Red Bulldog Racing

Jay De SnooMark Van DaalenSinan BahadirJustin ValdezRafał JędrzejewskiGeorge HristodolMartino ColomboWilliam DurantDaniel WoodhouseHasan Shafi

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Team name: Red Bulldog Racing
Team website: http://red-bulldog.board...
Established: Season 66, Race 12
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 1,147.07
Average points/race: 12.61
Average points/season: 214.29
Average standings position: 385.49
Most points earned in one race: 29.47 (Season 70, Race 4)
Season position: 1397
Season points: 0
Team achievements:

5% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 0
Members brought to Elite: 0
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 2
Free spots: 0

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Jay De Snoo Amateur - 2 0% (14.5%)
02. Mark Van Daalen Pro - 23 0% (14.4%)
03. Sinan Bahadir Master - 4 0% (24.5%)
04. Justin Valdez Amateur - 67 0% (13.6%)
05. Rafał Jędrzejewski Amateur - 49 0% (6.8%)
06. George Hristodol Amateur - 87 0% (7.1%)
07. Martino Colombo Master - 4 0% (5%)
08. William Durant Amateur - 92 0% (2.3%)
09. Daniel Woodhouse Amateur - 53 0% (2.1%)
10. Hasan Shafi Rookie - 15 0% (2.2%)

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Red Bulldog Racing (RBR) is a dedicated and eager team hence committed to GPRO in the long run. RBR was founded in Season 66 by Mark van Daalen and Jay de Snoo with the ambition to compete with the best, both on an individual as on a team basis.

Supported by our knowledge, experience and application of our own home-made & proven to be working tools there’s no reason not to achieve those goals in the long run.

We have a secured (external) forum (more of a GPRO encyclopaedia) and chatroom for direct communications. In here we (apart from the GPRO stuff) also enjoy some banter, a few jokes, being social and anything with racing, F1 in particular.

We've laid a very good foundation to become and to remain successful, yet there is much more to come!

RECRUITMENT (1 spot available for S72!!)
Opposite to most teams, we prefer to recruit by directly approaching individual managers, with or without a team, who fit into our profile & team. Our search includes all levels GPRO has to offer.

We aim at managers that have the ambition, determination, will, power, and experience to be successful in GPRO, all the way to Elite...

Here is probably not the best place for greenhorn rookies but we do have a weakness for those who FOBY, in particular when combined with exceptional maths and/or IT skills.

So if we have overlooked you and/or you think you have what it takes, feel free to apply for a pitbox at RBR by sending a PM (in English!) with your motivation and ambitions / planning to Mark or Jay.

>>Applications to our team without a PM (as requested above) or without a previous invitation from us will NOT be accepted<<