Madtaff's Rebels Racing Team

Iain LightfootJames SlaterPetteri KortelainenJohn SlevinBrian HughesKeith PartridgeJozef LesayRob Reed

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Χρώματα ομάδας:
Όνομα Ομάδας: Madtaff's Rebels Racing Team
Ιστοσελίδα ομάδας:
Ιδρύθηκε: Σεζόν 23, Αγώνας 5
Πρωταθλήματα: 0
Νίκες σε κύπελλα νοκ-αουτ: 0
Συνολικοί πόντοι: 22,063.78
Μέσος όρος πόντων/αγώνα: 16.96
Μέσος όρος πόντων/σεζόν: 288.30
Μέση θέση κατάταξης: 232.02
Περισσότεροι πόντοι σε αγώνα: 32.07 (Σεζόν 71, Αγώνας 15)
Θέση σεζόν: 297
Πόντοι σεζόν: 161.5335
Ομαδικά επιτεύγματα:

14% ξεκλειδώθηκε

Περισσότερα μέλη στην Elite: 0
Μέλη που πήγαν στην Elite: 0
Αριθμός αγώνων που αντιπροσωπεύτηκαν σε:
Συγκεντρωτικά αποτελέσματα:
Αποτελέσματα αυτή την σεζόν:
Αριθμός υποστηρικτών: 4
Διαθέσιμες θέσεις: 2

Μέλη Ομάδας

Θέση Εθν Όνομα Μάνατζερ Γκρούπ Συμμετοχή
01. Iain Lightfoot Amateur - 50 4% (7.4%)
02. James Slater Rookie - 108 9% (7.3%)
03. Petteri Kortelainen Pro - 20 7.3% (7.7%)
04. John Slevin Rookie - 132 13.7% (4.7%)
05. Brian Hughes Amateur - 3 23.1% (3%)
06. Keith Partridge Amateur - 5 11.6% (11.1%)
07. Jozef Lesay Master - 5 18.5% (4.3%)
08. Rob Reed Amateur - 39 12.8% (1.5%)

Λογότυπο ομάδας

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At present, Madtaffs do not have any spots but if you want to be considered for any future spaces, message me (Jordan). You don’t have to be Mad or a Taff to apply, but either or both attributes would not be a handicap.

The team have a mixed range of ages and nationalities, combined with a wealth of experience up to the Pro groups (we have had a few goes at Master as well), and are looking for someone who communicates well in English and wants to progress at the same time as having fun.

Communication is a key feature of the team, as we all look to share knowledge and experience to progress ourselves and the team. We finish around 150th in the standings, but are ambitious and looking to break into the top 100 soon, and have finished in the top 100 before. We're a developmental team looking to edge ourselves into a premier team.

If you would like to be a part of our adventure please drop me, Jordan, a PM giving a little information about yourself. To save yourself some cash please do not apply before sending a PM and being accepted.

The Madtaff's HALL OF FAME

Teo Glusevic - First Madtaff to reach Master
Jeff Smith & Iain Lightfoot - First 1-2 in qualifying results within the same group.
Jeff & Paul Smith - 1st joint win by brothers - bet no other team has done that!!
Keith Partridge - Brilliant team leader and comedian for a majority of our existence.
Alan Bevan - Calculated, and fast. Nuff said.
Brian Hughes - Our AMAZING librarian - keeper of the records and data! Stirling...


Founding Members

Andrew Snary - The founder and original inspiration of Madtaff's Racing.
Teo Gluscevic - Former team leader and the driving force behind early team success.
Jordan Owens - Team motivator and expert in last race survival. Now team leader.
Mark Witney - Loved "weather lottery" races... NOT!!!


Former Team Members who have made a significant past contribution

Iain Lightfoot
Brian Hughes
Keith Partridge
Alan Bevan
Richie Shurrager
Patrick Hertach
Sam Norris
Michael Bevan
Gary Taylor
Jack Benson