Red Bull Racing

Harvey Johnson

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Име на тимот: Red Bull Racing
Вебсајт на тимот: Нема
Основан: Сезона 28, Трка 16
Титули: 0
Нокаут Куп победа: 0
Вкупно поени: 4,590.46
Просечно поени/трка: 5.62
Просечно поени/сезона: 95.52
Просечна позиција на табелата: 685.59
Најмногу освоени поени во една трка: 20.80 (Сезона 45, Трка 3)
Позиција во сезоната: 969
Поени во сезоната: 0
Екипни придобивки:

5% отклучени

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Слободни места: 9

Членови на тимот

Место Нац Име на менаџер Група Придонес
01. Harvey Johnson Amateur - 31 0% (5.2%)

Лого на тимот

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Hard work beats talent
when talent fails to work hard.

Formula One is alluring, exciting, glamorous and very fast. It's glamour at 320 km an hour, magic in an aerodynamically efficient car.
It bestrides the world and makes its way into millions of homes on every continent.
It's the stuff dreams are made of and magnificent to behold and where you hear the heartbeat of Red Bull Racing.
We strive to achieve greatness, some are born great, and others have greatness thrust upon them. You were born with potential, dreams and imagination. Don't be afraid to use it.

If you would love to belong to a team where we work on improvements and have fun. Then send in an application.

Members of the hall of fame:

1. Roni Sillanpää (founding member)
2. Francesco Farella
3. Luca Martini
4. Matti Koivunen
5. Antonis Zacharos
6. Marko Hautaviita
7. Mikel Woo
8. Ben Ellenberg
9. Neil Tyson
10. Ralph Bou Raad