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Sauber C24 - 2005
Név:George Odhis
Ország: Kenya
Csatlakozott:2012. június 18.
Utolsó interakció: 2018. augusztus 14. 08:11:51
Hozzászólások:317  (Megtekintés)
GPRO Trófeák: 0
Futamok száma:0 (565)
Szerzett pontok:0 (965)
Győzelem:0 (35)
Pódium:0 (81)
Pole pozíció:0 (23)
Leggyorsabb kör:0 (38)
Átl. pont/futam: - (1.71)
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Első Futam: 31. szezon 8. futam
Belépések száma:8733
GPRO-n töltött idő:2974.9 óra
Születési idő: -
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Családi állapot:Házas

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George Odhis pályafutása (Legutóbb frissítve: 2015. február 15. 18:50:36)
Season 31: Joined for the last few races in Rookie. It didn't go so well. All good experience though :) had to reset n ended up in Rookie 329. Did much better here even managing a podium in the final race. made some good friends n gained some experience on use of tyres n fuel strategy. learnt a bit in car set-up. The most difficult bit was money management though. had 1 podium (posn 2) in last race. finished 10th with 10 points.

Season 32: Wasnt too bad either. Started well in top six n gained a second Podium towards the mid of season (posn 3). Managed to join my first team (Racing Gods) where i made even more great friends. Had slightly above average performance finishing more often in point positions. Tried changing drivers but didnt find a quick one to my liking. learnt more about money management. Finished 8th overall up from 10th the previous season.Not bad for a first full season! Waiting to see how my wealth of experience will work out in season 33! finished 8th with 44 points.

Season 33: Began with 35m $ in cash having participated in all 17 races previous season. began with testing to experiment with its advantages. more emphasis put on money management. began well with a podium but financial management remained a challenge. got my first win in race 8-Sakhir GP (Bahrain). second win at Yas Marina GP (United Arab Emirates). As predicted, management of cash was my biggest problem. Learnt one or two things but too late fro me. Will have to work harder in Am. The promotion was a good thing even though i finished 4.

Season 34: Amateur-here i come. joined Hesketh Data just before race 15 and by a coincidence scored my first points in Am with a 7th spot finish at Hungaroring GP (Hungary). Maybe the gods are happy with team. Got my first Am win at Laguna Seca GP (United States) n finished the season dramatically with 2 randoms coupled with a DE in the last race. Nevertheless, glad i retained with a 15th overall group position in Am8.

Season 35: A retention season, hoping to score early points n work on building my resources n try to prep for the following season's push!

Season 36: promo season but difficulty in management of finance. Well, managed to promote at posn 2 but without cash-my mismanagement problem!

Season 37: development season. started well at posn 20. more financial problems! Aim is to: Not promote from Pro until i have saved enough. Unfortunately made rash hiring of a new driver which guaranteed my relegation back to Ame.

Season 38(Ame83). Ame here i come! Objective is to take it slowly n concentrate on learning the game. Well, a great finish (5th) for me with an ok'ish driver. built some cash n retained.

Season 39 (Ame 83): Another season to build cash. started well with posn 3 finish. secured enough retention points by race2. Cash building was very successful upto about $77m then i emberked on capital investment! managed 4 podiums (2x3rd and 1x2nd). Looking forward to season 40!

Season 40 (Ame 83): Another preparation season. Hoping to continue with capital investment with some cash savings! started well with a win followed by a podium for my retention points. capital investment is expensive! lol

Season 41 (Ame 83): My promo season. Had a good driver/car/facilities combination and i thought it would be a smooth sail to group championship but Alas! The GPRO gods had something else in store for me-RANDOMS. Through a combination of randoms and RL issues, my quest of championship faltered. However, i still managed a respectable second, plus the cup competition championship. This was achieved through a series of wins (8) and several podium finishes. In the end I ended up in Pro 10- My second time in Pro!lol.

Season 42 (Pro 10): Development season. Main target is retention . objective attained.
Season 43 (Pro 10): signed a new driver. Another development/retention season. Main objective, save cash. Indeed saved some cash. Built upto 20M.
Season 44 (Pro 10): Another retention target with some money saving n a bit of capital investment. Objective achieved!
Season 45 (Pro 10): A retention season but RL issues spoilt my plans. So Ame here I come!
Season 46 (Ame 75):