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Ime i prezime:Jeff Luebke
Država: S.A.D.
Pridružio se:24 Ožu, 2009
Zadnja aktivnost: 25 Velj 2018, 17:20:51
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Karijera menadžera od Jeff Luebke (Zadnja obnova: 7 Velj 2018, 01:53:12)
Season 63
Goal: Promote with a good bank account and decent driver.
R1: Random right after my first pit stop and out of the race with a Punctured Tire. Grrr.... O points.
R2: First! Now that's more like it.

Season 62
Goal: Promote out of Rookie. I'm not sure my driver will actually be good enough but we'll have to see. At least he's cheap!
Results: Well, I probably should have promoted. I certainly could have. I spent quite a bit of money testing early in the season to try and develop my car & driver. Usually I've avoided that in past rookie seasons. I messed up a couple of races towards the end of the season that had me wondering if I would still promote. So I made the decision to go for one more season in Rookie.

Season 61
Have missed a couple of races, but have a new driver contract that I hope I can keep until next season and see if promotion is possible.
Results: As expected - I have what I hope is a driver that can promote next season, but we'll see. I would have liked him to be a bit stronger so fingers crossed.

Season 37
Goal: Retain
Results: TBD

Season 36 -- Back to Pro
Goal: Back to Pro.
Results: Success!

Season 35 -- Pro is Dumb
Goal: Evaluate the driver in the first few races and decide if promotion is a possibility. In any case need to build up a better financial situation prior to another shot at Pro.
Results: I'll say success. Didn't push very hard during most of the 2nd half of the season and I think I am prepared for a promotion back to Pro next season.

Season 34 -- Pro Survival
Goal: Retain. Push hard on 2 favorite tracks and build up some money reserves. Will need to make a driver decision, but leaning towards renewing the current driver at the moment.
Results: Ugh. A forgettable season. The first of my two favorite tracks was upset by weather, and I had a first-lap crash on the second. It also seemed like we had a lot of rain races this season - in which my driver was simply uncompetitive. I made a decision towards the end of the season to pick up a driver and relegate with him back to Amateur.

Season 33 -- Promote?
Goal: Promote to Pro! I have my fingers crossed. . . .
Results: Success! Had to push harder than I thought though, and spent more money than I had hoped to. On to Pro....

Season 32 -- Still in Amateur:
Goals: Continue driver development for a push for promotion in Season 33. Get a healthy bank account.
Results: Success! I was able to comfortably retain, and will start Season 33 with about $50m in the bank.

Season 31 -- Back in Amateur:
Goals: While I have a decent bank account (in the top-5 of the group) I'm way below average in driver and car stats. I think I'm going to try and replicate my 2-season rookie plan and pick up a new driver capable of promotion next season.
Results: Ended up keeping my existing driver rather than compete in the market. Retained after pushing near the end of the season as others were smoking.

Season 30:
Goals: Promote to Amateur with a decent driver and bank account.
Results: Achieved! Finished 2nd in the group and will start Amateur with $53K. Pretty good season.

Season 29:
After taking several seasons off I've got the bug again and am hoping to have a relaxing and fun campaign in Rookie-188! No real expectations for this season, just getting back into the swing of things....

Results: Finished 12th in my rookie group. More importantly I grabbed what I believe to be a promotion-ready driver mid-season.