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Име:John Winchester
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Кариера на менаџерот John Winchester (Последна обнова: Окт 28 2010, 13:32:39)
Gamertag for 360 - cream donut1 - add me if you want to have a game of F1 or whatever :)

For anyone who is interested watch this :)
its where i sat Silverstone 2010. not that great but just to show you :)

Forum Game Shout Outs:
Mikko Suhonen - Winning the F1 Forum Game Season 40 as Orange Arrows ( /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=13503 )
Louis Francis - Winning my first Mafia game as scum buddies ( /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=13825&Page=1 )
Finn Shaw-McIver - Winning GPRO Nations Racing Championship as France for seasons 2-3 ( /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=13113&Page=1 ) ( /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=13986&Page=1 )
Eric Rohli - Letting me co-host his Mafia game with him ( /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=15412&Page=1 )
Jun Ho - Helping me to win my second mafia game as mafia ( /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=15588&Page=1 )

Mafia Role PM's: (Don't have one for Mafia C9 series - 1A)
Gordon's Wacky Role Game:
Host: Gordon Ashford
Link: /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=14292&Page=1

You only came here to visit a relative and now you seemed to be trapped here. You don’t really know anyone here, and have no idea who you can trust or who you should fear.

Being completely out of your own comfort zone, you have nothing now to trust except yourself, and need to keep your wits about you to find out who is causing these problems and save yourself.

You win, with the town, when all those that might do evil have been eliminated.
Werewolves of Littlemill:
Host: Iain Bartholomew
Link: /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=14612&Page=1

You are a Villager. You want to put an end to the Werewolf threat and save Littlemill. You have no particular abilities, but you do wield a mean flaming torch.

You win when all threats to the village of Littlemill are eliminated.
Rizzo's World:
Host: Frank Rizzo
Link: /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=14773&Page=1

You are a Cop, and you report your investigation to the higher ups in the whole of things so unfortunately you will not know the results of your investigations. You are not very good at your job though and tend to miss alot of evidence that would be found by others.

You win with the town when all scum are found and killed.

Every night you must choose one person to investigate. You will gather evidence and this will be processed and sent to your superior who will know what you found. You will not receive a PM stating the results of your action.
Mafia 42:
Host: Daryl Gee
Link: /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=15104&Page=1

You are Elvis Presley. You were abducted from Earth by aliens in 1977, and have since been working as a bar singer on various worlds.

You have no special abilities.

You win with town when all threats have been found and dispatched.
Lord Of The Rings: The Lynch Of The Ring
Host: Jair Rivera
Link: /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=15588&Page=1

You are:

You are the Dark Lord, the evil in this world, the One and Only Master of the Ring, the Lord of the Rings himself (obviosly scum leader). You have a fake human body, which is limiting your powers, so you cant kill or do any real harm. What you can do instead is communicate with Saruman offthread, and send him to do the Nightkills for you. Also, if he didnt use his vote-null ability during the day, you can give him one role of the next list for the night, so he can use his power during night:

Mafia Cop. - Investigate a player.
Mafia Roleblocker- Block a player.
Mafia Ninja- Kill a player with no option for Doctors of Roleblockers.
Mafia Doctor- Protect one of you.
Mafia Bus-driver: Switch two players on effects for night actions.

None of this roles will result in two town players getting killed, the Ninja only makes the NK 100% effective.

If you gain control of the Ring at any moment you win the game secretly but the game goes on, until normal Scum win conditions are achieved. While you have the Ring you are unlynchable, unkillable, untargetable and have all the powers listed earlier. Only 2 characters can take the ring away from you.

If Saruman dies you can send an orc to make the nightkill but it will be announced it was an orc who did it, and Orcs leave a track behind them, which could be spotted by some eager town player.

You win with scum, when:

1)Town players are equal in number to Scum.

2)You posses the ring.
Indian Sanctum:
Host: Riley Morrell
Link: /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=15684&Page=1

You entered the village not to live a good life, but to avenge your previous Godfather’s death to the Native Indians. Once you entered, you realized that another group other than the Indians has now joined in, and you must kill them too in order to keep the news low. To do this, you will have to be “part” of the Natives in order to keep a low profile and not get noticed.
You can communicate with all your scumbuddies (who are; Chris Williams, Egzon Brajshori and Shiraj Sengupta), but cannot send a night action. For that, your newly acquired Godfather would do so, killing one person in the process. To win, you must equal the number of non-Mafia players left in the village. Good luck.
Ice Cream on Top?
Host: Sam Tipple
Link: /forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=15827&Page=1

You are White Chocolate. You have a different appearance to the other pieces of chocolate, being white. You also taste different.

You have no special abilities but may be assigned by your superior to perform a night kill.

You may communicate with your scumbuddies; Dave and Toby, any time outside the game thread as you wish.

You win if the number of chocolate is greater or equal to the amount of non-chocolate players.
Vampire Mafia:
Host: Toby Acton
Link: /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=16025&Page=1

You are Dandereulian, a citizen of Rivenholm. You have spent many years studying self-help techniques and now you are an accomplished motivational coach.

Every game day you must make at least four posts containing motivational quotes, one from each of the following motivational speakers:

Jim Rohn
Anthony Robbins
Zig Ziglar
Deepak Chopra

(When you have posted it please PM me with a link to the online source where you found the quote, and a note of the post number in which you have used the quote. You may disguise the quote within your post as much as you like as long as it is still clear to me)

You must not reveal this posting restriction at any time unless more than 75% of the currently voting players are voting for you to be lynched

Each night you will visit one citizen and coach them on techniques to improve their abilities. If they have a night action, they will be able to perform their action on two different targets the following night.

Simply PM me at night the name of the citizen that you wish to coach

You win with town when all threats to town are eliminated