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Karijera menadžera od Lourence Erasmus (Zadnja obnova: 16 Velj 2015, 11:22:19)
Pre-season - have a good set plan now I need the execution.

R1 - Nice season opening random coupled with a few chaps pushing idiotic risks for rookie. ended only in a very disappointing 5th place...
R3 - First podium, but still the guys around me pushing very hard as fastest lap is consistently over 2-3s quicker than my fastest lap...
R4 - 2nd and a good 2nd it was. :)
R5 - 1st Win of the season and finally - well deserved haha!
R6 - Hard work now starting to pay dividends. 2nd win on the trot and taken the group championship lead for the first time this season. Still cant string a hat trick together with
guys every so often pulling high risks to run away with the FL - and my driver is no slouch after a well strung 6 races of hard work but I refuse to follow suite with insane race
R10 - One silly part failed and cost me a win but other than that it's been smooth sailing since my driver is now "up and running"
R13 - That's the championship wrapped up :)
R15 - that's now 5 hat tricks on he trot... but I keep missing the Grand Chelem by a few laps every race lol
R16 - Queue the sad music - a tyre blowout ended my good run.
R17 - easy hat trick and cup win to wrap up the season.

It was a good season, more competitive than my 1st outing in Rookie, but I'm well setup for my 1st run back into Ama. All happy in the end.


Pre-Season: Still looking for the future champion. haven't found anything yet... But I'm going to have some fun this season!!!!
A very nice in-house battle with my wife is about to break out... I've prepped the spare room as it's more comfortable than the couch as I know where this will lead to... LOL
R1 - Found a driver, not my 1st choice, but not bad by any stretch of the imagination.
R3 - Decided to have a full swing at developing this driver.
R15 - all still going according to plan :)
R17 - That's a wrap on this season ;)
End of season - Went as expected on to promotion.


Found said good driver, but made a cardinal error... left it for too late in S43 to score retention points and got a SLC in last race. so back to rookie... Not all bad though. I've got a good set plan so now I'm just executing it from Rookie and not Ama... Sadly lost plenty of untrainable sjkills

Preseason expectations: This season (and probably the next as well will probably all be about building bank and retaining... More to follow after I've worked the market for something decent called a driver.... lol
1st staff market: Got a decent driver, now to start moulding a future Champion... lol

It's sink or swin time this season. Hoping to swin LOL
R1 - Podium is a nice way to start a promotion season. Not bad conciddering the weak build up to this point.
R2 - Sank to the bottom with the only non finish this race. Start Line Crash has cost me a few points and my promising start to the OBR standings. Was
40th, now 40th from last :( . Hope to bounce back and be in the fight at the top again next race.
R14 - Sadly I've made too many silly errors this season and it's looking like promotion is out of the window. :( I'm having one last ditch effort, but the odds are not in my favour. But I'll fight to the bitter end ;)
R17 - Well, it comes down to me either winning the race(highly unlikely as my car just is not competitive( 3rd worst car in the whole group to be honest)) or Q'ing 10th and getting the fastest lap and 6th place to end in a positive balance and retain in Pro. Alot is riding on this race.
Season Round up:
Well, I Q'ed 10th as expected, finished 6th as expected but didn't manage FL. Ended the season in a negative balance and are on my way back to Ama for my 1st ever religation... Sad day indeed...

Hoping to do driver resign and build a race winning package for next season.
R6 - Riskiest driver resign in the history of GPRO completed. Check
R15 - Risky strategy to give myself a good start to next season. Uncheck - Epic Fail :(
Season Round up:
2 x podiums in a retaining season that's been dominated by the top two drivers in our group.
I'm reasonably happy with the package. Probably not a dominating one, but should be able to be in the hunt for promotion come S40

This season was a total bust... I'll now have to regroup and rework my longterm goal. But promotion is out the window for the time being

Pre-season - Goodluck all to the new season ;)
Now to see if all my planning will pay off :)
R6 - My 1st win this season in the promotion season. How do I reward my driver??? by firing him and hiring a small time fry... LOL
R17 - Well at least I retained and now to try again in a few season time :)

R1 - Nice start to the season... startline accident... my bad... o.O
R2 - WHAAAAT!!!! I won...? :O SWEEET!!!! hahaha My 1st Pro win in only my 2nd race :D
R3 - Retention is pretty much in the bag and that was the goal this season. Now i can just lay low for the time being.
R8 - Now the driver contract + extention is secured, it's time to rebuild my car (almost fro mthe ground up...) Had a lvl 1(100% wear) engine end of R7... Dont ask how :P Had a great R8 though. Managed 6th place with the weakest car in my group and it's good to be back :) Season goals completed and setting up for next seasons promotion push is now in full flight. Aim Will be to have one of the best packages all round come S37 in my group ;)
R13 - Looking to just put out some feelers for the rest of the season to test the waters for next season... but all still mostly going to plan. ;)
End of season report:
I did much better than I expected. 2xWins and a 3rd, got everything I wanted out of the season. I'm ready for my promo push next season :)
***Season Round up: 4th best Manager in RSA***

This will be my promotion push.
R6 - Well I somehow managed to srew up and cost myself a good start to the season. In my aim to save cash for this season, i've failed to get myself a good car at the start of this season and it's been a hard to get to 4th in the championship at the momment.
R8 - Secured another win in Ama, but this 1 was legit, no lottery rain involved hehehe. Thanks to a great 2nd pitstop i jumped my race competitor and went on to win the race. Car is in much better shape aswell and from race 10 onwards i expect to be on the podium every race. Hoping to climb a few spots on the standings aswell. 4th atm, but would really like to finish inside the top 3 atleast.
R9 - I have a very tough cup opponent for the quarter finals...(I did beat him the previous 3 races, but he wasn't my cup opponent then lol) He'll probably smash me the next 3 races :P Still all great fun :)

Season 34 saw me in the top 10 comforably at the end of the season all my goals reached and secured my 1st Ama Win in the proccess aswell(even though it was a lottery race).

R8: Well, seems my incompetence to multiply fuel cost me my 1st Ama race Win... Still 2nd is great and i'm very happy about that :) it means retention is secure and that was the season goal, so I can't complain :)
R7: 1st Ama point. Had a random event and cost me a potential podium, but i'm happy to have faught my way back into 8th for my one and only point thus far :)

S-32(Was a much better season than i had expected to be and i'm very happy with it all)

End of Season - Rookie 35 Cup Winner
Poles: 12
Wins: 15
Podiums: 16
Fastest Laps: 7.
**** Top Manager in RSA in S32 *****

Race 8: Back to winning ways and pedaled my way to my 1st Hattrick(Finally) :)
Race 7: A random killed my dream of 17/17 wins for the season and my good standings in the OBR... but such is life... :)
Race 6: my 1st Fastest lap!!!! now if i can just string to buggers together for the harttrick.... LOL
Race5: My 1st Pole!!!
Race1: My maiden victory!!!!

Season objective: Earn more points than the last season!!! haha
Race 4: 4th!!!! almost a podium :)
Race 15+16. two more 4th places... mmhhmmmm looking like i'm pulling a Mark Webber on myself with all the 4th place finishes :)

1st Season(S30)
Started on race 9.
Season round up: managed 6 points(3x7th place) in my 1st season Whoop-Whoop!!! :)