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Žaidėjas:Alberto Mendoza
Šalis: Ispanija
Pask. apsilankymas: 2020-Kov-27, 20:25:22
Žinučių forume:736  (Žiūrėti žinutes)
GPRO trofėjai: 0
Dalyvavo GP:4 (483)
Pelnyta taškų:30 (1020)
Pergalės:1 (32)
Podiumai:4 (86)
Pole pozicijos:0 (37)
Greičiausi ratai:1 (24)
Vid. tšk/lenktynes: 7.5 (2.11)
Sertifikatas: Žaidėjas sėkmingai išlaikė GPRO sertifikavimo testą! (2008-Bir-7)

29% atrakinta

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Trumpi faktai

Pirmosios lenktynės: Sezonas 9, Lenktynės 1
Prisijungimų skaičius:6631
Laikas, praleistas žaidžiant:1631.1 valandos
Gimimo data: -
Gimtasis miestas:-
Gyvenamoji vieta:-
Šeimyninė padėtis:Vienišas

Game data overview

Grupė:Amateur - 23
Balansas: $??.???.???
Pilotas: Vitantonio Del Monte (117)
Tech. D: -
Padangos: Pipirelli
Komanda: ★ SN Racing ★
Team position:97
Komandiniai taškai:108.8001


Ursina (A92) - 1 lenktynės
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Alberto Mendoza karjera (Paskutinis atnaujinimas: 2019-Rgp-20, 22:33:50)
- SEASON 9: New at this game... I had no idea of what to do, and spent all my money (bad mistake).. too many DNF´s, but managed to collect some data. This season I signed for the "Racing4Spain" Team, they´re going to help me, sure...and I´m trying to help them too.
0 WINS / 0 PODIUMS / 0 POLES / 15 POINTS / 17 RACES - 14th

- SEASON 10: Very good season indeed!... Managed to finish 2nd.. without having taken part in the last 4 races... my holidays caused me to lose the championship, but it doesn´t matter, it has been possitive. Got promotion to amateur...
2 WINS / 8 PODIUMS / 5 POLES / 72 POINTS / 14 RACES - 2nd

Let´s see how it goes in amateur.. many rookies have been promoted as a consequence of the creation of a new level (Pro)... I´v founded a new team with a group of friends, and we´re all learning, so we don´t expect results in a short term... only enjoy this game... good luck you all!!

- SEASON 11: Wow! unexpectedly I finished 2nd in my group, promoting to Pro! very possitive season, with nice team results, also unexpected. Let´s go on working and see where is our top. With my nice group of friends working with me, I´ll try to do my best also in S12.
2 WINS / 9 PODIUMS / 2 POLES / 85 POINTS / 17 RACES - 2nd (4th Spanish Player)

- SEASON 12: Difficult experience in Pro, group 2... I only got a 7th place in a wet race. I could have stayed another season in Pro, but I decided to get into negative and demote to Amateur again. I have to make things in another better way to promote with more warranties. Let´s see if I´m able to do it better!.
0 WINS / 0 PODIUMS / 0 POLES / 2 POINTS / 17 RACES - 20th

- SEASON 13: Amateur again, group 59.... I had decided not to promote and train my nice new driver, but unexpectedly I started winning races and at the end I´ve promoted for only one point... bad news, as my driver needed one more season in amateur, lets see how it goes, but 14th seems a hard hard season...
2 WINS / 6 PODIUMS / 6 POLES / 56 POINTS / 17 RACES - 4th

- SEASON 14: Ufffff... Pro... Hard, as expected, but I managed to get 4 points and retain category, but with a very very low budget, as ever in my carreer. Almost always in the lowest places, I didn´t enjoy much this game..
0 WINS / 0 PODIUMS / 0 POLES / 4 POINTS / 17 RACES - 19th

- SEASON 15: Again in Pro, trying to improve a bit, but it was a negative season, again without money and retaining category with only 2 points and a very low budget. I should have ask for a reset, but I forgot, and have to suffer another season in this hard Pro group...
0 WINS / 0 PODIUMS / 0 POLES / 2 POINTS / 16 RACES - 24th

- SEASON 16: This is my last season in Pro for the moment, as I´ll probably look for a rookie driver and reset my account. I´ve realised that if you want to make something important in this game, you´ve to set the basis since the beggining, in rookie, so I´ll try to do my best in my second start in ´17.... let´s test and learn more this 16th season!
0 WINS / 0 PODIUMS / 0 POLES / 4 POINTS / 16 RACES - 22nd

- SEASON 17: Rookie again, trying to train a new driver, I won´t try to promote, only getting experience for the future..
1 WIN / 4 PODIUMS / 1 POLE / 46 POINTS / 13 RACES - 6th

- SEASON 18: 2nd season in rookie, with the promotion as my main target. I almost lost my driver, and to retain him I had to go to amateur, so there I went!! and in the end I was able to do it, I´m promoting to amateur, and I won the cup!
3 WINS / 6 PODIUMS / 3 POLES / 77 POINTS / 16 RACES / 1 F.L. - 2nd & CUP WINNER!

- SEASON 19: ¿?

- SEASON 20: ¿?

- SEASON 21: Demoted to Rookie... Logical, according to the low interest.
0 WINS / 0 PODIUMS / O POLES / 0 POINTS / 13 RACES / O F.L. - 32nd

- SEASON 22: Back in rookie, losing interest for the game, didn´t participate in many races.
0 WINS / 0 PODIUMS / 0 POLES / 9 POINTS / 13 RACES / 0 F.L - 14th

- SEASON 23: Didn´t participate in many races, almost leaving the game, but in the end my friends made me stay and find a nice driver for the next seasons... nothing more to say about S13...
0 WINS / 1 PODIUM / 1 POLE / 18 POINTS / 7 RACES / 0 F.L. - 13th

- SEASON 24: After several seasons without being at full with the game, I´ll start this new season in rookie, with my old teammates, in a new team with a nice driver, with good expectatives.. let´s see, but I´m willing to start the season...

- SEASON 71: Group and Cup Winner!!! returning successfully with old friends, who helped me to win again. My best season ever... let´s see how it goes in the future, I prefer not to say anything else.. hehehe.