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Primo GP: Stagione44, Gara 7
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Carriera del Manager Kshitij Sharma (Ultimo aggiornamento: 31 Ott 2015, 15:56:46)
My boost start of my gpro life in my first season and community

New story from s47
A new story starts from s47 when I joined Galaxy racing and it changed everything for me .
A new challenge starts and a new driver is signed by the team .
20 year old bellof looks very talented and he is signed by the team for a low fee and despite being having 0 stamina he is signed by the team as he looks like a good driver to train .
He is the first driver team is signing for more than one season .

S47 starts with lot of training for bellof .
The team is trying its best to go back in positive and train fitness for bellof and testing .
Bellof gets trained but he is still not good enough to compete .training will continue for next 2-3 seasons and he will be used for promotion in s50 promotion .
Rest of s47 details you can see at bottom

Team is low on money 20 m in account and bellof has to be trained too .
Season starts with the objective to make bellof good enough for scoring top 15 positions on 0 ct next season .
Teammates from galaxy helped our team to create a season plan and manage it better and succeed .
Special thanks to Dan Smurthwaite for providing the team with the plan and guidance .
Team start testing each race on a cheap track ahvenisto all races are runned at 0 ct .
Despite ahvenisto being cheap financial problems arises and to some extent the plan got disturbed due to sponsors not signing .
Team have to downgrade the car to lvl 3 to keep testing and having money to test .
Conditions are extreme still there is a trust in bellof .
End of seasons the team conditions got extreme because having a slow lvl 4 car and low money .
People in galaxy started believing that the team will get relegated to rookie .

But team had trust in bellof and knew bellof is good enough after training and testing to score some points .
He proved the people in galaxy racing wrong after finishing 5th first with a lvl 4 car and then as it was looking like a relegation still he finishes 4th again in next race .

Now with his good performances he is successful in signing 3 sponsors with 2.3 mil each race .
He scores 11 points and finished the season with lvl 5 car with testing CCP and some 25 million .
Now people are gaining regaining trust on team and bellof is showing his talent to everyone in a11 .
Bellof us resigned for another 17 races making his contract till s50 r11.

The team also participated in many games
podium prediction -2nd in drivers championship and winners in team - McLaren with vinicio .

Season 49
Bell of is starting with 27.5 mil and his aims are clear after being trained for a season he assures the team he can finish each race with 0 ct under 15th position .
The team makes plan for bellof and looks like if he does so he would be making a lot of money in the season .he aims at 80 mil at end due to sponsor money he is getting .
He still wants to have higher stamina so wants more training each race.
Sadly from the starting of season team galaxy are having internal issues .
There is a misconfusion and a fight between some people of 3 families of galaxy .
Internal fights continues happening and due to difference of opinions our team are splited .
External website is down there is a very tough situation in the team and the help and good talk is turned to bad fights .
Bellof and Our team is effected but still bellof is motivated and confident and he is till finishing races above 15th and making money .
Bellof is sticking with the plan .
Dust is settled in the team only 2 teams are left starburst is liquidated and comet is now left alone .
But things started turning Bad and people are turning against the team many people in teams are disrespected internally and another fight starts .
Bellof is not accepting the things happening in comet and asks the team to leave comet and look for a new team .
The future of comet seems unstable and team agrees to leave it and look for another team .
(Update - Comet got unstable in s50 ,4 managers left it was changed to a sister team with only 5 members )
Bellof took the right decision .
Bellof and we are looking for a team to join .we sended applications to many teams but none of us found suitable .we don't know why they will know our potential in coming seasons .

Bellof had a great respect for Indian culture and his Indian team since he was 20 .
Now we looked turban racing we found it the perfect team for us to join and prove our potentional .
We knew it will be a active team due to active members present .

We joined turban racing and it was a very good decision and they are active and experienced team .their help was helpful .
Bellof comtinued his good finishes with many 10th place finishes on 0 ct .( to be continued )

My Season 1-
Season 44
I started season good with 2 points in first race with a good talented driver guy rossister.I learnt basic money management,setup,fuel and tyre working

.Joined a rubbish team Sahara force India F1 and totally got 11 points in 11 races .With level 4 car in end to use that money and ended 435 negative .Which I don't wanted .Got a mentor at end of Season learned the game with him Thanks athul Rex

Forum Created several threads became a active member participated in silly games created many season games but failed .Won 2 races in f1 forum game .Become very popular in community.With Phil challenging me for post count .I became rough .Hot several Oscar nominations. Sorry for my behaviour I will improve it in next season . Will successfully promote one day and win oscar

Season 2 Season 45

First Podium S 45 Race 2-Sochi Gp
third pos first pole S45 RACE 3 Anderstorp | GP
FIRST RACE WIN - S45 RACE 3 Anderstorp | GP
FIRST FASTEST LAP- S45 RACE 3 Anderstorp | GP SECOND PODIUM -Bucharest Ring s45 race 4 -3rd First Second place -S45 R5 -ISTANBUL +Fastest lap

Finally promoted With help Of Eric And My Mentor withJust 28 m and Left my Drivers After learning rookie .

I won 2orst forum User

Got many bans in Forum

Silly Game Participated
Speed King
Podium prediction
Simply Eliminated
Month Of football

Season 3
Amateur 11

First season in ama didnt expected too much
Updated my To level 5
gotgood drIver
created a team
I am succesful to retain
Finished with 23 points with 1 win 1 5th 1 3rd and 1 6th

jUST fall short on money

as i trained for pro

Forum behaviour was good Too

Applied to Many team but All reject ed

Silly GAmes
in Poidium prediction by 3 points

Guess Fastest pitstop
Elite ski jumping
Weather guru
elite Obr
Simply Eliminated
GPRO Fallout
FAE forum racing
Football world

Season 47

I found that my deciSion ro establish team was not correct and i realised and with the grace of Galaxy Racing they finally gave me the chance and it changed the way i played .I learnt many new things from them they are on of the best helping teams .

I found i was doing several things i changed my driver and understood how to save money and why it is necessary .

It was one of my worst season of GPRO as i didnt know what i was doing i totally destroyed my money sighned a bad driver and need to smoke at last i found this season boring

But the team help made it intresting
I signed a new young driver and decided to train him

scored 11 points

Silly Games Participated in
Srs a rookie of the season
Podium prediction
Elite OBr
Elite ski jumping
Guess the fastest pitstop