Jordan F1

Brad ParkHector MedellinAlexander RowlandsDiaconu AdrianCan YıldızSteven ListonYan Chen CheongKevin WarrenErki Mülhausen

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Team livery:
Team name: Jordan F1
Team website:
Established: Season 58, Race 1
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 8,594.83
Average points/race: 14.67
Average points/season: 249.34
Average standings position: 542.42
Most points earned in one race: 32.67 (Season 78, Race 10)
Season position: 278
Season points: 111.8001
Team achievements:

14% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 0
Members brought to Elite: 0
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 4
Free spots: 1

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Brad Park Pro - 5 6.8% (10.9%)
02. Hector Medellin Amateur - 25 22.8% (7.4%)
03. Alexander Rowlands Amateur - 73 11.7% (5.2%)
04. Diaconu Adrian Pro - 11 13.4% (3.9%)
05. Can Yıldız Rookie - 44 1% (12.3%)
06. Steven Liston Amateur - 59 18.7% (2.7%)
07. Yan Chen Cheong Pro - 16 4.3% (2.7%)
08. Kevin Warren Rookie - 126 11.1% (1.1%)
09. Erki Mülhausen Amateur - 57 10.3% (1%)

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Welcome to Jordan, home to the ultimate team of players in GPRO.

At Jordan, we believe in the achievement of success through freedom and innovation. As a team, we work together in unity for mutual benefit while respecting each member as an individual. Our goal: to become the best in GPRO, both as a team and as individuals.

The Jordan family consists of 2 GPRO teams: Jordan F1, Jordan Racing

1. Active participation in every race
2. Drive and ambition to win, improve, and ultimately win the Championship
3. Dedication to the team and the game
4. Team spirit (working together and helping each other, as well as sharing race data)
5. Knowledge of English

1. Supporter status
2. Experience
3. Active participation in the team
4. Rank of GPRO racing group (Elite, Masters, Pro, etc.)
5. Country (totally not required)

If you are interested in joining us, please message the team leaders, and include the application form below (copy and paste) in your message.

Previous team(s) (if applicable):
How active you can be in GPRO:
Personal goals for GPRO:
What you can bring to the team:
Introduce yourself and add what other things you would like us to know about you below.

A special mention to Neil Mulvey who has been a great manager and his knowledge will only get better, we wish him all the best!