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Name:Marcus Probert
Country: Wales
Joined:Jan 10th, 2009
Last interaction: Today at 16:09:48
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Number of GPs:10 (819)
Points scored:0 (1531)
Wins:0 (37)
Podiums:0 (119)
Pole positions:0 (69)
Fastest laps:0 (15)
Avg pts/race: 0 (1.87)
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First GP: Season 12, Race 15
Times logged on:14648
Time spent on GPRO:10804.2 hours
Birth date: -
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Relationship status:Seeing someone

Game data overview

Group:Amateur - 34
Season position:29th
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: Memo Duran (112)
Tech D: None
Staff overall:12
Tyres: Pipirelli
Team name: Jordan Racing
Team position:284
Team points:133.9167


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Manager career of Marcus Probert (Last updated: Feb 22nd 2022, 13:28:34)
My motto that I like to follow in this game:
Never give up, even through bad seasons.

Promotions and Amateur seasons:
Season 12 season position: 25th - 0 points (best finish 10th) - R-54
Season 13 season position: 26th - 0 points (best finish 14th x2) - A-39
Season 14 season position: 34th - 0 points (best finish 16th) - A-39
Season 18 season position: 4th - 52 points (best finish 2nd) - R-229
Season 19 season position: 33rd - 0 points (best finish 17th) - A-61
Season 20 season position: 32nd - 0 points (best finish 12th) - A-61
Season 21 season position: 5th - 71 points (best finish 1st x2) - R-133
Season 22 season position: 33rd - 0 points (best finish 12th) - A-46
Season 26 season position: 1st - 104 points (best finish 1st x3) - R-249
Season 27 season position: 23rd - 1 point (best finish 8th) - A-30
Season 28 season position: 12th - 7 points (best finish 4th) - A-30
Season 29 season position: 4th - 64 points (best finish 1st x4) - A-30
Season 30 season position: 39th - 0 points (best finish 20th) - P-10
Season 31 season position: 32nd - 0 points (best finish 11th) - A-40

Lead Lap: Season 17, Race 5, Lap 6 (22 laps)
Pole: Season 21, Race 9
Fastest Lap: Season 26, Race 15
Top 10: Season 12, Race 15 - 10th place
Point: Season 15, Race 1 - 6th place
Top 5: Season 15, Race 5 - 5th place
Podium: Season 16, Race 8 - 3rd place
Win: Season 21, Race 2

Amateur lead lap: Season 27, Race 17, Lap 1 (4 laps)
Amateur pole: Season 29, Race 7
Amateur fastest lap: Season 54, Race 11
Amateur top 10: Season 27, Race 1 - 9th place
Amateur point: Season 27, Race 8 - 8th place
Amateur top 5: Season 28, Race 2 - 4th place
Amateur podium: Season 29, Race 1 - 3rd place
Amateur win: Season 29, Race 8

Pro lead lap: Season 84, Race 7, Lap 6 (4 laps)
Pro pole:
Pro fastest lap:
Pro top 10: Season 79, Race 5 - 3rd place
Pro point: Season 79, Race 5 - 3rd place
Pro top 5: Season 79, Race 5 - 3rd place
Pro podium: Season 79, Race 5 - 3rd place
Pro win:

My descriptions of each season:
Season 12 - I must say i did quite well, starting 14th and finishing 10th, but then the next 2 races i had technical problems so I had to DNF those two races!
Driver: Carlo Columbo
Surprise promotion to Amateur!! :O
Summary: Need to learn the game more, but a good first race.

Season 13 - Aim: to stay in Amateur for next season, and to finish all the races!
After I promoted last season, I am in Amateur...
Driver: Carlo Columbo
I got promoted to Amateur and i created the Team of the Future, and started 32nd because i forgot to read the weather forecast and went out on the wrong tyres, but fought back to finish 14th! 2nd race, i did a little better in qualy, started 24th, finished 20th, 3rd race, typical race, finishing a couple of places up from my qualifying position, started 23rd, finished 21st, the 4th race i had an average qualy and an average race, starting 25th and finishing 22nd, in the 5th race i started 3rd from last in 27th but moved up a couple of places to finish 24th, also in this season i created the 2nd Snooker Tournament and joined a few other silly games, anyway, 6th race, nothing else to say but: started 27th, finished 26th, 7th race, i started 21st and finished 23rd, 8th race, a stunning Q2 gave me 18th on the grid i managed to grab 11th towards the end as opponents pitted, but then i pitted on the last lap and dropped to 17th, but it was my 2nd best finish in Amateur so far! 9th race: i started 23rd and finished 21st, then the 10th race: i made a meal of qualy starting 28th out of 30 then finishing 23rd out of 26/27 finishers, 11th race, started 26th, finished 26th and last :( 12th race, started 20th and finished 20th, 13th race of season 13 on Friday the 13th :-O i started 22nd and finished 21st, 14th race, i started 21st and finished 22nd, 15th race i started 19th and finished 19th, 16th race i started 17th and finished 20th, 17th race, another good Q2 gave me 15th on the grid, I then finished 14th!
Aim 1: Achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
I survived in Amateur! :)
Summary: Both aims achieved.

Season 14: Aim 1: To relegate with money. Aim 2: To complete all races. Aim 3: To score a top 20 finish
Driver: Carlo Columbo (16 races) Nigel Donnelly (1 race)
Story of the season: So now i've qualified for race 1 after surviving in Amateur by the skin of my teeth! Now to see what happens in the race... And i have a disasterous race, dropping from 17th to 32nd :( 2nd race i messed up badly... 27th to 30th, started 27th, finished 27th after being 11th for a few laps before pit 1, race 4, I started 20th and finished 25th, race 5, i forgot now where i started but i finished 24th, race 6, finished 35/36 :( race 7, started 34th, finished 30th, in race 8 i started and finished 25th, race 9 i started 36th/37 starters but finished 26th, race 10, started 35th, finished 24th race 11, started 25th, finished 21st, so close to goal 3 :( race 12, started 30th, finished 22nd, race 13, started 28th finished 19th, race 14, qualified 30th, put on wrong tyres for the race, (started on dries) finished 19th, race 15, finished 19th, race 16, started 30th, finished 16th, bought a new driver called Nigel Donnelly, race 17, started 29th and last, finished 17th
Aim 1: Achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
Aim 3: Achieved
Summary: EPIC FAIL for me, going back to Rookie.

Season 18: Aim 1: Score more than 100 points overall. Aim 2: Score 50 points in the season. Aim 3: Promotion
Good start to the season, a podium followed by a 6th
another podium
Aim 1: Achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
Aim 3: Achieved
Summary: Excellent season and promotion

Season 19: Aim 1: Score first Amateur point(s) Aim 2: Survive.
Aim 1: Not achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
Summary: Not a good season, I needed luck to retain but I got it, now I must improve!

Season 20: Aim 1: Survive. Aim 2: Continue training
Aim 1: Not achieved
Aim 2: Not achieved
Summary: Best season in terms of best finish in Amateur but still relegated.

Season 21: Aim 1: Score 50 points Aim 2: Train driver Aim 3: Promote with a lot of money
Aim 1: Achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
Aim 3: Achieved
Summary: Best season to date and an easy promotion with my first win and pole and a lot of money.

Season 22: Aim 1: Survive Aim 2: Train driver Aim 3: Improve money balance
Aim 1: Not achieved
Aim 2: Not achieved
Aim 3: Not achieved
Summary: I failed this season so I will reset to R 249.

Season 24:
Summary: New ventures start as I join Chaos Racing!

Season 26:
HOPEFULLY my last season in rookie!
Aims: Aim 1: Promotion Aim 2: Group champion Aim 3: Get 400 points in overall statistics Aim 4: Promote with 100+ points Aim 5: Have lots of cash to enter Amateur with! Aim 6: Train driver to be ready for Amateur
Story of the season: First race done, and season is looking promising, doing not quite as good as expected but still have a strong chance of promotion. After R2 leading the group championship, pretty happy atm. :) 3 podiums from 3 races, couldn't have hoped for much better :) R5 first win of the season and I have a commanding lead in the championship! :) Things are going according to plan atm :) One more point and I've won the group! :) Won the group comfortably, up to Amateur I go!
Aim 1: Achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
Aim 3: Achieved
Aim 4: Achieved
Aim 5: Achieved
Aim 6: Achieved

Season 27:
Back into Amateur!
Aim 1: Score a couple of points. Aim 2: Retain. Aim 3: Get myself into a good position for next season.
Story of the season: Started brilliantly, qualified 13th, finished 9th with a low level car! Scored my first Ama points at Race 8, woo hoo! With retention secured due to that point I began to start saving money late in the season, the 8th and a late 9th place had sealed my retention. Season finished now, so bring on Season 28! Oh, led a lap for the first time in Amateur! :)
Aim 1: Not achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
Aim 3: Achieved
Summary: Only got one point but that was all I needed to retain this season, and retention and improvement were the main aims, and they were achieved in mid season. So overall a successful season. :)

Season 28:
Push for promotion or hold back and retain?
Aim 1: Score some points. Aim 2: Improve my driver further. Aim 3: Top 10 in season standings.
Retention was achieved easily in Race 2, with a couple of points in Race 4 added for good measure, improving driver is proving a bit of a challenge while trying to keep OA below 110 and keeping motivation up. I decided against promotion for this season, I might push for a few more points before trying to save some money though, because maybe I can be top 10 in standings and get a nice bonus :) I wasn't top 10 but a decent season nonetheless, bring on Season 29!
Aim 1: Achieved
Aim 2: Achieved (a little)
Aim 3: Not achieved
Summary: A good season, I improved my finances again and got a sponsor and a decent place in the standings!

Season 29:
Time to promote.
Aim 1: Promote. Aim 2: End the season with over 80M. Aim 3: Improve car and Staff and Facilities.
Story of the season: A podium at the first race has set me well on the way to achieving my main goal for the season, promotion, can I keep this form going though? Another podium and things are looking rather good for me. Races 3-6 were bad races but got back to normal in Race 7 with another podium, then I won at Paul Ricard (Race 8), so happy! :) Won again, 2 in a row now! And 3 wins now, but I was very nervous at the end of this one, but pulled it off! :) Had a bad race 11 but got my 4th win of the season in Race 12, promotion to Pro is nearly mine! :D Promotion successful, but only just, despite 4 wins.
Aim 1: Achieved
Aim 2: Achieved
Aim 3: Achieved
Summary: A decent season for me, my driver punched above his weight and got the promotion despite only having about the 8-10th best OA in the group! :)

Season 30:
Can I stay in Pro?
Aim 1: Retain.
20th place, ok but not enough. Stupid start crash in Race 4 hurt my finances badly. I completely failed so relegating with some money hopefully :)

Season 31:
Rebuilding season?
Summary: Failed and now returning to rookie, something I had hoped I would not have to do.

Season 33:
Time to promote?
Aim 1: Promote
Aim 2: Have plenty of money in the bank
A decent start to the season, 5th place, I'll see if I can build on this. Have a new team now :) A poor race 3, but Race 4 has put me back on course :)

Stopped updating after S33, gonna start updating this again, might make it shorter and just keep important seasons in my career (Like those where I joined a new team) and update my stats, keep existing Amateur seasons in there but take out the Rookie seasons where I didn't achieve much. Also taking out my top 5s and podiums. Updating stats from S33-44). Also only keeping the cup runs managed in Amateur groups or above.

S73 and I'm back, the start of a project! I plan to take this driver to at least Pro! In S74 I joined a new team (Jordan Racing). S75 and I've made it into Amateur after a close fight for promotion in S74 (All credit goes to my team, without them I probably wouldn't have gotten most of those podiums late in the season), got a top 15 finish by virtue of an OBP in R8! Not completely out of the woods though, still a battle ahead! I say bring it on! A top 10 finish late in the season secured my retention with ease, and in a much better position overall than I was at the start of the season. S76 and got a good result early in the season, easing the nerves, a strong performance in the wet in the middle of the season solidifying my position in midtable. Got a couple of points finishes, one through a gamble that paid off and the other due to a well planned OBP! S77 and I am hopeful of some good results, a tyre puncture denying me a top 5 finish early in the season was disappointing but I know I will have more opportunities to score later in the season! Redemption a couple of races later with a 6th place finish! Midseason the rain season came along and I began to rack up the points, by the end I was even scoring in the dry and got a podium in R16! S78 could be a huge season for me! And it starts with a comfortable podium at the opener! 2 straight wins followed, and this is a dream start to the season for me! Got my first Ama hattrick in mid season with a well planned push race and finished 2nd in the group with a lot of cash to make an assault on Pro with! S79 and I need a new driver...

Wins: 10
Season 21: 2 (Races 2 and 9)
Season 24: 1 (Race 9)
Season 26: 3 (Races 5, 10, 14)
Season 29: 4 (Races 8, 9, 10, 12)

Poles: 21
Season 21: 5 (Races 9, 12, 13, 14, 16)
Season 23: 1 (Race 5)
Season 25: 3 (Races 4, 16, 17)
Season 26: 10 (Races 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17)
Season 29: 2 (Races 7 and 14)

Fastest Laps: 2
Season 26: 2 (Races 15 and 17)

Group championships:
Rookie 249 - Season 26
Rookie 251 - Season 51

Other GPRO achievements:
2nd in the R133 cup - S21 (Lost 3-0 in the final against O.Rasciukevicius)
Winner in the R249 cup - S23 (Won 2-1 in the final against S.Konakchiev)
2nd in the R249 cup - S26 (Lost 3-0 in the final against M.Krejci)

Other cup results:
Quarter finalist in the A30 cup - S27 (Lost 3-0 in the quarter final against K.Sephton)
Out in Round 1 in the A30 cup - S28 (Lost 2-1 in the 1st round against V.Toth)
Out in Round 1 in the A30 cup - S29 (Lost 2-1 in the 1st round against A.Vaf)
Out in Round 1 in the P10 cup - S30 (Lost 3-0 in the 1st round against A.Syroid)

I never thought I could make it to Pro so these are the people who have helped me along the way:
Everyone at Chaos (best choice in my career to join this team, brilliant bunch of guys who helped me massively)
Craig Mclean (helped me by supporting me and giving me some tips and advice, great friend :))

Silly games competed in:
F1 Forum Game (seasons 18-24, 26-39, 41, 44, 49-57, 59-61 and 63-65)
Best finish at the end of season: Champion in Season 57

FAE1: (seasons 1-10)
Champion x2! and 4th in S3, 2nd in S4, 5th in S5, 6th in S6, 9th in S7
Drivers Champion in S1 and S2
Teams Champion in S1, S2, S4 and S5
Enzo Ferrari Trophy with Sebastian Cucciardi in S4 and S5
Levegh Trophy Winner in S6 with Andrei Ciuchi and S7 with Greg Swaney
John Love Cup Champion in S9

Some stats:
Got the consistency and reliability award in Seasons 1-4 :o)

Quote ( Ben Gilbert @ October 3rd 2010,11:12:42 )

In thirty-two races, the Welshman finished every single time, and scored points in all but two, and while they were not especially good points, with only one podium in the first seven weekends, they all added up.

Longest finishing streak in the history of FAE :oP

GPRO Nations Cup: (Seasons 1-2)
Champion in Season 1
retired midway through Season 2

Season 5, B League:
in 6th place with 35 points for BAR
Season 6: Failed to qualify for the main race twice, 6th and 8th in the 2 Qualifying Races. Got a point.

Seasons 4-8:
At the back in season 4 but in top 5 of C league for season 5, season 6 I wasn't too competitive but in season 7, I was quite quick in D League, a few 2nd places to note!
Season 1: I had a late start, dropping me into M2. Promoted to M1! Now to get into top 15...
Season 4: I make my return... ...and retire again.

Nordic Combined:
Seasons 1-3:
Champion in Season 1, 2nd in Season 2, Season 3 is ongoing. Looking likely to take the title though.

Season 1: 2nd Season 2: 3rd Season 3: 5th/6th Season 4: Dunno Season 5: 2nd place, faded in the last 5th

F1 Racing:
Season 1: Champion! Hosting Season 2. Season 3: Not too bad, there's always next season. Season 4: 3rd atm.

Pit Racing:
Season 2: Leading with 247 points and the championship is looking increasingly likely. Champion.

Single Resource Strategy:
Season 15: Champion of SRS B League in debut season!
Season 16: Top Rookie in SRS A League.

Champion in:
F1 Forum Game
FAE1 Drivers Championship x2
FAE Constructors Championship x4
FAE Enzo Ferrari Trophy x2
FAE John Love Cup
GPRO Nations Cup
Nordic Combined
F1 Racing
Pit Racing
SRS B League

Yep, reallllly long career :P
Since i've rejoined the game, i seem to like playing silly games that I am terrible at XD