Kamikaze Racing

Ricardo ToddAaron HughesKarol UlrychVesa RitvanenTimo KorpelaMartynas SimutisChris SwindellCarlos OlmosKalle KauppinenGPROAI Bot

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Χρώματα ομάδας:
Όνομα Ομάδας: Kamikaze Racing
Ιστοσελίδα ομάδας: http://en.wikipedia.org/...
Ιδρύθηκε: Σεζόν 11, Αγώνας 1
Πρωταθλήματα: 0
Νίκες σε κύπελλα νοκ-αουτ: 0
Συνολικοί πόντοι: 24,520.79
Μέσος όρος πόντων/αγώνα: 16.16
Μέσος όρος πόντων/σεζόν: 274.79
Μέση θέση κατάταξης: 226.90
Περισσότεροι πόντοι σε αγώνα: 39.00 (Σεζόν 55, Αγώνας 2)
Θέση σεζόν: 131
Πόντοι σεζόν: 80.6667
Ομαδικά επιτεύγματα:

14% ξεκλειδώθηκε

Περισσότερα μέλη στην Elite: 0
Μέλη που πήγαν στην Elite: 0
Αριθμός αγώνων που αντιπροσωπεύτηκαν σε:
Συγκεντρωτικά αποτελέσματα:
Αποτελέσματα αυτή την σεζόν:
Αριθμός υποστηρικτών: 3
Διαθέσιμες θέσεις: 0

Μέλη Ομάδας

Θέση Εθν Όνομα Μάνατζερ Γκρούπ Συμμετοχή
01. Ricardo Todd Pro - 22 4.5% (9.4%)
02. Aaron Hughes Amateur - 17 14.2% (7.6%)
03. Karol Ulrych Amateur - 4 7.9% (2.5%)
04. Vesa Ritvanen Pro - 5 18.6% (2.3%)
05. Timo Korpela Pro - 12 14.1% (2.6%)
06. Martynas Simutis Amateur - 6 19.3% (1.9%)
07. Chris Swindell Amateur - 72 7.3% (1.3%)
08. Carlos Olmos Amateur - 69 6.1% (0.7%)
09. Kalle Kauppinen Rookie - 118 7.9% (0.4%)
10. GPROAI Bot Rookie - 86 0% (0%)

Λογότυπο ομάδας

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Kamikaze Racing was founded at the start of season 11 with one aim in mind, to bring together a group of talented managers bound by a total disregard for their own personal safety!

The Japanese word Kamikaze' is usually translated as "divine wind" (kami is the word for "god", "spirit", or "divinity", and kaze for "wind").
We are a democratic and fun team where everyone has an opinion that matters, and the most important qualities of the members are team spirit, loyalty and enthusiasm for the game.

"It is better to die, rather than to live as a coward." - Commander Asaiki Tamai (Kamikaze Pilot)

MVP s99 - Martynas Simutis (A)
MVP s98 - Timo Korpela (P)
MVP s97 - Timo Korpela (P)
MVP s96 - Timo Korpela (P)
MVP s95 - Timo Korpela (P)
MVP s93 - Ricardo Todd (P)
MVP s92 - Martynas Simutis (A) promo
MVP s91 - Timo Korpela (P)
MVP s90 - Ricardo Todd (A) promo
MVP s89 - Timo Korpela (A) promo
MVP s88 - Timo Korpela (A)
MVP s87 - Karol Ulrych (A)
MVP s86 - Karol Ulrych (A)
MVP s85 - Ricardo Todd (P)
MVP s84 - Tom Martyn (A) promo
MVP s83 - Ricardo Todd (P)
MVP s82 - Ricardo Todd (P)
MVP s81 - Ricardo Todd (A) promo
MVP s80 - Aaron Hughes (A) promo
MVP s79 - Aaron Hughes (A)
MVP s78 - John Henderson (P) promo
MVP s77 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s76 - Ricardo Todd (A) promo
MVP s75 - John Henderson (A) promo
MVP s74 - Ricardo Todd (A)
MVP s73 - Richard Aizlewood (A) promo
MVP s72 - Michael Henderson (A)
MVP s71 - Ricardo Todd (A) promo
MVP s70 - Chris Timms (A)
MVP s69 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s68 - Michael Henderson (A) promo
MVP s67 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s66 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s64 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s63 - John Henderson (A) promo
MVP s62 - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s61 - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s60 - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s59 - Aaron Hughes (A) promo
MVP s58 - Matt Challinor (A) promo
MVP s57 - Ricardo Todd (A)
MVP s56 - John Henderson (M)
MVP s55 -Jon Sanders (A) promo
MVP s54 -Chris Timms (A) promo
MVP s53 -Skip Webb (A) promo
MVP s52 -Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s51 - John Henderson (P) promo
MVP s50 - Ricardo Todd (P)
MVP s49(tie) - John Henderson (P)
MVP s49(tie) - Matt Challinor (P)
MVP s48 - Ricardo Todd (A) promo
MVP s47 - Gustav Gerretz (A) promo
MVP s46 - Gustav Gerretz (A)
MVP s45 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s44 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s43(tie) - Matas Karanavicius (A) promo
MVP s43(tie) - John Henderson (P)
MVP s42(tie) - Jon Sanders(A)
MVP s42(tie) - John Henderson (P)
MVP s41 - Matas Karanavicius (A)
MVP s40 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s39 - Matt Challinor (A)
MVP s38 - John Henderson (P)
MVP s37 - Ricardo Todd (P) promotion