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Name:Brian Foley
Country: Ireland
Joined:Feb 20th, 2014
Last interaction: May 27th 2021, 05:07:12
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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs:0 (346)
Points scored:0 (763)
Wins:0 (24)
Podiums:0 (72)
Pole positions:0 (24)
Fastest laps:0 (12)
Avg pts/race: - (2.21)
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First GP: Season 40, Race 9
Times logged on:3680
Time spent on GPRO:758 hours
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Money: $?
Driver: None
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Manager career of Brian Foley (Last updated: Jan 13th 2021, 01:32:18)
"The Wet Weather Wizard"

Joined GPRO S40 R9

Joined Acadamite S40 R9.
Left Acadamite S41 R7 upon promotion to Larmite.
Retired S54 - S74

Amature (S44, S46, S47, S48, S49, S50, S51, S52, S76, S77, S78):

x1 Pole Positions:
S48 R4

x5 Wins:
S48 R7
S48 R9
S52 R6
S78 R16
S79 R15

x20 Podiums:
S47 R8 (2nd)
S47 R10 (2nd)
S48 R15 (2nd)
S48 R16 (3rd)
S49 R2 (2nd)
S49 R3 (2nd)
S51 R9 (3rd)
S52 R2 (3rd)
S52 R4 (3rd)
S52 R5 (2nd)
S52 R9 (3rd)
S52 R11 (2nd)
S52 R13 (3rd)
S52 R17 (3rd)
S78 R9 (3rd)
S78 R14 (3rd)
S78 R15 (3rd)
S79 R5 (2nd)
S79 R9 (2nd)
S79 R12 (2nd)

Rookie (S40, S41, S42, S43, S45, S75):

x23 Pole Positions:
S42 R14
S42 R15
S42 R16
S43 R5
S43 R7
S45 R1
S45 R2
S45 R4
S45 R5
S45 R6
S45 R8
S45 R9
S45 R10
S45 R12
S45 R13
S45 R16
S75 R5
S75 R6
S75 R10
S75 R12
S75 R15
S75 R16
S75 R17

x19 Wins:
S41 R17
S43 R5
S43 R9
S43 R11
S43 R14
S45 R4
S45 R6
S45 R8
S45 R9
S45 R10
S45 R12
S45 R13
S45 R14
S45 R16
S75 R3
S75 R5
S75 R6
S75 R14
S75 R15

x27 Podiums:
S40 R13 (3rd)
S42 R4 (3rd)
S42 R5 (3rd)
S42 R6 (3rd)
S42 R10 (3rd)
S43 R2 (3rd)
S43 R3 (2nd)
S43 R6 (3rd)
S43 R7 (3rd)
S43 R8 (3rd)
S43 R13 (2nd)
S43 R15 (2nd)
S43 R16 (3rd)
S43 R17 (2nd)
S45 R1 (3rd)
S45 R2 (2nd)
S45 R3 (3rd)
S45 R5 (3rd)
S45 R7 (2nd)
S45 R11 (2nd)
S45 R15 (2nd)
S75 R2 (3rd)
S75 R4 (3rd)
S75 R8 (3rd)
S75 R11 (2nd)
S75 R12 (2nd)
S75 R13 (3rd)
S75 R17 (3rd)

R.I.P. Leigh Gaskin Aug 7th 2014