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Tyrrell 012 - 1983
Name:Riley Morrell
Country: Australia
Joined:Apr 10th, 2009
Last interaction: Oct 16th 2015, 13:05:53
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Number of GPs:0 (310)
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Fastest laps:0 (11)
Avg pts/race: - (1.97)
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First GP: Season 14, Race 3
Times logged on:6723
Time spent on GPRO:2636.4 hours
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Relationship status:In a relationship

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Money: $?
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Season Recaps

Joined S14 race 3 so had most of the season to get the jist of it.
got a few good results and started to think about promoting

S15: consitent season with no great results, a few 3rds here and there, i was working my way up though

S16: started the season with 3 2nds in a row, a mid season collapse stopped me from promoting, i knew it was in me now,.

S17: incredibly consistent and scraped a promotion

S18: amateur with no money certainly isnt fun, back to rookie we go

S19: decided to find a young driver and build him from scratch got points right towards the end of season

S20: Promotion!! again, with not so much money.. but a lvl 5 car

S21: simply didnt have the power to match in amateur.. back to rookie.. again

S22: chose the wrong driver and it killed my season, epic fail.

S23: not so much of a fail, Joined Trolls at the start of the season, great place to be, driver sucked ass but got a 4th towards the end of the season :)

S24: again, average, not very good, left the trolls and GPRO for a while. back next season new team, new motivation.

S25: started off with a 2nd place and new this may just be the season, lost 11million due to driver compensation, so i'm training up my driver for a massive stab at it next season. End of Season: Massive screw up, didnt get into positive to go back into negative.. Very dissapointed in my self... but knowledge is getting higher and i believe in myself alot more :)

S26: found a driver that i can train up, getting good points in a training season, very happy how things are going and ready for promotion next season!

S27: finally i have promoted and with some money! :)

S28: Reatained with my point, now i hope to train this boy up for this whole season, ready for promotion in the next.

S29-31: Retired

S32: Came back! Joined Jordan (great lads) got a plan, train up my boy, promote next season

S33: Driver going well, just waiting for those high riskers to run out of money. then promote i go!