Hesketh Racing

Roger Rose

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Χρώματα ομάδας:
Όνομα Ομάδας: Hesketh Racing
Ιστοσελίδα ομάδας: Κανένας
Ιδρύθηκε: Σεζόν 12, Αγώνας 1
Πρωταθλήματα: 0
Νίκες σε κύπελλα νοκ-αουτ: 0
Συνολικοί πόντοι: 17,079.35
Μέσος όρος πόντων/αγώνα: 11.45
Μέσος όρος πόντων/σεζόν: 194.60
Μέση θέση κατάταξης: 355.66
Περισσότεροι πόντοι σε αγώνα: 36.53 (Σεζόν 36, Αγώνας 7)
Θέση σεζόν: 598
Πόντοι σεζόν: 0
Ομαδικά επιτεύγματα:

14% ξεκλειδώθηκε

Περισσότερα μέλη στην Elite: 0
Μέλη που πήγαν στην Elite: 0
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Αριθμός υποστηρικτών: 0
Διαθέσιμες θέσεις: 9

Μέλη Ομάδας

Θέση Εθν Όνομα Μάνατζερ Γκρούπ Συμμετοχή
01. Roger Rose Amateur - 73 0% (10.7%)

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This team was created as tribute to the late James Hunt, world champion in 1976, who raced for Lord Heskeths team over a number of seasons and formulas ending up by bloodying the noses of the big boys in formula 1 before the team imploded!

It was not intended to be instantly successful, this is the team for those of us who have got time for a team and work hard helping each other but still want the support and advice of team-mates! We have a forum full of data as you would expect from a team going since Season 12 and we are constantly working on new ideas and equations, we also welcome new ideas from members knowing that as a team we can always find the best answers. Hesketh is intended as a fun experience, it is a game after all. We have work and school for deadlines, targets and expectations. Hesketh has a 'devil may care spirit' spirit reflecting the lifestyle of James and the playboys of his era.

Hesketh Racing is the Original GPRO team to have the Hesketh name and is in no way affiliated with those others who bear the name or use our livery.

The Hesketh 'Boys' are:

Roger Rose

Steve 'The Fighter' Rushforth (RIP 2015, always with us)
Alex Green
Hola Evony
Alexander Hunt
Iulian Tataru
Mark Jeffrey
James Buchanan
Kevin Hancock
Jonathan Bermillo
Mark Siddall

The 'Steve Rushforth' Manager of the Season Hall of Fame:

S52 Lee Bull (Promoted from Rookie with 125 points)
S47 Steve Rushforth
S46 Kevin Fitzgerald
S45 Kevin Fitzgerald
S44 Billy Van Der Merwe and David Robinson
S43 Billy Van Der Merwe
S42 Lee Bull
S41 David Robinson
S40 Kevin Fitzgerald
S39 Billy Van Der Merwe
S38 Roger Rose
S37 Kevin Fitzgerald
S36 David Robinson
S35 Tim Clark
S34 Tim Clark
S33 Kevin Fitzgerald
S32 Billy Van Der Merwe
S31 David Robinson
S30 Ganesh Somasundaram