Martini Racing

Benson BellWes RichardAlex IvanMax Goodman

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Team livery:
Team name: Martini Racing
Team website: None
Established: Season 3, Race 4
Championships: 3
Knockout cup wins: 1
Total points: 30,036.67
Average points/race: 18.29
Average points/season: 310.98
Average standings position: 288.55
Most points earned in one race: 65.60 (Season 17, Race 1)
Season position: 579
Season points: 1.4667
Team achievements:

71% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 5 (Season 16, Race 1)
Members brought to Elite: 16
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 0
Free spots: 6

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Benson Bell Master - 3 0% (1.4%)
02. Wes Richard Pro - 17 0% (1.6%)
03. Alex Ivan Amateur - 14 100% (0%)
04. Max Goodman Elite 0% (1.5%)

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Teams Information
Last SeasonChampionsCup Winners
Martini Racing63rd🏆🏆🏆(s7, 11, 18)🏆(s18)
Autonomous142nd🏆🏆🏆(s20, 21, 24)🏆🏆🏆(s23, 24, 32)
Recent Team Achievements
1 Track Rec!Season 98Master
1 Qua Rec!Season 98Master
1 Qua Rec!Season 97Master
964 team pointsSeason 96Record points total!
Runner-upSeason 96Team Champ
Runner-upSeason 96Team Cup
77 winsSeason 9660+ Team GP Wins
141 podiumsSeason 96100+ Team Podiums
6 Qua Recs!Season 96All Pro
4 Track Recs!Season 96All Pro
Current Team Members
Roger Hansen14516 (Pro)1 (Pro)---
Wes Richard11921 (Mas)2 (Pro)2 (Pro)3 (Mas)-
Max Goodman1123 (Mas)--1 (Pro)-
Benson Bell95 (20)👑12 (Pro)1 (Pro)-2 (Pro)-
Jackson Little------
Andrzej Leoniuk------
Wanderson Loyola------
John Kavanagh------
Sergejs Muravka------
Recent Achievements (Amateur +)
Wes RichardSeason 98Master (T REC!)⏱Jeddah
Wes RichardSeason 98Master (Q REC!)⏱Jeddah
Brian WindellSeason 97Master (Q REC!)⏱Estoril
Eugen ArnoldSeason 96ProOne Big Race
Eric BergerSeason 96Pro🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Hakan YildrimSeason 96Pro🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Wes RichardSeason 96Pro🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Eugen ArnoldSeason 96Pro🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Brian WindellSeason 96Pro🏆 Champ
Roger HansenSeason 96Pro🏆 Champ
Benson BellSeason 96Pro🏆 Champ
Alex MichaelsSeason 96Pro⚱ Cup
Matt ParkerSeason 96Pro⚱ Cup
Benson BellSeason 96Pro (Q REC!)⏱️ Poznan
Alex MichaelsSeason 96Pro (Q REC!)⏱️ Brno
Eugen ArnoldSeason 96Pro (T REC!)⏱️ Hockenheim
Eugen ArnoldSeason 96Pro (Q REC!)⏱️ Hockenheim
Benson BellSeason 96Pro (Q REC!)⏱️ Mugello (w)
Hakan YildrimSeason 96Pro (T REC!)⏱️ Sepang
Hakan YildrimSeason 96Pro (T REC!)⏱️ Shanghai
Hakan YildrimSeason 96Pro (Q REC!)⏱️ Shanghai
Max GoodmanSeason 96Pro (T REC!)⏱️ Las vegas (w)
Wes RichardSeason 96Pro (Q REC!)⏱️ Beunos Aires
Eric BergerSeason 93Amateur🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Matt ParkerSeason 93Amateur🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Wes RichardSeason 93Amateur🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Brian WindellSeason 90Amateur🏆⚱ Champ+Cup
Most Valuable Players
Season 97Benson Bell👑 M.V.P.
Season 96Eugen Arnold👑 M.V.P.
Season 95Eugen Arnold👑 M.V.P.
Season 94Hakan Yildrim👑 M.V.P.
Season 93Eric Berger👑 M.V.P.
Season 92Brian Windell👑 M.V.P.
Season 91Hakan Yildrim👑 M.V.P.
Season 90Brian Windell👑 M.V.P.
Season 89Eugen Arnold👑 M.V.P.
Historical Achievements (Master +)
T. SenlerSeason 31Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 30Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 21Elite🏆 Championship
M. HeikkinenSeason 21Master🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 20Elite🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 20Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 20Elite✨One Big Race
T. SenlerSeason 19Elite🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 19Elite✨One Big Race
T. SenlerSeason 18Elite🏆 Championship
T. WypychSeason 17Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 11Master🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 11Master✨One Big Race