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Država: Brazil
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Prvi GP: Sezona 31, Utrka 1
Broj prijavljivanja:8289
Vrijeme provedeno na GPRO:2983.3 Sati
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Karijera menadžera od Lucas Lôbo (Zadnja obnova: 7 Ruj 2018, 19:44:59)
I'm a newbie, started in season 31. Back to the game, just to have fun (winning in meanwhile xD)

I always try to put my self in other people situation before judging them and their acts and what they speak....this is how I try to be nice with almost everyone...

S31: Objective: Gain experience in the game....Mission Accomplished!
- I joined a very nice team, with some really nice guys!! Bad season, always searching a good driver to train. Just in last race got one that will be for promoting in season 33, and got a podium in last race, very big emotion to get my first point in the game, and with a Podium!!!!! \o/
Podium (1): Race 17 - Hockenheim GP (Alemanha)

S32:Objective: Train the driver and get some data...Mission Accomplished!
- Maintained driver, and he's ready for next season. Also Got some good results while practicing using risks, First Victory \o/. 3 victories during the season.....o/
Victories (3): Race 3 Jerez GP - (Spain), Race 16 - Singapore GP (Singapura), Race 17 - Shanghai GP (China)
Podiuns (no wins): (3) Brands Hatch GP (Reino Unido), Laguna Seca GP (Estados Unidos), Bucharest Ring GP (Romênia)

S33: Objective: Promote to AMATEUR with at least 40M and lv4 parts...o/ Train the driver to Amateur...and get my first pole! lool
- ACOMPLISHED! Promoted with 74M, and with car LV3, but with lot of LV4 parts and engine LV5. 11 poles! Could win the group easily but prefered to gain more money by smoking the last races..... $-$ lol

S34: Objective: Retain in AMATEUR with at least 100M and LV 4-5 car....o/
- Changed the objective in middle of the season, many randons happened to me, so I decided to retain with 50M, but with some money invested in important things, and this was ACOMPLISHED.

S35: Objective: Retain easily, with at least 17 points (1 per race), and with 50M, with money invested in important things.
- 75% ACOMPLISHED, Retained easily, with money invested and 50M in bank, but the races I focused in scoring weren't enought to get me 17 points =\.

S36: Objective: Promote in 1º, beeing also the Cup winner, with driver/car/staff ready to PRO. It's gona be hard, since my group has some very strong guys.
- ACOMPLISHED o/. Promoted in 1º. With the driver ready to keep me in PRO (At least by my calculations lol), a lv6 car, not very good but enough, with a decent Staff (37º from all amateur, could do better but forgot to start training earlier ><). And finished season with 68M, after trying to spend it before las race....I'm satisfied! PW: 5º best Brazilian in contribuition for the Nation's Troph \o/ And second better Brazilian Amateur \o/). Also, my first two Hattricks in the last 2 races! *_*

S37: Objective: Retain in mid posicions, up Staff/driver/car, finish with 80M+.
- NOT ACOMPLISHED! Retained in 13º, upped Staff anda driver, but not the car, ending with the second worst car in group, and ended with 36M. BUT First victory in PRO *-*

S38: Objective: Retain in top 15, Up Staff a little more, keep training the driver, end with 50M.
- TOTAL FAIL, NOT ACOMPLISHED! Retained in 16º. Didn't up staff at all, ended with only 16M. Some randons really screwed my season, plus one mistake. But my driver seems ready. o/

S39: Objective: Promote the best the possible. o/ End with 50M
- HALF ACOMPLISHED. Won the group. But it was a very tough battle for the top positions until the very end, so I couldn't do better in finances. Also in this season I realized that I had some plannings problems for the long run.

S40: Objective: Retain in Master and begin to organize everything for the Elite promotion.
- NOT ACOMPLISHD: Those long-term planning mistakes started to show off more evidently....and I just managed to keep me in the same point of development.

S41: Objective: Retain in Master and begin to organize everything for the Elite promotion².
- NOT ACOMPLISHED: Picked avonns to save more money for staff and stuff......but this ended being a failure for some reasons. As i realized this failure in season beginning, I set up in my mind that next season I would try to promote to elite just to be there for a season or to relegate to Amateur.

S42: Objective: Start my relagatin to Amateur process.

S42 > S45: Seasons without ANY motivation and dedication to the game at all....didn't even bother doing right setups for races, lost some races....just When I couldn't retain in amateur I realized that either I stop playing the game or I start putting some effort in it. Decided to procced with the second o/

S46 > S49: Back to playing. Decided to play the game not spending much time in it. Let's see what I can do, I learned some thing during this "not competitive" time and I'm willing to put these things in practice. I'm confident that this time I can make it to Elite, at least \o/.

S50 and 51: Everything was going fine with the game, but I was starting a harsh time in studies, so I decided to quit the game during this period. Tough decision, the planning was going veeeery well. But now (s65) I see it was worth it \o/

s61: Entered the game again, but didnt even do the Qualy setup. Lucky for me I realized right away that it woudn't be possible to come back to the game, yet.

s665: I'm back! Wish that for a long time. Let's see where the ocean takes me o/

Things worth the effort:

Quote ( Pedro Henrique @ April 13th 2013,02:19:41 )

E essa promoção é graças ao Lucas Lôbo, que após um post meu dizendo que não tinha aprendido nada do jogo, me mandou uma MP, me ajudando até hoje! Obrigado Lucas pela ajuda e pela paciência que teve comigo :D E obrigado a todos que me apoiaram desde que apareci por aqui :D

Quote ( Pedro Henrique @ August 16th 2013,23:19:15 )

kkkkkkkkkk Que nada, se não fosse ele eu nem sei se jogava mais gpro hoje em dia...