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Χρώματα ομάδας:
Όνομα Ομάδας: NITROUS F2 Racing
Ιστοσελίδα ομάδας:
Ιδρύθηκε: Σεζόν 46, Αγώνας 6
Πρωταθλήματα: 0
Νίκες σε κύπελλα νοκ-αουτ: 0
Συνολικοί πόντοι: 17,778.88
Μέσος όρος πόντων/αγώνα: 19.56
Μέσος όρος πόντων/σεζόν: 332.50
Μέση θέση κατάταξης: 200.51
Περισσότεροι πόντοι σε αγώνα: 38.67 (Σεζόν 92, Αγώνας 8)
Θέση σεζόν: 60
Πόντοι σεζόν: 327.6833
Ομαδικά επιτεύγματα:

19% ξεκλειδώθηκε

Περισσότερα μέλη στην Elite: 1 (Σεζόν 89, Αγώνας 1)
Μέλη που πήγαν στην Elite: 1
Αριθμός αγώνων που αντιπροσωπεύτηκαν σε:
Συγκεντρωτικά αποτελέσματα:
Αποτελέσματα αυτή την σεζόν:
Αριθμός υποστηρικτών: 6
Διαθέσιμες θέσεις: 0

Μέλη Ομάδας

Θέση Εθν Όνομα Μάνατζερ Γκρούπ Συμμετοχή
01. Malcolm Christiansen Amateur - 65 6.9% (0.6%)
02. Jaanus Liit Amateur - 64 9.9% (4.4%)
03. Deepak Kar Amateur - 60 9.7% (2.8%)
04. Finn Shaw-McIver Pro - 22 7.6% (2.3%)
05. Andrei Belyaev Pro - 25 20% (1.3%)
06. Massimo Della Rocca Amateur - 44 12.6% (1%)
07. Mariano Seeber Pro - 18 5.6% (1%)
08. Sebastian Lochmann Pro - 11 12.3% (1%)
09. Jaco Van Zyl Amateur - 6 10% (0.4%)
10. Martin Freeth Pro - 9 5.5% (0.1%)

Λογότυπο ομάδας

Πληροφορία |  Στατιστικά μελών |  Επιτεύγματα |  Προϊστορία |  Εκδηλώσεις |  Επισκέπτες
Welcome to NITROUS Racing!

From the ashes of Red Hawk Racing comes NITROUS Racing, a Family of friendly active managers looking to share ideas, knowledge, data and more with the goal to help everyone achieve as much as they want/can in the world of GPRO.

The NITROUS Racing Family believes in enjoying the game and ensuring good fun between its members. We have an active external forum shared with all within The NITROUS Family!
NITROUS F1 Racing (est. S32)
- NITROUS F2 Racing (est. S46)
- NITROUS F3 Racing (est. S59/liq. S62 & revived S80)
- NITROUS Academy (est. S56)
- NITROUS Classics (est. S89)

Since our revamp in S80, our sights were set on a return into the Top 100! We believe we have made that by now, so we will now be setting our targets to get out main teams inside the Top 50! We have our own in Forum games and plenty of discussion with regards to upcoming race strategies as well as improving our overall knowledge. Our Online Tool also is shaping up really nicely and it will become a true force in this game, you’ll see!

We are always on the lookout for new, untapped, raw, GPRO talent! We’re looking for the right fit, rather than a quick fit to our Family. We gladly help new talents through our NITROUS Academy Program! Or we take in those AMA potentials who feel stuck but are ambitious! And should a true game vet want to join up, we’re open minded!

We have a strong culture of helping and supporting each other, so each individual manager can grow in their own right. Besides our joined experience in the game, we can also supply several Tools and Planners for various parts of the game to ensure you're fighting at your best each season.

When you think you're ready to handle some extra NITROUS in your tank then don't be shy - contact
Niels, Malcolm, Andrew or Alf . Let us know what it is that you are after in this most intriguing game! In return for a bit of commitment and a can-do attitude, we offer:
> We’ve have 60+ season completed, sharing experience and insider tips!
> A dedicated team Discord for a friendly chat to fill the void between race days!
> Setup tools (online and Excel based), guides and advice for every race!
> An active Forum shared with all members of the NITROUS Family!
> In-house Championships - fight for your Team or your Country!
When you like what you just read, feel free to contact any of our Team Leads!

S32 | The team is established as Red Hawk Racing, renamed to NITROUS Racing going into S46.
S46 |
NITROUS F2 Racing was established!
S52 | NITROUS records its best ever finish as
F2 comes 30th in the GPRO Team Ranking!
S56 | Our very own
NITROUS Racing Academy was established!
S59 |
NITROUS F3 Racing was first establish, liquidated in S62 and revived since S80
S65 |
NITROUS F1 Racing debuts in the Team Cup and knocks out a 2x champion
S70 | 13th combined finish (and counting) in the top-100
S73 |
Paul Dove is our first to make it to Elite wearing NITROUS colours!
S80 | The NITROUS Racing Family started rebuilding targeting the GPRO Top 100!
S83 |
NITROUS F1 Racing qualified for the GPRO Team Cup once more!
S85 |
NITROUS F1, F2, and F3 all finished inside the Top 100!
S89 | ELITE welcomes
Ilya Vedenikov! Also NITROUS Classics was created!
S93 | R6 sees
Ilya claim a first ever ELITE Win for NITROUS Racing!

NITROUS F1 Racing | Since S80 > Niels van Heijster
NITROUS F2 Racing | Since S95 > Malcolm Christiansen
NITROUS F3 Racing | Since S95 > Andrew Carter
NITROUS Academy | Since S56 > Alf Wiklund
NITROUS Classics | Since S89 > Brian Sayle

S96 | Andrei Belyaev
S95 | Deepak Kar
S94/78/45/42 | Ben Scowen
S93/92/91/90/88/87 | Ilya Vedenikov
S89 | Lukáš Rychlík
S86/83 | Stephen Cudmore
S85 | Mike Chatzikonstantinou
S84/46 | Malcolm Christiansen
S82 | Stephen Snyder
S81 | Christian Wonisch
S80 | Luka Rusa
S79 | Trevor Page
S77 | Sam Hardwick
S76/67/56 | Lucas Holmes
S75 | Alf Wiklund
S74 | Nathan Smith
S73/58 | Mike Joshua
S72/71/70/69/59 | Paul Dove
S68 | Patryk Godowski
S66/65/52/51/50 | Hrvoje Jošić
S64 | James Knutson
S57 | Bob Marpaung
S55 | Marcus Keeley

S54 | Šarūnas Valinevičius
S53 | Martti Kaasik
S49/48 | Troy Carlo
S47 | James Knutson

S44 | Neil Bell
S43 | Arthur Urtan
S41/40/38/35 | Alix Martin
S39-37 | Darren Bryant
S36 | Kevin Abdalla
S34 | Keith Colclough
S33 | Ian Buxton
S32 | Bill Westhead

- Alf Wiklund
- Alix Martin
- Andrew Carter
- Ben Scowen
- Christian Wonisch
- Darren Bryant
- Dubravko Jošić
- Hrvoje Jošić
Lucas Holmes
- Malcolm Christiansen
- Marcus Keeley
- Markku Hirvelä
- Mike Joshua
Niels van Heijster
- Paul Dove
- Richard Owens
- Sam Hardwick
- Šarūnas Valinevičius
- Stephen Cudmore
- Simon Frost

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