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Név:Robert Ardelean
Ország: Románia
Csatlakozott:2014. február 26.
Utolsó interakció: ma 08:28:10
Hozzászólások:95  (Megtekintés)
GPRO Trófeák: 0
Futamok száma:0 (270)
Szerzett pontok:0 (538)
Győzelem:0 (12)
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Leggyorsabb kör:0 (5)
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Első Futam: 40. szezon 11. futam
Belépések száma:5990
GPRO-n töltött idő:1471.2 óra
Születési idő: -
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Családi állapot:Egyedülálló

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Csoport:Pro - 4
Aktuális helyezés:36
Pénz: $??.???.???
Pilóta: Luca Proetto (139)
Tech. Ig.: Joanna Corbett (88)
Személyzet átlaga:17
Gumiabroncsok: Yokomama
Csapat neve: -
Csapat helyezés:0


Chanels (A73) - 14 futamra
Dieson (A73) - 9 futamra
Inferneon (R71) - 1 futamra
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Robert Ardelean pályafutása (Legutóbb frissítve: 2022. június 28. 14:56:07)
The main goal for this season was to extend my driver's contract so that I can promote from Amateur to Pro in Season 88. My driver's OA was 111 when I was supposed to extend the contract, narrowly missing it...Wanted to shift my focus on getting another driver that I could train to promote with him a couple of seasons later, but after several races I began to push my luck in trying to promote this season. Having a very easy Amateur group in terms of promotion allowed me to promote this season from 3rd place, scoring points in 12 out of 17 races, having a couple of 2nd places back to back, while doing more testing and finishing with slightly more money than Season 86.

Had in mind getting a good driver to help me promote a couple of seasons later, earn some money and test as much as possible. Got a really good driver, but very expensive, did a bunch of testing, fewer than I hoped and finished the season average on money, fewer than expected as well. Finished the season 20th with 6 points gathered in 2 consecutive races, in a very easy Amateur group.

Had the goal to promote with a young driver and continue developing him. A stupid error, in which I totally forgot I can not resign a driver in Rookie whose OA is higher than 85, made me lose that driver half-way through the season. Signed with an old driver, but dumped him after 3 races because of very poor results. Signed with another driver(with mentoring from an old buddy of mine, thank you for that) used by a formerly Amateur manager, which proved to be the right choice, blasting through the second half of the season after struggling a lot in the first 9 races. Finished the season 3rd, with a decent car and decent amount of money to start in Amateur, and with 2 sponsors active. The only downside was losing the cup in the semifinals, a nail-bitting series...

A lonely sunday afternoon and a memory trip down the lane made me come back, at least temporarily, starting mid-season once more. This season was used to get the grasp of the game again, not setting myself any particular goals. In the end I scored 5 points, courtesy of 2 races. Hired a super talented driver, preparing him for the next season.

Life took a toll on me and had to retire from the game, not having enough time to spend into it.

A pretty difficult season, with a switch to Avonn tires to help me a bit financially, but a couple of points finishes made me retain in the group, finishing 25th, with 7 points overall. The highlight of the season was the 9th race, in which I've finished in 5th place, starting from 28th on the grid, with a different strategy than the guys around me.

A fun season, having some struggle on the financial side, but everything was all right in the end. Finished 17th with 11 points. I could've had twice the amount of points, hadn't it been for a series of randoms I encountered during a few races where I was pushing for points. My biggest achievement was having the fastest lap of a race, my first ever fastest lap, after more than 10 seasons spent in the game.

A very hard first season in Pro because of 2 aspects: drivers and money. In the end, I managed to sort it out somehow and did a pretty easy retain, which seemed very hard at the beginning of the season. Finished the season 21st with 5 points, in what appeared to be one of the easiest Pro groups to retain. Very lucky on this aspect!

A pretty tough attempt at promotion in Pro. Started the season in force, but some poor results at the middle of the season made me almost miss my target. In the end, with the chance of a few rain races in the latter part of the season and an amazing luck in the very last lap of the very last race of the season, where I overtook 2 guys to take podium, I managed to promote on additional spots with 83 points.

A pretty good season for me, despite not accomplishing as many things as I would've wanted. Finished the season 6th with 26 points, the best result being a 2nd place on a mixed-weather race. I wanted to end the season with a bit more money and more testing done, but that proved to be a bit more difficult than expected. But the biggest problem were the pit-stops which, throughout the season, were horrible and deprived me of a bunch of points.

A very good season, finishing 23rd with 9 points. I achieved almost everything I wanted for that season except signing with 2 sponsors. I signed with only one. Managed to score my first points in Amateur on a full dry race with a 5th place result. The other points came from 2 mixed weather races. Also managed my best qualifying result in Amateur with a 2nd place start.

The idea of promoting faster with one season in Amateur almost costed me a relegation back into Rookie. A pretty difficult season overall, struggling both on races and on financial side. One full wet race at Jerez ensured me my first podium result in Amateur with a well deserved 3rd place. Finished the season 25th with 6 points as an outcome of that podium. My first retain in Amateur!

Started the season with the idea of retaining it, developing a young driver and promoting next season, but pretty good race paces made me change my plans throughout the season and promote on first attempt. Finished the season 4th, having 2 wins, 9 podiums and one pole-position.

An incredibly hard season! My first experience in Amateur proved to be a disaster. The lack of knowledge, inability of finding a relatively good young driver(had 4 drivers taking part in at least one race), a crazy Amateur group(29 people scored points, 5 points needed for retain) and a bit of bad luck brought me 29th place at the end of the season with 2 points. One huge lesson learned from my very first Amateur taste: come unprepared in Amateur and you'll most likely get back into Rookie the next season!

Tough start of the season, signed a randomly driver for one race but I've managed to score a 6th place result.The rest of the season was spent with an old japanese driver who brought me 4 wins, 7 pole-positions, 9 podiums and points-scoring in all 16 races. All-in-all a very succesful season, managing to do much more than I've planned at the start of it and a season which brought my first promotion in Amateur.

Started the season with a 2nd place, my first podium and the only podium for that season. Scored 15 points in the first 3 races, but a very stupid mistake with upgrading my whole car at the start of the season made me have financial problems throughout the whole season and thus being unable to score more than 7 points in the remaining 14 races. Finished the season 9th with 22 points in total.

My first season in GPRO with just 7 races(started 11th race). Scoring my first point at the first race with an 8th place result. Finished the season 14th with 7 points, scoring points in 5 of the 7 races with the best result of 6th in the final race.