Kamikaze Racing

Ricardo ToddChris TimmsJohn HendersonJon SandersMichael HendersonRichard AizlewoodMaicel JärvConstantin HellerDavid PenceMatt Challinor

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Team name: Kamikaze Racing
Team website: http://en.wikipedia.org/...
Established: Season 11, Race 1
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 16,130.56
Average points/race: 15.72
Average points/season: 267.27
Average standings position: 236.86
Most points earned in one race: 39.00 (Season 55, Race 2)
Season position: 291
Season points: 84.5335
Team achievements:

14% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 0
Members brought to Elite: 0
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 4
Free spots: 0

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Ricardo Todd Amateur - 31 10.9% (7.7%)
02. Chris Timms Amateur - 17 15.5% (7.6%)
03. John Henderson Pro - 25 3.1% (11.6%)
04. Jon Sanders Amateur - 5 13.2% (4.8%)
05. Michael Henderson Amateur - 54 14% (1.6%)
06. Richard Aizlewood Amateur - 39 0.3% (0.5%)
07. Maicel Järv Amateur - 46 11.4% (0.5%)
08. Constantin Heller Amateur - 25 8.2% (0.2%)
09. David Pence Amateur - 22 12% (0.2%)
10. Matt Challinor Rookie - 180 11.4% (9.3%)

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Kamikaze Racing was founded at the start of season 11 with one aim in mind, to bring together a group of talented managers bound by a total disregard for their own personal safety!

The Japanese word Kamikaze' is usually translated as "divine wind" (kami is the word for "god", "spirit", or "divinity", and kaze for "wind").
We are a democratic and fun team where everyone has an opinion that matters, and the most important qualities of the members are team spirit, loyalty and enthusiasm for the game.

"It is better to die, rather than to live as a coward." - Commander Asaiki Tamai (Kamikaze Pilot)

MVP s70 - Chris Timms (A)
MVP s69 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s68 - Michael Henderson (A) promo
MVP s67 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s66 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s64 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s63 - John Henderson (A) promo
MVP s62 - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s61 - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s60 - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s59 - Aaron Hughes (A) promo
MVP s58 - Matt Challinor (A) promo
MVP s57 - Ricardo Todd (A)
MVP s56 - John Henderson (M)
MVP s55 -Jon Sanders (A) promo
MVP s54 -Chris Timms (A) promo
MVP s53 -Skip Webb (A) promo
MVP s52 -Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s51 - John Henderson (P) promo
MVP s50 - Ricardo Todd (P)
MVP s49(tie) - John Henderson (P)
MVP s49(tie) - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s48 - Ricardo Todd (A) promo
MVP s47 - Gustav Gerretz (A) promo
MVP s46 - Gustav Gerretz (A)
MVP s45 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s44 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s43(tie) - Matas Karanavicius (A) promo
MVP s43(tie) - John Henderson (P)
MVP s42(tie) - Jon Sanders(A)
MVP s42(tie) - John Henderson (P)
MVP s41 - Matas Karanavicius (A)
MVP s40 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s39 - Matt Challinor (A)
MVP s38 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s37 - Ricardo Todd (P) promotion