have a great driver but only 11 races with him so I will fight very hard in the first 11 races. After race 1, things seems great, I get everything expect the pole. I used the wrong tyre in Race 2's qualify 2 and it brings me a lot of trouble. But fortunately, I still finish on podium which is more than I expected! Race 3 and Race 4 are both blocked by my Chinese mate and I didn't get very good race result. In Race 5, I am in S/3 and successfully won the race. Mauro Pardi seems to be my biggest competitor and it seems we two dominate the races. He is much faster in qualify and I am always faster in the Race. Race 6 is one of the most difficult one. I had 6 drive mistakes but finally finished in 2nd place and also ahead of Pardi. I had great 11 races in the first half of the season, after 11 races, I changed a new driver. He is quite slow in qualify but extremely fast in race with 100 Risk! I got many good race result with him as well, but because I didn't score enough points for 2nd place, Dan-Radu replaced me as the 2nd place in Season 19 Pro 13. This is a successful season and I became the FIRST CHINESE MASTER MANAGER.


Season 20-------Master - 1

Current Result: Races:5, Points:0. Pole Positions:0, Podiums:0, Wins:0, Fastest Lap:0, Average pts/race: 0(17th), Current Position:23rd
Summary: Sign a new driver and a great TD. Season plan is maintain and get as much experience as possible. Race 1 got a 11th, so it seems master not that difficult. Change to very low level car and do testing, as well as train staff, driver and save money.

Retired in Season 22, will be back in Season 23


Season 21- Season 39

I am just too tired to update it here.


Season 40-------Amateur - 101

Final Result: Races:17, Points:52. Pole Positions:0, Podiums:5, Wins:2, Fastest Lap:4, Average pts/race: 3.06(4th), Final Position:4th
Summary: Season 40 is another build up season. Masami brings back its country win in Japan as well as the FP. He is growing quite fast and the team decided to renew him for the next season. Race 2 came to Yas Marina and Masami dominate the race again. 2 Testing made him stronger than he was. Race 3 in Anderstorp is very hard for the team since the weather there is very unpredictable. The team predicted that the rain would come but this was not happened. It seems the financial condition has improved a lot compared to almost all the past seasons, apart from Season 14. In Portimao, the team failed to calculated the correct fuel consumption and made a 4-pit in the race, but still got on the podium and the FP again. The Cup Standing was tied at that time and the team decided to win the Round 1 and push again in Race 5 and that brought a podium and the team moved on the Round 2 and the team signed a contract with Vistagies for 31 Races as its new sponsor. Race 6 to 8, the team slowed done and had some strategic mistakes and unexpected car problem during the race, but everything is still on the track. After a few discussion with the management team, it is decided that the team is going to promote in Season 41 and the team is preparing for it from Race 15. The team finally finished in 4th place and have made a great financial improvement during the season.


Season 41-------Amateur - 101
Final Result: Races:17, Points:142. Pole Positions:3, Podiums:14, Wins:12, Fastest Lap:14, Average pts/race: 8.35(1st), Final Position:1st
Summary: The team shows a great potential in the Race 1, winning a hattrick. However, team found that its engine cannot last for Race 2 and after serious discussion, the team decided to smoke in Race 2 and just finish the race. The team got back in Race 3 and decided to lower its risk again in Race 4. After those two races, the team found the right pace and the right risk and will keep doing it until the end of the season. After Race 5, the team got its new sponsor: Emersen Electric. Race 6 is the home race for the team, Masami helped the team to get a 2nd place and a Fastest Lap in Lap 55, and that helped with the team's financial situation a lot. The team kept its performance and get 9 straight wins and fastest laps from Race 9 to Race 17. This season is the best ever from almost any point of view of the team and the team gets back to Pro after 3 seasons of rebuilding for the first time.

At the end of Season 41, Tianhao is: No.1/No.13 in Most Sponsor Money in Amateur/Overall; No.17 in Big Race in Amateur; No.34 in Most Fastest Laps (82); No.37 in Most Achievements (158); No.45 in Most Wins (66); No.54 in Most Laps in Lead (3621); No. 76 in Best staff & facility (27)


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Season 42- Season 80

I don't have a motivation to make the update but I feel that it is a good habit to make some notes so I decided to update it again from Season 81.