Andromeda Racing Club TOO

Stuart AlgerRichard Robin PauksonShersh KhandelwalMariel FernandezKaspar Marcus PauksonMark De La MontagneMehmet DonerBasile OsmanRichard Senior

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Team livery:

Team name: Andromeda Racing Club TOO
Team website:
Established: Season 45, Race 10
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 6,844.18
Average points/race: 16.10
Average points/season: 273.77
Average standings position: 324.68
Most points earned in one race: 29.13 (Season 63, Race 15)
Season position: 224
Season points: 147.9333
Team achievements:

10% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 0
Members brought to Elite: 0
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 3
Free spots: 1

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Stuart Alger Pro - 9 1.5% (9.5%)
02. Richard Robin Paukson Pro - 6 3.8% (8.8%)
03. Shersh Khandelwal Amateur - 14 23.4% (8%)
04. Mariel Fernandez Pro - 9 17.2% (7.5%)
05. Kaspar Marcus Paukson Amateur - 14 14.5% (6.7%)
06. Mark De La Montagne Amateur - 28 16.5% (0.7%)
07. Mehmet Doner Rookie - 20 8.7% (0.5%)
08. Basile Osman Rookie - 139 9.4% (0.4%)
09. Richard Senior Rookie - 186 5% (0.1%)

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Welcome to Team Andromeda Racing Club TOO

What we offer to our team members:
- A lot of past data.
- Active and motivated team players.
- A Friendly team atmosphere with good communication.
- Help and advice with any planning and decision making.
- Help and advice with car setup, strategy and drivers/TD.
- An external team forum (Team forum and Skype).

What we ask of you:
- To be an active Player.
- That you can communicate well in English.
- To be active in discussions on the team forums.
- To share data within the team (not looking for all of your old data).
- To be a team player, although you have complete freedom to pursue your own goals.

If you're interested, please send a message to Stuart via PM. Don't worry too much about the message. We would just like to know a little bit about you because we care about our team members:
- Who you are.
- Your interests.
- Why you would like to join our team.
- Hardest lesson you've learnt in the game.
- Most memorable experiences in the game.
- What your aspirations are, what do you want to accomplish in the game.

Applications to join the team without any communication will be rejected.