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Nama:Mischa Shuttle
Negara: England
Penyertaan:Okt 16, 2009
Interaksi terakhir: Nov 17 2017, 19:27:50
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GP Pertama: Musim 18, Perlumbaan 2
Masa log:979
Masa di GPRO:179.4 jam
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Status perhubungan:Bersendirian

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Karier pengurus Mischa Shuttle (Kemaskini terakhir: Nov 30 2010, 20:23:29)
season 18:

well....overall i scored 5 points which for a beginner like me is pretty good could have done better.
i've had a few ups and downs in the seasons (mostly downs like in the last 4 races before interlagos) but to be honest it has been an absolute laugh. been copeating againsty my friend jonathan hamley in rookie 201 and hopefully a new person my friend alex taylor will be joining soon :-)

now with season 18 out of the way i think i have a little bit more experiance than before. I would also like to say thank you to lotus UN racing who have been very helpful and to pablo stracquadini who has been a great team mate in rookie 241 and a big congratulation to stefan cupic for winning the season!!!

season 19:

joy of joy so far on pole for this ridays race at bahrain, also this weekend the start of f1 2010. season 19 should be interesting with new drivers and new tracks lets see how bahrain and hopefully win my first race this season.

bahrain result:

an absoute cock up, my friend who is looking after my account sabotaged my car and put wet tyres on :@ now the next race in portugal might not go well either because im in 6th and is now more likely to go lst. if tht cock up didn´t happen i couldhave won my first race!!!!

portugal result:

great in portugal i retire on the first lap not to worry because jon retired on the same lap already ha ha ha now we are in austria this could be an interesting race but the game is full of suprises.

Austria results:

now i'm annoyed, crashed out again on the first lap i don't know what is going on bad start to the season already, still got monaco coming up whats the worst that can happen?

monaco results:

joy of joy i finished my first race but i was in 15th with a problem with the car but hopefully i will do better in melbourne.

australia results:

again finished 15th but not to worry surely i can inprove now in brno.

brno results:

good news i've finished 6th i'm in the points whohoo if only i can keep that up and get higher in malaysia.

malaysia results:

yeah right like that was gonna happen finished 16th i knew that wasn't going to happen but lets hope for the best in argentina:

buenos aires results:

gutted brakes caught fire i knew there was something wrong with the car but i didn't think it was that serious should pay a bit more attention to the car and the set up next time. lets keep my hopes up high for britain.

britain results:

brilliant race finish 5th my highest finish in gpro now with this buzz going on i might do well in monza

monza results:

that buzz turned into cockiness accident first lap my risks were too high lets see how china goes

china results:

although i finished 13th i felt i had a pretty good race but i wuld have finished 10th if i didn't have to pit on the third to last lap. well, hungary is up next lets see how that one goes ( i have a funny feeling tht its nt going to go well cos im in 12th :@)

season overall:

good season good quali but shocking races but third season so hopefully third time lucky

made a catastrophic mistake forgot to check the weather and kept slicks but a good chance in poznan

not a good race at all, slow times but good pit times.

shockingly shocking, so shocking tht my mate hamley came second nearly first by 2 secs

season overall:

what a hateful season no points at all what so ever, at least now for season 21 my mate Alex Taylor has joined gpro and is now in rookie 148 lets see how he does in the season

season 21 overall:

probably the best season i've done so far, 2 podiums a 2nd and a 3rd couldn't have done it without jose tama thak you to him and lotus u.n. for a succesful season

season 22 overall:

another bad season, although i wasn't able to get the points i still raced just to help the team.