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Име:Asim Akram
Држава: Шкотска
Се приклучи:Ное 14, 2011
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Кариера на менаџерот Asim Akram (Последна обнова: Авг 14 2014, 03:48:52)
Hey guys my name is Asim, (Asim x)

Loving this game to bits :P

Follow me on:

Facebook - Asim Akram
Twitter - aakram247
Instragam - asm93akram
Snapchat - asim247

I can proudly say that I am now part of Legion International :) I look forward to working with all of its members :)

Proud member of LEGION - XIII :)

Season 38: Got the promo season of to a great start first race first win of the season I hope there's many more to come :)

Season 37: This was mainly to prepare for my promo season it went no bad actually :)

Season 36: Changed teams from skidmark dunghampers racing to Vroom to Success™ looking to make this team a top 50 team with the quality of managers we have we believe its very possible :)
Team leader at Vroom to Success™ very happy to manage my first team hope to bring lots of success to them :)
Race 16: finished in points with 0 risks very chuffed indeed!

Season 35: Back to Rookie for me but this time with a driver who i will be taking up the ranks i see a great future of GPRO ahead for myself :)
Review: Brilliant season i had overall promoting with 30 million in bank and level 5 car and an awesome driver ready for the world of amateur :)

Season 34: Race 2 MY FIRST AMA POLE WOOHOO :)
Race 4: another pole position but this time with a new driver oh i cant wait to get my 1st ama win this season :P
Race 6: hoping for another pole position but this time hoping to convert that to my 1st ama win? Not getting my hopes to high as driver is not that great in rain :P
Race 9: GOT MY FIRST AMA WIN WOOHOO! I see great times ahead with current driver :P
Race 10: Got an unexpected 2nd place was watching race live expecting 6th-7th place ended up finishing 2nd not bad but got even closer to promoting place so 0 risks from Race 11 onwards.
Race 11: Got points with 0 risks not bad achievement looking promising.....
Race 13: Change of plan got a cheap young driver 1 season in rookie then promote back into ama :)

Season 33: Well my 1st race went OK just released what a competitive world of Amateur was ahead of me :).
2nd race tried something new in terms of strategy didn't work out tumbled down the order.
3rd race was a great race 4 me learned a lot was consistently 9-15 fastest in terms of lap-times :)
6th race MY FIRST AMA POINTS WOOHOO COME ON! YEAH SO 7TH PLACE overtaking was really really hard for me or else i could've been 4th ah well we will see for next time if its possible to finish there :P very very happy though!!
My goal this season well just to retain and score big points in one of the races :)
Race 10 - More points Woohoo at least I've secured another season in ama :P

Season 32: mainly about promoting to AMA with a Awesome driver (yeah just like me) :D and have a hefty good balance (Which is not going to happen). 5 wins and 11 podiums so far that's good enough for me :) I might try to finish 1st in standings but ill see after race 15 :). Disaster struck in race 16 Technical pit-stop didn't help ah well that's life. My luck couldn't have been any better just finished 1st in standings by having most wins in a season woohoo come on!!! Delighted man :D Now Ama here i come!

Season 31: My 1st win and joined my 1st team :) nice season was wanting to stay in rookie so that i am fully prepared for the 33rd season for AMA. I cant wait for the challenge. My 1st GPRO win Race 3 last lap overtake too win the race oh man that was amazing

Season 30: Got my 1st points and it was a podium finish 2nd place woohoo :P This season was mainly to learn the basic aspects of the game and to be honest i learned a lot :)

Joined new team Skidmark Dunghampers racing :)

Favorite F1 Team Mercedes Petronas AMG
Favorite Driver Lewis Hamilton

I also play igpmanager.com and of course this one favorite of all :)